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☆ Hope for the Flowers à Download by ✓ Trina Paulus This allegory is totally amazing Good thing there s a free blog containing this short story For those who wanted a free read, you may refer to this link.
Review and Reflections I was spending my idle time in my office desk Thinking of something short yet worthwhile to read I ve read some articles about CJ on Trial Drama, Lady Gaga Concert, and Jessica Sanchez s potential to win this season s AI When I went to this site and a friend rated this five stars, I searched for the free text of this book The story started with Mr Stripe, curious about the pile of caterpillars having the desire to reach the top During his climb, and in an unexpected moment, he met Ms Yellow Both having no idea what lies ahead, they decided to spend time together in the meantime, being with each other and enjoying each other s company Until one day, boredom came Mr Stripe desiredAnd so Ms Yellow let go, respecting his decision and moving on.
When circumstances led Ms Yellow into greater heights, she searched for Mr Stripe She searched, found, then waited for Mr Stripe to realize the desires of Ms Yellow s heart Then one day, finally, they became the Hope for the Flowers.
I want to feel the moment when Mr Stripe met Ms Yellow Ms Yellow was weak and fragile then, yet Mr Stripe decided to be with her side since being together means being stronger against any challenge But what if one day, he feels the boredom the monotony What if he wantsWith this vulnerable heart, should I be able to let go and move on without him And when I meet him in some distant future, broken and messed up, will I be able to forgive and forget, and able to help him up I may not know these things yet, but I hope one day when I become as iridescent as a butterfly we would see each other, would help each other, and would be the next hope for these wonderful flowers.
Hope for the Flowers presents a wonderful, charming tale of two caterpillars Stripe and Yellow trying to get to the top.
Beguiled at first by a misguided attempt to climb on the heads of their fellow caterpillars who have commingled into an enormous caterpillar pillar that ascends into the sky , Yellow and Stripe eventually abandon the pillar for the simple lives of eating and rolling around on the ground But Stripe can t contain his curiosity about the pillar, and abandons Yellow to try the climb again Eventually, he realizes that there is nothing worth having at the top of the pillar, and then begins a search for her and his life s true course in earnest.
This book presents an excellent metaphor for adults who feel somehow trapped in the pointless climb to the top of a pillar that leads nowhere, and a cautionary, illuminating tale for children who have not yet been tricked into believing that the only way to get to the top is to step on others to get there Indeed, the only way to get to the top is to fly, and the way to fly is simple be true to yourself and be true to your love.
This Classic Story Is Celebrating Its Th Anniversary Beginning In September OfHope for the Flowers Is An Inspiring Allegory About The Realization Of One S True Destiny As Told Through The Lives Of Caterpillars Stripe And Yellow, Who Struggle To Climb To The Top Before Understanding That They Are Meant To Fly this book is written like a childrens book, but for adults Very reminicent of Esops fables.
I first read it back in high school, a friend saw me looking it over, and then went back and bought it for me Its very touching.
Its about one catapillar who, unlike the others, isnt happy just eating leaves and climbing the catapillar pillar He stops to wonder why he questions everything around him Its a little about love, and growing into your own skin, its about doing what has to be done, but knowing and understanding why its done, rather than doing just for the sake of doing Its about taking leap of faith, looking around you and knowing there is something .
I reread it as time passes, just to remind myself of its beauty Simple but grand Sweet but really touching Makes you smile, laugh, and cry I would recommend every adult I know to read this book Just read it and you ll understand why I love this book so much I actually re drew all pictures in the book and turned them into various big posters for a story telling at one Summer School for teenagers in my neighborhood, back in Bandung, Indonesia You wouldn t believe me, but as I were telling the story, that such simple story, almost all kids were burst in tears, including an older kid, me This is a love story, a story of love, and a story about life itself, and an answer to is thereto life It s a story about love and ambition.
Stripe does not truly know what he wants All he knows is that he s done with the very monotonous days of seemingly perpetual crawling and leaf eating When he sees a lot of caterpillars climbing towards the clouds, he decides to climb with them, even if he did not know where he was going All he knew was that everyone else was going that way, trying to attain whatever it is at the top, and since everyone seemed to want it, he became convinced that he wanted it, too.
I found this completely relatable Even if I had plans of my own, I honestly, sincerely don t really know what I want, where I want to go, and who I m supposed to be My goals were very general, like Stripe keep climbing and hope for the best, keep climbing as long as you re leaving the dull life behind, follow the crowd, if the popular public moves towards a certain area then it must be the best area And what s sad about this kind of living, this kind of discovering and moving forward, is that it s usually very self centered Stripe did not care at all on who he stepped on, on who he hurt just to be a step forward from the rest Then he met Yellow.
