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Download Epub Format à The Mists of Avalon PDF by ✓ Marion Zimmer Bradley Here Is The Magical Legend Of King Arthur, Vividly Retold Through The Eyes And Lives Of The Women Who Wielded Power From Behind The Throne A Spellbinding Novel, An Extraordinary Literary Achievement, The Mists of Avalon Will Stay With You For A Long Time To Come There is no such thing as a true tale Truth has many faces and the truth is like to the old road to Avalon it depends on your own will, and your own thoughts, whither the road will take you Again, I feel the need to put my thoughts down about some of the books that changed my life and made me into the guy I am.
Those who know me just one tiny bit also know that The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book ever Go a little bit deeper, and you also know that Frank Herbert s Dune is high up on my list of all time favourites The point is that those two books were the first real fantasy books using the term loosely here I read in my life But in reality I have a holy trinity of fantasy books from my childhood The three books that made me love fantasy in the first place and go to explore other worlds and the magic between the pages of masterpieces.
I ve already confessed my undying love for LotR and Dune The third aspect of the trinity is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Like I already wrote about in slightly detail in my review of Darkover Landfall , Marion Zimmer Bradley is, despite it all, one of my favourite authors This book is what introduced me to her works.
But as I write these words, I realise one sad fact about this wonderful story I remember nothing of it Not one bit Unlike the other two books mentioned in the beginning, I have never read this one again after the first time And now I m scared to actually do it Because I don t want to sully childhood memories with the harshness of reality.
The only thing I do remember is that I absolutely loved it And still do, passionately so And that s the important part, right So, depending on whether or not I eventually read this again, and depending on whether or not I have thoughts to think and words to write, maybe there will be a full review about the loveliest work of Arthurian fiction at some pointAnd so, perhaps, the truth winds somewhere between the road to Glastonbury, Isle of the Priests, and the road to Avalon, lost forever in the mists of the Summer Sea In 2007 I joined Goodreads and wrote reviews of some of the books that had most transformed me as a reader I have since, over the years, taken an absurd amount of geek pride that my review of this book is I think the most popular one And for everyone writing GET OVER YOURSELF in the comments, as a response to my using my own little corner of the internet to tell a story about how my life as a writer and a Catholic and a woman was shaped by this book, there were a dozen other women responding OH MY GOD, ARE YOU ME I love that I love this weird little internet mini community we ve built out of being weirdo outcast girls who felt inspired and empowered by this book about a weirdo outcast girl who becomes a raging badass And then today I read this this this this about twenty.
Every consumer of art gets to decide for themselves how much the life of the artist matters to them Sometimes brilliant creative geniuses are assholes Sometimes they re criminals Sometimes that makes a difference to how you read their work Sometimes it doesn t The words of twenty six year old me, pouring forth my passionate love for MZB s words, remain untouched and unedited below Because that story, of how I fell in love with that book as a child, is still a true story I haven t decided whether I will re read this book again, whether I will keep it or get rid of it, knowing the things I know now about the woman who wrote it And I m not telling you what you should do But MZB s daughter says out loud not only that her mother abused her, but that part of the reason she hid that abuse was because of MZB s status in the SFF community as a champion of women Because she didn t think anyone would believe her Because this is an important feminist work Because her mother s fans would be angry at her for accusing their icon of such horrors And I won t be complicit in that Claire Willett June 27, 2014 original REVIEW BELOWYou have to be a particular kind of girl to fall in love with this book the way I did You have to be in the sixth grade, a freakishly precocious reader, whose beloved sixth grade teacher brings a box of her ten favorite books to class and sets them up on the chalkboard and leaves them there for weeks for you to look at, including one HUGE book that looks like it s a billion pages long with some cool fairy priestess chick on a horse on the cover You have to have grown up reading King Arthur stories and LOVE the movie The Sword In the Stone You have to be so hopelessly nerdy that you would rather sit on the side of the playground reading than play kickball, never mind how much the other kids make fun of you about it You have to be Catholic enough to understand the mentality of the occasionally hateful Christian characters in the book as well as to be baffled and perplexed by all the sexuality which will make a number of plot elements only make sense to you when you re read the book as a college student and go, Ohhhhh Now I get it You have to be the kind of girl who loves and relates to the plain outcast Morgaine who is treated as a freak has to learn how to rely on herself alone You have to hate the shallow blonde princesses, even when they seem like they might be kind of nice people, and always root for the feisty brunette You have to be a fantasy geek who LOVES any book with swordfighting, magic, princesses, and doomed romance You have to be patient enough to read 800 pages that cover one woman s entire lifetime from before her birth to old, old age You have to come to the end of the book and secretly wish that despite your religious conviction in your Catholic upbringing Britain had never been Christianized and we were all still witches You have to secretly wish you belonged to a mystical female cult where you had to have a blue crescent moon tattooed on your forehead You have to wish you knew how to ride a horse in a dress and look majestic, instead of falling off every time you were forced onto a horse at camp or on vacation and now you hate them and they scare you.

Good lord, I haven t ever hated a book as much as this one.
I picked up The Mists of Avalon because I really love Nordic myths, and usually any stories about King Arthur Everyone seems to adore this book even my librarian told me that this was a really good Arthurian tale Well, it s not It s horrible.
First, let me say how turned off I was by all the bashing and hating there was of Christianity And I m saying this as the atheist that I am I don t believe in God, yet that doesn t mean I am not bothered by the unnecessary, and often narrow minded hate towards a religion That s all there was in the first 150 pages, and it was a very recurring theme throughout the book As if having one stupid priest wasn t enough, the author just had to fit in several and call each stupider than the previous.
