Download Epub Format ☆ Polar Opposites PDF by ð Erik Brooks

Download Epub Format ☆ Polar Opposites PDF by ð Erik Brooks Love being opposite Excellent story that teaches how everyone can be different and still love being with each other Everyone being the same is just boring Great life lesson for our little ones.
Alex, a polar bear and Zina, a penguin not only live on opposite sides of the world, but they are opposites in every sense of the world One is messy One is neat One likes to get up early One gets up late Even the way they travel is different However, despite their Polar Opposites Alex and Zina are best friends and in the end they can ALWAYS meet in the middle This is such a sweet story about embracing differences that talks about opposites, oceans and artic animals, and friendship 2 Cute little book that could act as a great way to introduce kids to the concept of opposites Polar Opposites teaches children about all types of opposites As I read it to my preschool students, they pointed out something different each time There are the obvious opposites big vs tiny shaggy vs smooth getting up late vs rising early sweet vs sour messy vs neat The text lends itself to being read aloud The reader can really ham it up to the delight of the audience The author really took time to think about the text and eventime to imagine the illustrations for each page spread Each time you look at the illustrations and contrast the two characters way of life, you see another not so obvious form of opposites One such illustration page shows Alex, the polar bear, cleaning off with a towel with a mess of soap and shampoo by his feet In contrast, Zina, the penguin, has a squeegee and neat Beluga Bubbles by her feet A lot of care went into the illustrations It is obvious that the illustrator and author were of the same mind being the same person So often, children s books are written by one person and illustrated by another, sometimes not even meeting in person.
A penguin and a polar bear correspond on opposite sides of the Earth in this wintry tale of animal friendship Great for preschoolers on a winter day.

Great book to teach opposites One thing that I, as an adult, am ashamed to say is that I had not even really thought about the fact that penguins and polar bears live on opposite ends of the world Great story for teachers who may be doing a science unit as well as teaching children the concept of opposites Teaching geography in a fun wayI loved this book because it teaches a bit of geography in a very amusing way Kids get to know how about the poles and what type of animals live there The illustrations are heart warming and makes want to read .
Lovely, detailed water color illustrations bring this story to life A polar bear and a penguin live on opposite sides of the world but find a way to keep their friendship alive Use to talk about the polar areas and to talk about friends having different tastes.
Very sweet and funny with a little factual information inserted Will use for storytime.
Alex Is A BIG Polar Bear Zina Is A Tiny Penguin Alex Lives In The Arctic Zina Lives In The Antarctic Alex And Zina Are Polar Opposites They Live On Opposite Sides Of The World Their Personalities Are Very Different, Too But They Find A Way To Meet In The Middle Erik Brooks S Simple Text And Vibrant Watercolor Illustrations Bring Opposites To Life In This Lively Look At Two Unusual Best Friends

Erik has been drawing for as long as he can remember, and making books since the early part of the 21st century He is particularly fascinated by polar bears and the art of the picture book He has, however, happily contributed his illustrations to a number of fine and dandy early chapter books about dinosaurs and monkeys, so don t write him off as an arctic specialist Erik s latest book ahem