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é A Penguin Story é Download by ↠´ Antoinette Portis Living in a world of white ice, black night, and blue sea, Edna the penguin knows thatthere must be something elseBut what When she stumbles upon a bright orange research station near her Antarctic home something that is not white, not black, not blue, and definitely not lunch she knows she s found it Or has she Chosen by The New York Times as one of the Best Illustrated Children s books of 2009, Antoinette Portis A Penguin Story is a visually arresting title, with a simple palette and a bold design The effect is a vintage kind of look that is very appealing But while I appreciated the artwork, and liked some of the humorous details like the large penguin who is always looking for his lunch I wasn t that wowed by the story It s not that there was anything wrong with it, I just didn t think it was very involving Definitely worth a look, for the illustrations, but don t expect much from the narrative.
Charming fable, especially if you believe, as I do, that birds are actually smart enough to appreciate the stimulation of new color and new friends I don t like all of Portis work, but those that I do I usually love, and so I will continue to readby her.
I love the illustrations of the penguins and the premise of the story Edna the penguin is curious about what s out in the world besides the three colors she knows white ice, black night, and blue sea I thought that Edna and the other penguins were very endearing and appreciated Edna s curiosity and sense of adventure I loved the humor that s in abundance throughout the whole book However, what Edna and then the other penguins find twocolors, but a lot of the fun of it went away for me because of what turned out to be each of those colors it just didn t work for me, and I did demote one and a half stars because of what was found and how the story shifted away from just the penguins However, I did enjoy this, Antoinette Portis s third book Her first two books were wonderful too Not a Box and Not a Stick This one is very different from the first two I found all three well worth reading.
A penguin sets out on a quest to broaden her world beyond white ice, black night sky, and blue water Her curiosity is rewarded, but not completely quenched Edna will burrow her way into your heart.
A story that seems deceptively simple on the surface, but contains layers Extremely satisfying, even on subsequent readings.
Iconic art style is effective for the story Limited color palette of white, black, blue, and orange matches the text The illustrations help to build the relationships among the characters.
Penguins live in a world of white, black, and blue Edna thinks there must be , so off she goes to discover the something else.
Fun picture book about colors, discovery, and short adventures I like the Edna is looking for something, that she knows there must beto the world More importantly, that she s willing to look, willing to share, and willing to want .
I suspect it ll make a great readaloud for preschool and kindergarten, especially around January or when discussing colors The pacing seems good and Portis uses the traditional repetition of three Made me happy.
A Penguin Story is a tale that describes the joys of exploring and questioning and finally being rewarded with answers and new experiences As Edna searches for a color different than the three she s always known, she makes a choice between the unknown and social standards And when she does find that new color, she celebrates with her friends, and she goes looking for the next exciting thing Overall, this is a solidly inspiring book for children that affirms the notion that their questions do indeed have answers.
Review cross listed here Edna The Penguin Only Knows The Three Colors That Surround Her White Ice, Black Night, And Blue Sea She Is Convinced There Is Something Out There So She Sets Out On A Quest A Quest For Color When She Finally Finds What She S Been Looking For, It S Everything She Hoped For And But That Doesn T Mean She Will Ever Stop Looking Evie totally was going to blow this book off as too baby until I reminded her that Chrissy likes Penguins, so, in that case, it was ok to read for the night Evie liked the story, she thought it was cute Her favorite part was Edna going up the mountain with a fish, the coming down the mountain with fish bones.
Edna the penguin only knows the three colors that surround her white ice, black night, and blue sea She is convinced there is somethingout there So she sets out on a quest a quest for color When she finally finds what she s been looking for, it s everything she hoped for andBut that doesn t mean she will ever stop looking.
There was once a penguin who is bored with all of the things that she has already seen The penguin world feels very limited to her and she yearns for something new Something that isn t white, or black, or blue She sets off in search and travels far but lo and behold, there is another color She speeds as fast as a penguin can back to the colony and together they retrace her steps and discover wait for it a red tent Other explorers are in the arctic Edna, our little penguin, keeps a wisp of red to remind her that there is always something else to discover.
A fun story with a great theme, discovery and exploration Edna is a likable, and very determined penguin who makes a great example for children She bypasses play and goes beyond food to gather new information and expand her world and the world of all penguins Just like all scientists and explorers do Her persistence is rewarded, even though everything isn t always smooth going The illustrations are fun and humorous while keeping with a simple color palette and line delineation that focuses on the story line and the character of Edna This is a great book

Antoinette attended the UCLA School of Fine Arts and is a former creative director at Disney She lives in Southern California.