Yeah, there were dumb evil priests and followers of that religion who did horrible things, but there will always be bad people who call themselves followers of a religion However, this amount of blabbering about stupid, mean, cowardly priests did nothing to advance the plot At all I mean if you wanted to write a book in which the antagonists were all evil Christians then you re on the right track, but this was supposed to be a book on King Arthur, dang it, not of your personal hate issues with Christians Personally, I really don t like it when authors bring up religions in books that aren t nonfiction theology psychology history works Stuff gets brushed over and embellished to make the book in question seem interesting and it s infuriating what you ll read That s exactly the case with The Mists of Avalon Keep that in mind, Marion Zimmer Bradley You can rant to a therapist, but don t take it out on a book THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT A WELL LOVED FANTASY TALE Just don t take it out on a book in general What s worse, the author couldn t seem to create a halfway decent female protagonist in all the 800 pages and the countless women characters.
Igraine No She s a whiney pushover who convinces herself she s in love with a man her husband hates because she hears a prophecy that she s supposed to bear that man s child if I heard a prophecy like that, I d run away Okay, she didn t love Gorlois, but he was good to her up until she started spending time with a man he clearly distrusted and told her to stay away from not that I really like Gorlois, but wouldn t you be freaking mad if your wife husband got all cozy with someone you consider evil And besides stabbing her husband, Igraine doesn t do anything She just sits at home Wow, my new hero.
Vivianne plotted adultery and incest, acted like she loved everyone, but in reality, did horrible things to them She was even surprised when Galahad, who she barely had anything to do with, didn t love her Also, did anyone else notice how Vivianne always corrected people and told them All gods and goddesses are one and then proceeded to ridicule the Christian God and call him and his followers morons Hah Ha ha I don t know if that was meant to be funny, or if Ms Bradely was just too stupid to notice the contradiction Morgaine failed at everything in life I felt bad for her at being used like that, then for being rejected by Lancelet But then again, she couldn t care less for her child, hated pretty much innocent Gwenhwyfar, and came up with plans to have Lancelet sleep with her even though she knew he didn t love her so whatever sympathy I had for her went pretty quick And it gets even better she gets married, sleeps with several people, goes to Avalon again and acts like she s the main goddess, even though she did so many un goddess like things I loved how Niniane thought She should be here in my place, the GREAT Morgaine of the Fairies HAH What did Morgaine ever do besides sleep with her own brother Gwenhwyfar was worse than Igraine On the other hand, it was so obvious that Bradely created her solely to make fun of Christians She must have been like Oh, I ll create this woman who s a dumb little bitch in heat who everyone will hate And, bonus I ll mention how beautiful she is every two pages to make sure all the female readers will be jealous of her and hate her even Then I ll make sure to have her pretend to be a pious follower of Christ even though, in reality, an adulteress is not a pious follower of Christ and I ll have created a perfect epitome of all Christian women to show the world what nasty morons they are Yay I mean really And a lot of people actually agree with this exaggerated, biased, ridiculous nonsense.
When I was browsing through 5 star reviews of this book to try and understand why exactly human beings love this trash, someone actually said this book makes me want to leave behind my life and become a pagan That wasn t the exact quote, but that was the gist of it I just I can t even Oh yes I can Become a pagan, then, and have a baby with your own brother at a drunken bonfire Next, make sure you neglect your child and run around effing tons of other men By the way, back then protection didn t exist so be sure not to use any of that either, and see how many STDs and unwanted pregancies you ll get Homeless and vulgar, isn t Morgaine s portrayal of a pagan lifestyle just wonderful Back to the characters the males were all one dimensional and flat They were all extremely handsome and extremely skilled knights and extremely horny Coughs A little originality, please, Bradely Maybe divert from your view that all men are chauvinist pigs The one character I kind of liked was Morgause she s independent, seemed to have a good relationship with her children, and kept Morgaine s secret But she wasn t anything I really cared about.
There also seemed to be a whole lot of describing boring day to day activities that, just like all the Christian hate, did nothing to advance the plot It s like, somebody gets up, stares in the mirror and thinks about some complicated love web, goes downstairs, starts knitting, talks to an old woman who came in from the cold 47 pages later something tiny happens that helps the story along Then another good 1 5 of the book was made up of describing how beautiful this and this person was, and then another person is introduced who is WAY MORE beautiful, and so on and so on In Morgaine s case, it was terrible One minute she s plain, then someone calls her beautiful, then she s called ugly, then she s supposed to have an inner beauty, then Morgain does something horrible so I can t see what inner beauty they re talking about, then she s beautiful, ugly, beautiful, uglyLike, did the author have bipolar attacks while writing this I honestly don t spend a whole lot of time detailing characters faces Tell me they re tall, red haired, have a scar on their face and that s just perfect I m interested in the plot, not the size of everybodys big toes Seriously The writing itself could have been okay, but because its subject was crap, it was not okay This book was bad, it really was After a good 150 pages, I just skimmed another 500, and then skipped the last part and skimmed the epilogue I honestly could care less what happens stupid.
Hmmm, I would like to see the mini series to this book I felt it was a good book although it did get boring at times or maybe it was just me I loved reading about the history The most I have ever known about Arthur and the gang was through my show, Merlin The ending was really sad to me But it was excellent as well, if that makes any sense Happy Reading Mel

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Ham