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Trailer Æ The Insurrection (The Initiation #3) PDF by ê Chris Babu They Are Protected By Lies He Is Armed With The TruthHaving Survived The Initiation And Expedition, One Battle Remains The Fight For The Heart And Soul Of New AmericaDrayden And His Friends, Enlisting The Help Of Professor Worth, Must Find A Way Back To New America Before The Guardians Imperil Their Return But For These Teens, Their Problems Are Only Beginning The Bureau, Which Never Expected Them To Survive The Expedition, Will Do Everything In Their Power To Prevent New America S Darkest Secrets From Getting OutDrayden S Only Hope Is The Insurrection Led By Ally Kim Craig The David Versus Goliath Battle Between Good And Evil, Between Truth And Lies, Will Push Drayden To His Breaking Point And Require Bravery, Self Acceptance, And Above All, Belief In Himself Backed By The Will Of The Citizens, He Ll Need To Engineer An Ingenious Strategy To Defeat The All Powerful Authoritarians The Question Is, Will It Be Enough Fun What a fun book and series to read Each book built and on the characters making the final installment a blast to read The author has done a great job bringing the characters to life over the three books you feel each of them maturing as you read and finish The Insurrection Great book for the young and old to read The Insurrection Having survived the Initiation and expedition, one battle remains the fight for the heart and soul of New America.
Drayden and his friends, enlisting the help of Professor Worth, must find a way back to New America before the Guardians imperil their return But for these teens, their problems are only beginning The Bureau, which never expected them to survive the expedition, will do everything in their power to prevent New America s darkest secrets from getting out.
Drayden s only hope is the insurrection led by ally Kim Craig The David versus Goliath battle between good and evil, between truth and lies, will push Drayden to his breaking point and require bravery, self acceptance, and above all, belief in himself Backed by the will of the citizens, he ll need to engineer an ingenious strategy to defeat the all powerful authoritarians Omg, I was waiting for this like hell After completing The Expedition, I was waiting for this one to get and yeah finally I read and it was so much worth the wait This is the thrid and the final installation which had blown mind like blahhh and hell yeah I enjoyed it so much and I was actually screaming at times I loved how it started and ended It was very fast paced and I just enjoyed reading about America in this was It was so power packed one I got to see a new Drayden in this and all the characters were just so polished to give an entire new effect The battle between them was not only memorable but teaches a lot of things The book is full of secrets and there are sub plots going But, even if you haven t read any dystopian then start with this series This book will have my heart forever I will highly recommend it to everyone, it s such a treat and page turner for everyone Go for it guys I am so happy that I was able to read something like thisRating 4.
5 Great ending to the series It took me a bit to get back into the swing of the story, because it picks up basically right where we left off last time This installment is non stop action Alot of story is packed into this final book It will definitely keep you interested My only complaint is Dray s insecurities After a few instances of him waxing poetic on luck, I kinda wanted to smack him I received this book for a honest review.
The Insurrection, the third book of The Initiation series, continues the saga of Drayden and his friends, a fight against the New America government, The Bureau After Aeru, a deadly bacterium, became pandemic, a totalitarian regim erected twenty five foot high, concrete walls and divided old Manhattan into four residential zones, from A to D the D, also known as Dorms In exchange for protection against Aeru, The Bureau asked from his citizens total obedience, if not, they will be expelled outside the walls, exposed to the killer bacterium Angry because his mother was deported without any reason, not being allowed outside his zone, and asking himself questions, the sixteen years old Drayden will try The Initiation, a life and dead test, which, if passed, will give him and his family access to a better life An ad hoc team of teenagers was formed, and The Initiation pushed Drayden in the leader position, due to his inteligence I leave to your judgement if the kids were winners or liberatores, after reading the first book Soon after The Initiation, in the high speed process from childhood adolescence to maturity, Drayden and his team were sent by The Bureau in The Expedition second book in attempt to save New America from an iminent disaster and provide deep cycle baterries from a far away land, called Boston I wonder if this is not a contemporary comparison between Manhattan the place of money and perdition, and Boston the city of cultural elites I ll leave you to judge this by reading the second in the series, The Expedition After the first two volumes, you ll know why the third was a must to be written, read and shared Drayden, Charlie, Sidney and Catrice take the way back home from Boston Understanting the magnitude of their enemy, they are concerned about the safety of their families left in New America Also, Drayden hopes to find his mother outside the walls They are ready now to start the change and turn New America upsidedown by revolution But they are four teenagers and an old man, Professor Worth, against an autocratic regime, which has a well trained army Luck was merely a matter of perspective Will they succeed After reading The Insurrection I moved Chris Babu from YA shelf to the classics As he states in an interview, he wrote the series for his daughter Lily, to involve her in the beauty of mathematics and encourage her to read, and he did a great job The sleep of reason produces monsters Goya can t be better described Chris Babu sounds an alarm signal of how society can evolve if we do not pay attention It is amazing how accurately Chris Babu describes a totalitarian regim although he has not experienced one as a result of the lack of democracy in a crisis situation The author creats powerful images a strong american symbol of freedom, The regal Statue of Liberty, was raising her torch like a cry for help the broken spire of the World Trade Center docking too damaged to be used rusted shells of cars and buses a laminted menu in a ex icecream shop, dangling from the ceiling american way of life long time gone This book doesn t leave the reader in peace I would like to underline how the author plays his characters From inocent teenagers to urban guerilla partisans, Chris Babu describe and give life to all type of adolescents bullies, shy, brave, intelligent, diabolic, bold then he uses their full potential in a dinamic action which will involve the reader completely The author brings into attention, in a fresh manner, old principls of life the truth always wins, the societies are changed by youngs, the winner is not necessarely happier, but wiser A 5 stars series I loved to read The book will be published next year, the 18th of February it is available for preorder.
You can find The Insurrection on Netgallery or, if you are a bookblogger who already read the 1st two in The Initiation series and would like an ARC, ask Chris Babu, he will kindly send you one The author can be found at chrisbabu.

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