✓ A Butterfly Is Patient ½ Download by ✓ Dianna Hutts Aston

✓ A Butterfly Is Patient ½ Download by ✓ Dianna Hutts Aston I might never have read this if it wasn t for my Goodreads friends What a wonderful find Exquisite illustrations and very engaging text that takes us through the story of a butterfly s metamorphosis and so much Non FictionGrade level K 3rdAwards BELA 2012 , OSTB 2012 This is an informational book about butterflies The book is accompanied by beautiful pictures that bring to life a butterfly from its first day of life into its full development as a butterfly The book not only explains how a butterfly is created, it also goes into detail explaining various characteristics of certain butterflies Many of the pictures are labeled so at anytime you can name the exact type of butterfly you are looking at The pictures are so detailed and realistic, you feel as if you have gotten a true glimpse into life as a butterfly I think this book will easily engage students in learning about butterflies with its captivating pictures and the interesting characteristics that they will read about Some of these characteristics include helpful, patient, protective and even poisonous The page showing the largest butterfly, Queen Alexandra s Birdwing, and the smallest, Arian Small Blue, has a ruler on the bottom showing the butterflies as actual size There is also a map on this page so students can see where these butterflies can be found For being an informational book, I think the author did a good job of not providing an overwhelming amount of facts, rather keeping it basic and allowing the illustrations to elaborate on the details.
Butterfly lovers rejoice Diana Jutts Aston and Sylvia Long the author illustrator team responsible for An Egg Is Quiet and A Seed Is Sleepy turn their attention to our pieridine friends in this, their third natural history picture book, and the result is a decided triumph Like the previous two titles, A Butterfly Is Patient is meant to explore the world of a particular category of things or creatures in this case butterflies Using a dual narrative in which a general, and rather poetic statementA Butterfly Is Patient A butterfly is helpfulin larger print is paired on each two page spread with adetailed, factual paragraph in standard sized font, the text is clearly intended to engage readers at a number of different levels.
Paired with Sylvia Long s gorgeous watercolor artwork, the end result is a lovely book that is sure to appeal to nature lovers young and old The decorative first and last pages conveniently not the endpapers, which might be covered up by stickers in library copies are given over to a wealth of caterpillars and butterflies, and the interior artwork is lushly colorful and detailed With such an engaging textual format, and such beautiful illustrations, Aston and Long seem determined to prove yet again that educational doesn t have to mean boring or dry In their third nature book, Aston and Long explore the beautiful and remarkable life of butterflies The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous I found myself marveling over the many different types of butterflies This is a feast for the eyes Aston s text provides a pleasingly lyrical style with fine factual information about butterflies, such as how long it takes for a caterpillar to become a butterfly, how butterflies drink, and the difference between a butterfly and a moth Even though I know about Monarch butterflies and how far they can fly a town a few hours from here hosts them every year on their migration and I would love to see it one day, when so many thousands are clinging in the trees I was astounded to learn how high they can fly While I m not sure this book was quite as magical for me as An Egg Is Quiet, I still highly recommend it along with the other books, the second of which is A Seed Is Sleepy My one small pet peeve with this book is that I wish the illustrations on the fly leaves matched up In the beginning, we see the caterpillars, and at the end we see the butterflies they turn into, but they are in different places on the page which makes it difficult to match them up Of course, kids may enjoy the challenge of finding them, but being a busy and boring adult when I read this last night, I wanted to be able to match themeasily.
Another beautiful informative book from Aston and Long The attention to detail is remarkable, the elegance of the illustrations and text is astonishing We live close to a butterfly garden and visit frequently, so this book was a fun one for us Especially, the front and back pages which capture how they look as a caterpillar and butterfly.
A beautiful book with lots of great information about butterflies The pictures are so detailed and gorgeous.
The Creators Of The Award Winning An Egg Is Quiet And A Seed Is Sleepy Have Teamed Up Again To Create This Gorgeous And Informative Introduction To The World Of Butterflies From Iridescent Blue Swallowtails And Brilliant Orange Monarchs To The Worlds Tiniest Butterfly Western Pygmy Blue And The Largest Queen Alexandra S Birdwing , An Incredible Variety Of Butterflies Are Celebrated Here In All Of Their Beauty And Wonder Perfect For A Child S Bedroom bookshelf Or For A Classroom Reading Circle This is one series that had my attention caught since of its descriptive title Each book s title within the series gives the reader a chance to know what is being explored within the pages of the actual book while also providing the format of the book s writing, which is the isFurther each book in the series can also be read in two different formats thus allowing the reading audience to be broadened out If you have very young readers or those who cannot sit still long enough for a book whether it is since of too much information or just length than you can read the descriptive for each page while avoiding all the smalleremphasized information that is given for the page And for those who are interested or can keep their attention focused than the whole page can be read and explored The illustrations are bright and colorful but doesn t distract at all from the information provided Instead each illustration is given in the right detail while the species name is provided so you aren t sitting there trying to figure out which one of the millions you are looking at This same thought and consideration is included on the front and back pages where in the case of the former and the butterfly book you were given a chance to see the caterpillar than on the back pages were the evolved butterflies This was truly a great idea for writing a nonfiction novel that allows children a chance to explore such big subjects while without being too overwhelming.
1 Twin Text Velma Gratch the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes 2007 2 I chose Velma Gratch as my twin text because it uses a lot of the same butterfly vocabulary chrysalis, migration, metamorphosis and reiterates the facts Monarchs migrate to Mexico in winter and return to North America for milkweed plants in the Spring It is also a lovely story about Velma who is trying to be noticed and remembered for something like her two older sisters 3 A Butterfly Is Patient is descriptive, but also chronological when discussing the life cycle of the butterfly.
4 I would use a K W L strategy with these texts By reading Velma Gratch first and tapping into their prior knowledge, the students would fill in a K W L chart with a literacy partner or small group The students could draw a line across their chart before reading A Butterfly Is Patient After reading, they would add to their chart under the line If there was anything they wanted to know, we could turn to other sources of research and information We would also discuss the charts as a whole group.
This stunning picture book follows the same pattern as the two earlier titles by this creative team, An Egg Is Quiet and A Seed Is Sleepy From the upclose look at the scales on a butterfly s wings inside the cover to the endpapers at the front with 32 different caterpillars and then 34 butterflies at the back, this title catches the eye The text describes this winged creature s characteristics for instance, how a butterfly is patient, creative, helpful, protective, and even poisonous The brief text provides additional information about butterflies in general and some types of butterflies specifically I particularly liked the pages that showed the smallest butterfly the Arian Small Blue and the largest one the Queen Alexandra s Birdwing alongside a map of where these rare butterflies might be found and a measuring scale on the bottom of the page so readers can see just how small or large the butterflies are The watercolor illustrations are simply stunning, paying tribute to these wonders of nature Much of the prose simply sings with carefully chosen words such as feasting to describe what caterpillars do as they gobble leaves.

Dianna Hutts Aston was born in Houston, Texas, attended the University of Houston, and worked as a journalist for several years LOONY LITTLE is her first picture book with Candlewick Press She says, It was one of the hottest summer days on record My mind, of its own accord, kept wandering northward, to a wilderness of snow and ice, the Arctic While listening to the news one evening, I heard P