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[ Pdf Keep Me Afloat Ø christianity PDF ] by Jennifer Gold ✓ This was the first Jennifer Gold book for me and I love her style of story telling Keep Me Afloat definitely spoke to me I have found myself in a transition period of life right now Abby s character resonated with me I found myself drawn to certain passages and quotes in the book Don t let the what if s interfere with what you want I felt all her pain and all the difficult changes she had to make in her life Just like Christy and Nick helped Abby, I have also found that friends make your life so much better The book goes back and forth over many years and different periods of Abby s life Meeting Dennis and her childhood, Abby s college years and young adulthood, and the present I like learning about her life like this, revealing little pieces of information as we go Overall, I enjoyed the story and the Pacific Northwest is calling my name I would love to visit that area of the United States Very nice descriptions of the landscape and whales I will definitely be recommending this book to others and I will be looking for other works by Jennifer Gold Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my honest opinion KeepMeAfloat NetGalley I enjoy this author s writing style It s hard to explain but it just flows so easily that you feel like you know the characters The one thing that keeps popping up in my mind when I think of this book is Abby is a Marine Biologist She makes some choices about her career for other people and puts herself on the back burner This decision digs a hole in her soul and she is desperate to get back on the water Life with Dennis is anything but exciting The love of her life is comfortable in the little town they grew up in but doesn t realize the anguish Abby feels working at a bank so they can pay bills She yearns for a life of freedom and finds Eli a bank customer who is a professional photographer who travels the world who can provide conversation to draw her back to where she wants to be Abby s choices affectthan herself I loved the characters the author created of her best friends Chrissy and Nick Everyone should have friends like them to help get us through the most difficult aspects of life Thank you to NetGalley and Lakeside Authors for this ARC of this story.
What a stunning, achingly beautiful novel about love, redemption, and whales Nothing is quite as it seems when marine biologist, Abby Fisher, returns home after a five year absence Penniless and jobless, she brings with her a half empty U haul and a trailer of guilt As she struggles to face those she hurt, and attempts to find a new job on the ocean, her true journey becomes a solitary one Only by turning inward can Abby find forgiveness and permission for a second chance at love The ocean scenes are breathtaking whales in the wild, people and the characters are rich I especially love that KEEP ME ALOAT offers a new slant on something most of us struggle with Can a woman successfully balance career and family And if she makes the tough choices to put family first, can she still honor the passion that defines her I want to be present in a book club when that question comes up for discussion My first book of 2020 And also my first 5 star read of 2020 Thanks to cometreadingsblogtours for the novel you should not miss this one by jennifergoldauthor Keep Me Afloat tells the story of Abby, a woman who has returned home after the research project she was working on has ended It s clear at the beginning that Abby is tentative to come home for a lot of reasons, and the way Jennifer develops the story makes it a complete page turner as you re looking to find out what the true story of Abby s return home is There s elements of struggle with her love life, family, job, andbut the end of the book was what really surprised me Make sure you add this one to your 2020 TBR list Jennifer Gold has written another heart stopping novel in Keep Me Afloat The story takes place beginning in 2000 and also in 2018, the present It weaves seamlessly from past to present and back to the past again in the life of Abby and the love of her life, Dennis I found it very hard to put down and also very emotional, especially toward the end I felt anger, sadness, peace, fear and joy nestled in the pages of this lovely novel I knew Abby s love of the sea aboard the whale watching boats where she worked It all began with one drop of sea water, she says, and I as a reader, felt alive as the whales breached and dived by the boat This was an excellent novel The characters were so real, their emotions so well portrayed I highly recommend Jennifer Gold s Keep Me Afloat Thank you to the author and NetGalley for my advanced reader copy.

This was a great book about dealing with heartbreak, loss, and the uncertainties of life It tells the story of Abby, who went to school for marine biology and has a passion for all things oceanic When she meets her future husband Dennis, however, her life takes a turn she hadn t expected or planned for Years later, after having lived and worked in California for a while, she is back in her hometown and struggling to face the things in her past that she never made peace with The story goes back and forth between the present and the past, and I really enjoyed how it all came together by the end Definitely recommend this book Thank you NetGalley, the publisher and the author for this ARC I was very disappointed with this book, which I found trite and stale The main character, Abby, a grown woman of 35, is still having trouble negotiating life and love The parts of the story that focused on marine mammals, whales in particular, was well researched and made important points about habitat and behavior The rest of the story I thought was weak and contrived.
I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.
