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[ Read Online A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton ☆ viking-romance PDF ] by Steven Kellogg Û I m kind of on the fence about Steven Kellogg His illustrative work can be very, very good, but his text doesn t always tell the best story in the best way After this book, I m still on the fence Actual rating 2.
5 stars, but I round up.
The Goodreads blurb posted for this book is actually for Island of the Skog So this book is about a big dog with a big imagination, who believes what he hears about penguin pups and thinks he is incubating his own, which is really a football I was confused with the way it started, but it turned into a fun tale.
Steven Kellogg was always one of my favorite author illustrators when I was little I read every book of his I could find, including this one Now my sister is reading it and I m so happy to have the opportunity to revisit it after so long Pinkerton is one of the most lovable dogs I ve ever found He is always so cute thoughtful In this book, Pinkerton s owner comes back from school announcing that they are doing a study unit on penguins and proceeds to tell her family how penguins take care of their penguin chicks Pinkerton finds a football and begins to think of it as his own penguin egg He cares for it ends up getting into a spot of trouble for it A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton is a must read for all Penguin, Dog and beautiful illustration lovers.
Although I am not familiar with many authors, I have heard of Steven Kellogg Usually his books are pretty good and catch my eye This book for some reason did quite the opposite In A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton, a dog uses his imagination thinking a football is his baby Hey must protect it like a penguin would, keeping it on his paws This book is jumping place to place and a little bit of everywhere.
Emily s class learns about Emperor penguins and their parenting techniques Then Pinkerton, the Great Dane, believes he is an Emperor penguin and the football he stole from a neighbor s yard is his egg Sweet but too far fetched, even for a picture book.

In this story, Pinkerton decides to be a penguin Daddy He tries to hatch his penguin egg, which is really a football In the end, Emily s grandma makes Pinkerton a proud Pinkwin Daddy, but not before Pinkerton creates havoc around the neighborhood Pinkerton at his best Classic Kelloggized illustrations make this story enjoyable as well.
Emily shares what she s learned about penguins at school when she gets home, and Pinkerton decides to take care of a football, which he thinks is a penguin egg The cute illustrations also help make this is one of my favorite Pinkerton books Quick read 1st grade level It s about a dog who hears about how penguins take care of eggs and thinks a football is his egg He takes care off it, and one of his owners sews him a penguin stuffed animal to be his baby.
I love Pinkerton This book was just as funny as the other ones I have read My five year old didn t find as much humor in it as I did so maybe it isappropriate for a slightly older reader.
Shout It Once Shout It Twice Friends Forever Skog And Mice Since Its Publication In , The Island Of The Skog Has Been A Favorite Of Children Everywhere And Of The Author Himself We Re Delighted To Remind You Of This Beloved Book On Its Thirtieth Birthday Jenny And Her City Mouse Friends Take To The Seas In Search Of A Peaceful Place To Live But When They Arrive At What First Seems The Island Of Their Dreams, They Have A Giant Problem To Contend With The Island S Only Inhabitant, The Skog Judging By His Enormous Footprints, He Seems A Terrible Threat Than A Hundred Urban Cats And Dogs How Will The Mice Master Their New Domain Funny, Exciting And Sweet, The Island Of The Skog Is A Timeless Tale Of Cooperation And Compromise It Won The Michigan State Young Readers Award, And Was Included On Booklist S books For Every Child And The CBC books For Peace List

Steven Kellogg is an author and illustrator who has contributed over 90 books for children He is best known for writing books about animals, for which he credits his grandmother.