õ Turtle's Penguin Day ↠´ Download by ¼ Valeri Gorbachev

õ Turtle's Penguin Day ↠´ Download by ¼ Valeri Gorbachev After Little Turtle’s father reads him a bedtime story about penguins, Little Turtle falls asleep and dreams that he’s a penguin.
The next morning he decides to be a penguin for the day, so he waddles into a pair of red slippers and drapes an old black coat over his head and arms.
At school his classmates are intrigued, so Little Turtle points out all the reasons he loves penguins.
“We want to be penguins too!” And so Little Turtle and his friends have a penguin day at school, full of waddling, sliding, and penguin dreams at naptime.
That night at bedtime, Father Turtle reads a new book about monkeys.
Guess what Little Turtle decides to be when he wakes up in the morning?

The watercolor illustrations create a colorful, finely detailed world.
The characters are wideeyed and friendly, reminiscent of those in a Richard Scarry book.
I love that Little Turtle’s classmates don’t tease him for wearing an old coat over his head, instead they are curious and welcoming.
The text, half description and half dialogue, incorporates general information about penguins, but never pulls the focus away from Little Turtle’s story.
Gorbachev includes a list of penguin facts at the back of the book.

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Little Turtle becomes very interested in penguins after his father reads him a book about them.
At school, Little Turtle dresses up as a penguin and gets his whole class involved.
Its illustrations and characters appeal to younger children, especially those interested in animals.
The book includes a list of facts about penguins, which opens the door for teaching about penguins and other Antarctic creatures.
Children will enjoy the illustrations and easytofollow story, and may even want to waddle around like a penguin like Little Turtle.

A very cute story about a child's (or in this case a turtle's) imagination.
Father Turtle reads a book about penguins to Little Turtle.
When Little Turtle falls asleep he dreams he is a penguin.
The next morning he wants to dress as a penguin and act like a penguin.
Fortunately, he has a supportive teacher (Ms.
Dogaren't dogs great?) and friends.
Soon all the other animals in the class are having a ball acting like penguins.
Even at bedtime, Little Turtle is still pretending he is a penguin.
And then Father Turtle reads him another bedtime storyabout monkeys! The illustrations in this book are wonderful.
They capture the joy of a child's imagination, the closeness of parent and child, and the love of friends.
Terrific book.
With a title like this, how could I not love this book? Little Turtle's father reads him a book about penguins so the next day for school he decides to be a penguin.
The other students look his costume and his teacher is very interested in the book on penguins that Little Turtle brought to school.
The whole class decides to have a penguin day which is just a lot of fun.
The book has a small section at the end with facts on penguins for children who want to learn more.
Gorbachev captures the desire to be another character perfectly and readers will be delighted to find someone else who shares this passion.
Gorbachev, Valeri Turtle's Penguin Day.
Knopf Rrandom House), 2008.

Little Turtle loved his bedtime story about turtles.
At school the next day, his turtle costume intrigues the other children and they spend a day practicing their turtle best.
What will the next day hold? Well, tonight's story is all about monkeys!

An absolutely adorable picture book that celebrates the imagination and enthusiasm of the young.

Cindy, LibraryTeacher.

2 stars.
it was ok.
True Fans of penguins would like this ode to the imagination, but I found it nothing special compared to all the other books with the same theme.
Drawings are basic sketchy cartoons a la' Richard Scarry.
This is a very sweet book about a young turtle who loves penguins so much that he wants to dress up as one for school.
The reader gets nervous that the turtle will be made fun of, but instead all his classmates begin to get excited about turtles as well.
With adorable illustrations that highlight the turtles joy about learning, this book is perfect to show young children that learning can be a lot of fun if you embrace it.
Recommended read aloud for ages 68 by Minnesota State University.
I loved this one.
Little turtle is read a bedtime tale about penguins.
He then dreams of being a penguin and decides to act like one at school, and gets all his friends to join in.
What will his father read about next? A delightful tale about the power of the written word and our imaginations.
Probably best 1st grade and below.
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This idea comes from a bedtime story told to him by his father.
A very cute story.

Valeri Gorbachev is the author and illustrator of a number of children's books, both in the United States and Europe, including Nicky And The Big Bad Wolves and Where is the Apple Pie? Mr. Gorbachev immigrated to the United States from the Ukraine in 1991 and now lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

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