I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley.
com All thoughts are my own This review contains spoilers Abby Fisher is adrift, lost in life for the second time in five years Keep Me Afloat begins with the protagonist driving from California to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest Five years ago, she hit the self destruct button on her marriage and fled to California The research she was doing has been stripped of funding and she s returning home, hoping to fix what she broke Through a back and forth style of storytelling, we see Abby in the present and in the past Present day Abby is reeling from her choices and mistakes and trying to get her life on track We learn how she met her former husband, Dennis, and observe the rise and fall of their relationship As present Abby s life begins to fall into place at last, past Abby s life is coming apart Jennifer Gold does a good job at keeping details from the reader without flat out lying, so that when the twist comes, it s an utter gut punch I, for one, didn t see it coming At first, I had a hard time relating to and empathizing with Abby It seems like all of her problems are the result of choices she made, and that her resentment is due to the decision she made to forgo pursuing her dreams in favor of staying back with her husband However, as the book unfolds, it becomes clear that while she made her choices, there was outside pressure that influenced her The characters were likeable and had depth to them, with the exception of Jackie, Dennis s sister, who seemed one dimensional Her traits were defending her brother and disliking Abby Abby showed excellent growth throughout the book, and the imperfect characters in her life were realistic The setting is what really brought Keep Me Afloat to life, with beautiful descriptions of the scenery and whales I felt like I was on the boat witnessing the super pod of orcas The book switches rapidly back and forth from past to present For the most part, this keeps a good pace At times, though, when it switches after just a couple of pages, it can be jarring Overall, this was an incredible read that I flew through Despite a couple of flaws, such as Jackie s portrayal, there is very little to complain about with this book Keep Me Afloat is a story about redemption, coming to terms with and owning up to the part you played in what happened in your life, recognizing that others are human, and learning how to move forward towards happiness after loss I would recommend it to anyone and think it will be met with success upon release.
Dear Readers, When I was a kid, I was obsessed with nature documentaries I grew up on a steady diet of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough Even now, I could successfully narrate the entirety of Blue Planet without skipping a beat Before I became a writer, I entertained dreams of becoming a veterinarian, a marine naturalist, a wildlife photographer I have always loved animals, especially whales So, it s probably not a surprise that I wrote a book about a marine biologist Keep Me Afloat is a love letter to the natural world, but it s also a love letter to my hometown of Port Townsend Poised on the water s edge, Port Townsend is a charming and touristy Victorian seaport it s quirky and breathtakingly gorgeous I have many fond memories of spotting seals and orcas from the deck of whale watching boats and even from the dock near my favorite coffee shop In addition to writing an emotional, deep story about forgiveness, I wanted to write a book that showcases the wild and rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the marine wildlife that grace our surrounding waters While Keep Me Afloat might seem different than my first novel, The Ingredients of Us, you ll notice it has similar themes of love, mistakes, self discovery, and second chances I won t lie this book is packed full of emotion but my favorite kind of read is one that sticks with you long after you turn the last page and that s what I set out to do with this book It has already been described as achingly beautiful and heart wrenching It definitely has twists and turns but it contains a lot of heart and hope, too I can t wait to hear what you think Jenni From The Author Of The Ingredients Of Us Comes A Moving Story About True Love And Heartbreak, Mistakes And Redemption, Forgiveness And Second Chances Five Years Ago, Marine Biologist Abby Fisher Made A Mistake That Cost Her Everything Rather Than Face The Consequences, She Fled Home To Start Anew And Built The Career She D Always Dreamed Of But When Her Research Program Runs Out Of Funding, She S Adrift Once Again And Decides To Return To The Safe Harbor Of Her Family And FriendsExcept Nothing At Home Is How She RememberedHer Friendships Are Strained, Her Normally Affectionate Parents Seem Distant, And Her Once Great Love Story Is Now Just A Painful Memory What S Worse, She Keeps Running Into The People She Hurt Years Ago And They Aren T Ready To Forgive HerAbby Is Determined To Atone For Her Mistakes, But She Can T Seem To Move Beyond Her Guilt For A Chance Of Future Happiness Can Abby Learn To Sail Through The Storm, Or Will She Remain Lost At Sea Poignant And Heartfelt, Keep Me Afloat Asks The Question How Can You Expect Forgiveness From Others If You Can T Even Forgive Yourself

Jennifer Gold writes book club fiction about the relationships of real, flawed women love, past mistakes, redemption, and all the stuff in between Critics at Booklist have called her characters multifaceted and her storylines compelling and bittersweet Jenni is a travel obsessed romantic and ambivert When she s not writing, you can find her sipping coffee, enjoying the outdoors, or