Trailer ¸ Buzz Said the Bee PDF by ↠´ Wendy Cheyette Lewison

Trailer ¸ Buzz Said the Bee PDF by ↠´ Wendy Cheyette Lewison This is a great story to read to young children In the book a bee stirs up trouble by sitting on a duck This causes the duck to sit on an animal and that animal sits on another animal It finally ends when the cow sits on a sheep and falls off The vivid illustrations helps this book to come alive.
Summary This beginning children s book was about a bee who sat on a duck Who then, in turn, sat on another animal who then sat on another animal all of the animals said there corresponding noise Once all the animals were on a sheep the cow mooed and all the animals fell off.
Evaluation I thought for a Beginning children s book was great This book included onomatopoeia and personification Teaching Ideas When using this book to teach i would teach onomatopoeia or personification as well as animal sounds.
Why is it that so many of the little readers for children are so stupid I understand they are trying to use simple words so the kids can read them, but my gosh people, getcreative Maybe I m being too harsh We can t all be Dr Seuss.

Buzz Said the Bee by Wendy Cheyette LewisonBuzz Said the Bee is a great and adorable easy beginner book for your struggling readers Repeated patterns help children easily identify the words used It all begins with a bee resting it s behind on a duck When the bee does not move the duck sits on hen When a pile of animals sits on a sleeping sheep, the bee buzzes in the sheep s ear sending all the others animals rolling down a hill I was taken back by this book and did not think this book was worth reading until the ending page when Lewison concluded the book in a very comical way The cartoon expressions when the bee buzzes is the cherry on top.
Book about different animals being friends and the sounds they make.
An easy reader for animal lovers about one animal landing on top of another and the pile it creates Preschool and up This early reader book is very simple for those who are just learning to read It is very funny and the pictures are cute There is a lot of sounds in the book the animals making various noises This makes the bookfun for the reader because they are then able to participate in the reading of the book The words and the picture in this book really play along well together Although they play along well, they tell the same story, but it just makes it easier for the reader to understand the book Buzz Said the Bee, was actually my favorite book as a child and I would most definitely read it to any other child.
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Buzz Said the Bee is an easy reader that is silly about farm animals perfect for children learning to read My preschool class likes it too because of the way it repeats phrases with new words and they can read along This is one of their favorites and they often pretend reads it during free choice time in the library With the cute pictures for clues they remember most of the simple text to read alone.

Wendy Cheyette Lewison has written many books for children, including a Bank Street College Children s Book of the Year, Going to Sleep on the Farm. She lives in Westchester County, New York from Simon Schuster s website