Yellow who changes his perspectives, who shared his doubts whether the uncertainty that awaits them is worth it Yellow who he soon grows to love They lived a peaceful life together and they were happy for a while but Stripe s curiosity was too obstinate and it made him restless When it came down to choosing between ambition and settling down with Yellow, Stripe decided to yet again climb the mountain of caterpillars.
It s about life.
Existence, perhaps the greatest enigma of all And with existence blooms a desire for purpose Purpose, a certainty any person would want to colorfully paint No one wants to traverse life insipidly life should be lived with passion, adventure, and questioning.
It s about revolution.
Sometimes the norm is nothing cruelly pointless and a thief And when the majority adhere to these norms, majorities even, it takes a brave soul to break away, an even braver one to save and plead to others to break away It s about hope.
Even when Yellow wanted to reach the top of the pile as well, and even if it hurt to admit that she couldn t think of any other way to go up, and even when she loved Stripe so much she wanted to follow him, she stood her ground knowing climbing was the wrong way if she climbed she d have to step all over the others all over again And when Stripe left her for the pile, the waiting overwhelmed her, because she did not want to wait, she searched.
I have loved this book ever since high school when a very special friend shared it with me It s been a long time since I read it, but it never fails to charm.
Recently I went on a hunt for it in this jungle house of books, but without success I know I have a ratty old paperback copy somewhere but I can t find it So I checked it out from the library and read it again with profound enjoyment and peace.
It s that kind of book a peaceful book It s a book which reminds us that we are all so muchthan our lowest crawling, grasping, combative work a day world might have us believe we are And so is life.
Now my children are teenagers and their attitudes are beginning to sour a bit due to the competitive behavior they see exhibited by their fellow human beings outside their immediate circle of friends that is As I listened to the first creeping tones of disillusionment in my eldest daughter s conversation the other day I realized it was time for this book.
Hope for the Flowers is a fable It reads like a young children s book with tri color black, white and yellow illustrations It s about a caterpillar, Stripe, who is trying to figure out what the world is all about In the course of his journey he discovers a tower of caterpillars where everyone is climbing over everyone else to get to the top a top lost in the clouds What exactly exists at the top and why they are trying to get there remains a mystery to Stripe as well as to his fellow climbers Nevertheless, Stripe jumps onto the caterpillar pile and starts climbing.
Along the way he avoids looking into the eyes of any of the others he steps on or climbs over, but he eventually meets and converses with another caterpillar named Yellow and as a result of this, both of their journeys are forever changed.
Don t want to spoil the story for any who haven t read it If you haven t, you are in for a treat By all means rush out right now, get yourself a copy and read it It s a great winter read It s an all time classic It s up lifting It s a book to read over and over and over This reminds me why I checked it out from the library to give it to my daughter to read I m off to give it to her before it s due back Enjoy

This allegory coudln t beunsubtle Unless at the end the author was like and like, the caterpillars, are actually like, PEOPLE And the strive to the top is like, our struggle in life And like, being a butterfly is etc The illustrations were cutesie pie though This is such a hippie book I don t even know what else to say It s hard to hate on such cheesy idealism I felt like I should beimpressed by the cute, universal message, than I was Maybe it d help if I was less cynical Though I did like the caterpillar pilar Overall.
the drawings saved an otherwise cliche story Oh, 70 s.
I was really curious on this children s book because I ve read several good reviews before about this I was able to purchase a copy of this from our local bookstore online and I read it right away It s a short story so I was able to read it within 10 minutes or less.
The story reminds me of Aesop s fables I ve read when I was still young It could be children s book but the lessons arelike a reminder for adults I highly recommend this to everyone especially to those who are young professionals or who are already in the workforce This will help them remember what s really important in life.
Someone s comment just reminded me of this oneI read this when I was a kid significantly under 10 at the public library.
An allegorical hippie story encouraging people or caterpillars to get out of the rat race I got the allegory, even as a kid It s pretty impossible to miss Even then, while I didn t disagree with the go your own way part of the message, I thought the delivery was a Bit Much.
It features a HORRIFYING scene where the ambitious caterpillars are literally forming pillars, climbing over each other and crushing each other on the way to the top where they simply fall from the pinnacle to their splatty deaths.
I think it scarred me for life.
Another review just mentioned a bit I didn t remember, so I looked it up Yes, this quote is in there Once you are a butterfly,you can really love thekind of love that makes anew life It s better than allthe hugging caterpillars cando Child me read that uncritically Adult me does not.

Trina Paulus is the author of Hope for the Flowers, a novel for adults and others including caterpillars who can read She describes herself as an advocate of organic farming, composting, holistic health and spiritual search Paulus lives in Montclair, New Jersey and acts as the vice president of the Cornucopia Network of New Jersey Paulus archives of 25 years of the New Jersey