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[ Read Online The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs ☆ informatics PDF ] by William Joyce Ø The story line is bewildering, which is then compounded by Joyce s style, which in this instance I find unsatisfyingly weird Being dreamlike may allow for some latitude, but in this case doesn t overcome its problems.
I really liked the idea of this book but it came together in a way that just felt a bit off for some reason The pictures seem okay, with an odd sense of plasticity to them for a book about a fantastical garden The execution of the style seems fine and the organic edges of the pictures are likely meant to be soft and dreamlike However, the often dark colors seem to be jarring against the mostly white pages, creating an awfully bright book for a night time story The story itself is a little odd I had difficulty figuring that one of the bugs was a bad guy and the others were good guys until about halfway through the book I didn t quite understand the necessity of the alien lookng leaf men either and I thought that having the missing key as a little metal man was a bit patriarchal It also seemed strange to have such an old lady actually recover and all of a sudden be fine but maybe I m just a disillusioned grownup and who can t let herself have fun with a fantasy story.
I am falling for William Joyce Hard All of the art, all of the stories For some reason it is not widely publicized when a movie is made from a book of his, there aren t movie covers and special editions which is fine but I would have discovered him a lot sooner if I had known I love the illustrations, and his stories are so creative and original I can t wait to readof his work This will be in my library whether I have children or not.
On the cover of the book the leaf men are on the bottom There s also a moon with the title on the top The books is in a dark blue There s a picture on every other page with writing on the other.
This book is pretty much about an army of leaf men This book tells what they go through There s also enemies or bad characters that they have to face like the spider.
An old woman tells children that the garden is a magical place She has cared faithfully for her garden, but when she grows ill the garden starts to suffer The old toy tells the sorrowful insects a way to get help It requires a perilous journey and brave hearts, and faith that what the old toy says is true A short quest story that has all the essential elements A wicked foe to vanquish Some brave hearts to volunteer A perilous journey to be carried out And hope from an unexpected source Recommended for fantasy lovers and those wanting to introduce kids to some typical fantasy quest elements Also a good pick for garden lovers.

I love Joyce, but the Offspring were never convinced in favor of his books Movies and series based on his work Sure, that s great Sigh.
2003 january 1There s one image here of a group of bugs that looks like concept art for A Bug s Life Once people learn to read chapter books, they mostly leave picture books in the past Last night I read a stack of Joyce books, and I loved every moment of it His art is richly detailed and fun, a little bit deco, and his setting is a timeless 20th century that you can t really nail down.
Kid wise, these are definitely not for the youngest kids His books are pretty text rich for picture books Library copy Fanciful illustrations, but inexplicable storyline Things happen because they do, not because they make sense I am astounded that the movie Epic could be spawned from such a slight tale All that being said, there is a charm to the book that is undeniable I doubt children will be bothered by new characters being introduced every other page The deus ex machina story resolution will hardly bother them either Children will likely be too entranced by the delightful illustrations which harken back to early 1900 styles, not that they ll care about that either.
This to me felt like it was supposed to be considered a novel or a longer piece and it was edited down to this instead, parts just seemed missing, or maybe I just wantedbackground information But, honestly, I liked it The art is SO pretty and it s a simple adventure that s fun and almost original I would totally watch a cartoon out the leaf men if one was ever made into it Would be a great addition to any library When the old lady who cares for their garden home becomes ill, lost in the dreams of the past, a group of brave good bugs, advised by a mysterious lost toy, set out on an epic quest to find the fabled Leaf Men, and ask for their aid Climbing to the very top of the highest tree, a troupe of doodlebugs brave storms and confront a threatening Spider Queen, eventually finding that their perseverance is rewarded, when the elfin Leaf Men do indeed appear, once called All is set to rights again in the neglected garden, but to aid the old lady, it is found that the lost toy must once again play a partAn engaging work of picture book fantasy, The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs is one of a number of William Joyce titles others include The Fantastic Flying books of Mr Morris Less and A Day with Wilbur Robinson that is also an animated film In this case, the film based upon the book is apparently entitled Epic I ll have to see if I can track it down Leaving that aside, this was an entertaining fairy tale style adventure, one that, with its figure of an old woman asleep as magic transpires in her garden, reminded me a bit of Philippa Pearce s classic children s fantasy novel, Tom s Midnight Garden It was a welcome echo, given my love for Pearce s book The artwork here, done in oil paint, was gorgeous, with an appealing vintage feeling that works very well with the story All in all, a charming little picture book adventure, one I would recommend to William Joyce fans, and to anyone looking for children s fantasy for the younger picture book set.
The Brave Good Bugs March Off To Save The GardenFirst, They Must Fight The Evil Spider QueenBefore Summoning The Leaf Men To Save The DayBut What About The Mystery Of The Long Lost Toy Here Is Ancient Elfin Magic, Epic Adventure, And A Bugle Salute To The Power Of Memory, Loyalty And Love As Resounding As Robin Hood S Call To His Merry Men

William Joyce does a lot of stuff films, apps, Olympic curling but children s books are his true bailiwick The Numberlys, The Man in the Moon, Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, Toothiana, and the 1 New York Times bestselling The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less, which is also an Academy Award winning short film, to name a few He lives with his family in