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[David Kirk] î Miss Spider's Tea Party [art-and-photography PDF] Read Online Ø The Modern Classic About A Sweet Spider And Her Friends Is Now Available For The First Time In Abookshelf Paperback Version Miss Spider Can T Understand Why Insects Flee In Panic At Her Approach Being A Florivore Herself, She Only Wants To Invite Them Over For Cakes And Tea The Ironic Air Wafting Through Kirk S Rhymed Tale Will Not Be Lost On Young Readers, And The Insects In The Big, Brightly Colored Illustrations Beear Comically Apprehensive Expressions As They Hastily Depart At Last, Miss Spider Is Able To Convince A Rain Soaked Moth Of Her Good Intentions A Sweet Tale School Library Journal Miss Spider s Tea Party by David Kirk creeped me out as a little kid, but I loved it Although this book is simply a plot driven counting book, when it was read to me it always had a haunting tone I think that this book has many uses in the classroom It could be used for lessons about tone the way it s read makes it silly, sad, or scary It also teaches perspective from Miss Spider s side the story is about exclusion, yet the other insects felt they were being threatened and may even be eaten Of course, there is also the counting element that could be emphasized in other lessons.
I liked this better than the original Miss Spider story but I doubt I will continue the series Despite the tea party theme I do so love tea parties , I just was not captivated I am sure David Kirk s vibrant, fun illustrations will appeal to many, they just are not my cup of tea no pun intended Still, this is a nice counting book up to twelve and presents a good message about not being afraid of someone simply based on appearances or preconceived notions.

I liked the bright illustrations, but the girl had a hard time sitting still for the entire thing I thought she would like counting the bugs Maybe we ll try this one again when she s older.
We LOVE this childrens book The story is a charming parable for our time don t judge a book by it s cover Miss Spider just wants to have tea with friends, but everyone assumes she wants to EAT them with her tea The pages are gorgeous including the way the paper feels, I know, I m weird and the illustrations are vibrant and just a little quirky I love the poetry of the story as well One kids book I could read a million times and I still love it just as much

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