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ò Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale î Download by ✓ Eileen Spinelli Sophie Spider spins artistic works of arts, yet the humans who inhabitat the boardingshouse where she lives do not appreciate her talent They screech when they see her and destroy her works As Sophie grows old, she nestles herself into a basket full of yarn This yarn belongs to a young, poor mother who knits booties and sweaters for her baby to be As money is tight, the mother has noyarn to make a blanket Sophie creates one last, loving, beautiful masterpiece A blanket full of wishes and dreams, moonbeams and starlight is Sophie s Masterpiece A beautifully illustrated gentle story of acceptance and compassion.
This is a beautiful, beautiful book Sophie s Masterpiece is lovingly constructed with the same delicacy and care as the spider s web itself, reaching out to far corners and unexpected places with such a soft touch as to besensed than actually felt E.
B White s magnificent book Charlotte s Web took a common, often feared creature in the regular house spider and let us see it as something lovely, something to be marveled at and appreciated for its unique abilities and potential for good Sophie s Masterpiece does the same thing, in my view as well or better than any book since that E.
B White classic Sophie is a young prodigy spider who sets off on her own to find her way in life What confronts her at her new boardinghouse home, however, is not appreciation for her unique web spun offerings for the people that inhabit the house, but knee jerk shock and fear at her presence All they seem able to see when they look at Sophie is her eight legged insect facade None of them take the time for a deeper look at a very special creature whose abilities and love for those around her is the most important part of who she is Until, that is, one woman does take the time With Sophie nearing the end of her short life a woman who is about to have a baby finds Sophie in her knitting basket but does not react to her presence with fear or anger Sophie, in the last moments of a brilliant and tender life, renders her thanks to the woman by creating for her baby one final masterpiece of her web spun art, the magnum opus of all her great work This is a storyfull of inspiration than any that I have read for a while, especially among picture books In the misunderstood nature of Sophie it is easy to see the ways that we ourselves are so often dismissed as being too old, too young, too big, small, slow or ugly by those who won t look deeper The hopeful message of Sophie s Masterpiece, though, is that there will always be someone out there willing to see through the outside to the parts that really make up the human heart.
Sophie Is An Artist Who Wants To Spin Beautiful Creations All Day Long And, Someday, A Masterpiece As A Spider, Though, Sophie Has A Hard Time Finding A Welcoming Place In Which She Can Be Free To Live And Spin She S Shooed And Shuffled All Over Beekman S Boardinghouse Until One Day She Finally Finds The Warm, Comfortable, Safe Home For Which She Always Yearned And The Inspiration For The Masterpiece Of Her Lifetime I am in love with this book So beautiful, so sweet, gently humorous, totally loving yes, I am talking about the spider, Sophie Sophie is a very special spider with webs of rare artistry She wants to make life beautiful for humans but they don t seem to appreciate her or her creations until one day when she finds someone worthy of her masterpiece.
The ending brought tears to my eyes and I kept thinking about this sweet story on the way to work Also, it made me feel some compunction for making spiders unwelcome in my home but, then, they aren t nearly as cute as Sophie Sophie s Masterpiece is a whimsical story that deals with misunderstanding and results in love A young Sophie bounces from location to location as each human pushes her away She was told as a young spider she d be one of the best spinners in the world so for each human she tried to fix an item in their home with a web, but they did not want her around After multiple locations, she lands in a basket of yarn with a young pregnant woman The woman sees Sophie and leaves her to live comfortably in her home Sophie sees the young woman knitting day in and day out for the baby and wants to help Noticing the blanket she has is not fit for a baby, Sophie in her old age pushes through with no food or sleep to create a blanket for the child The woman sees the blanket and wraps her baby in Sophie s Masterpiece.
The story shows the beauty of coexisting and the power of nature It should also be noted that the spider and young woman are Asian characters also making this text a multicultural text read online at Storytime Online This is sadder than Charlotte s Web.
I like spiders, and a picture book about a creative female spider sounded really attractive to me What I did not expect was a punch to the feels by the end of this gorgeously woven tale The language, the writing style, the illustrations, the colour, it is all lovely The silk, the moonlight, the starlight, the spinning, the webbing, the knitting, the pines, the snowflakes, the warmth, and wow, the heart It really is a new fairy tale.
The ending might just break you, however But in a beautiful way.
The creative life of a spider is as full of hardships and dangers as a human artist s, and can be just as unrewarding But Sophie is strong, and thoughtful She has drive, she has love, and she never gives up Such a determined little spiderIndeed, Sophie s Masterpiece A Spider s Tale is a masterpiece.
Final Score 5 5 rating 3.
5The art is beautifully rendered, and I like the attempt to improve the image of spiders, but the story itself is too human There should be at least a little info about weaving a web or the nature of a spider s thread Even a casual comment that different kinds of spiders weave different kinds of webs would have helped anchor the tale.
This book was different than I expected and I would highly recommend to a classroom teacher Sophie was always determined no matter how many times she got swatted at and did nice things for people

The cover of this book is a little off putting However, I am a spider lover, and I determined to look beyond the cover to the contents inside In fact, this book teaches us to look beyond outward appearance The illustrations are most interesting, my favorites being Sophie s colorful socks hanging on the washing line and the exquisite shawl spun from spider silk.
I taught this to my ESL students The photos are exquisite and the story s so moving cute It s about a lifespan of a spider who wants to create artistic masterpieces rather than just webs for catching prey So it has some great themes for discussion that can be modified to be age appropriate for folks between 3 12.

Eileen Spinelli, wife of famed children s author Jerry Spinelli, is an award winning children s book author from southeastern Pennsylvania.