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[Ashley Spires] ¾ Penguin and the Cupcake [bizarro-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download î The commentaries are there to appeal to hip grownups who really want books that appeal to them, not the kids The text is funny in spots but uneven And the whole package is clearly intended to increase the market for the author s cute l il finger puppets, which she plugs on the end flap Why she didn t just package the puppets with the book and be done with it, I ll never know.
Very cute book I like how there were kind of three points of view in the story, even though Polar Bear and Walrus didn t have that big of a part in the text The one thing that made this book a 3 star instead of a 4 5 star for meall of those tiny side notes got very irritating Especially the one about Walrus just needing to love herself News flash This is a book for kids that do not understand that yet, so why even throw that in here Just a thought.
Penguin is sick and tired of eating fish all the time What he really wants is CUPCAKES He sets off on a journey to find the desired treat Penguin does not end up where he thought he would, but it s okay because he meets some new friends Eventually he decides to return home to his regular meals of fish This is a silly story that might have entertainedif it weren t for the interjections that show up on lined notebook paper These comments don t seem to fit the story and interrupt the flow The cute characters were inspired by the author illustrators own line of felt finger puppets Maybe she hopes to sellof her creations to the people who read this book, but I am not buying.
THIS is a Kate book Great pictures, hilarious commentary by characters A penguin decides to visit the north pole in search of cupcakes Along the way, said penguin defies reality by flying, meeting a kelp eating Walrus they eat clams and mussels , and finally meeting a nice lady on the plane back with cupcakes I might have to buy this one for all my nieces and nephews.
I really enjoyed this book It tells a very cute story and I really like the facts included on the pages.
The characters were cute, I will admit However the asides by the supporting characters did not really make the story cohesive The humor was lacking.
Most Penguins Are Happy With Their All Fish Diet, But Not Penguin He S Craving Something Just A Little Bit Different Something Soft, Something Sweet, Something Covered In Luscious Pink Icing There Are No Cupcakes In Antarctica, But Penguin S Heard That The Northern Hemisphere Is A Veritable Paradise Of Cupcakes So, He Heads North On His Long Journey, Penguin Encounters Some Other Cold Weather Natives Polar Bear And Walrus Might Not Know Much About Cupcakes, But They Have A Thing Or Two To Say About Penguin S Storytelling Skills Created With Vibrant Collage Art, This Delightfully Tongue In Cheek Picture Book Flows Like A Graphic Novel This is such a cute story about Penguin who went on a search for cupcakes Funny interactions between him and the characters he met, and funny ending with fun illustrations.
This was pretty hilarious All Penguin wants is some cupcakes, but since he can t find them at the South Pole, he decides to travel north and seek them out at the North Pole as well With educational asides on climate change and overfishing and the like, this book offered a lotthan a silly story But I agreed with the polar bear and walrus on the last page I wish they both had been featured 5 year old daughter 5 stars6 year old daughter 5 stars

Ashley has written and illustrated many books, most notably the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing, which is now a short animated film She creates books that remind kids that making mistakes is integral to learning She lives in British Columbia with her husband, her dog and a growing army of felines.