Ù Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! ✓ Download by ¸ Cate Berry

Ù Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime! ✓ Download by ¸ Cate Berry Penguin and Tiny Shrimp are not going to bed In fact, nothing in the book will make you sleepy at all Instead, they will set off fireworks, go on adventures and tell jokes Nope, nothing in here to make you yawn or your eyelids droopA perfect anti bedtime story for any little one who hates going to bed Every night my two year old asks for Penguin As we flip through the pages of colorful and soft toned but exciting drawings with the funny Penguin and Tiny Shrimp, our eyes light up We love laughing with the unihippo and then, magically yawning as all the characters find themselves warn out With the wonderful ending of the sendoff this book will see you in the morning we can seal bedtime with a goodnight kiss A unique, fun, exciting and yet exhausting bedtime story perfect for kids 1 5.
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This book is a clever take on the traditional bedtime story It s a hilarious read and the speech bubbles and comic like facial reactions fit with the tone This is a fun book to share with young children who think they don t do sleep.
This book was me last night after drinking a bunch of rum, going hard for about five minutes, and then crashing Now I just need a children s book about waking me up this morning Maybe Penguin and Tiny Shrimp can do coffee.
This is a perfect book to read aloud with children who don t want to go to sleep By the end, after loads of adventures, they will be nodding off just like the title characters Well done, Cate Berry and Charles Santoso Super book the kind of bedtime book that my kids want to read over and over The text compliments the super fun illustrations we loved howanimals kept joining them through each section Highly recommended Comments from my two girls ages 4 8 On Cate Berry, the author She should writeof these Penguin and Shrimp books I want to read THEM After discussing the note that Charles Santoso created the illustrations digitally Wow, these drawings have so much TEXTURE If you touched their pjs, it would feel soft, the fireworks would feel explode y, and the uni hippo would feel adorable

Penguin Tiny Shrimp Don t Do Bedtime but they will take you on a tour of a few bedtime things beds, sheep, etc how it s not a bedtime book They ll also share a lot of things which are definitely NOT bedtime related like a run through the Serengeti, sailing through shark invested waters, meeting a uni hippo perhaps my new favorite animal , andA cute book with fun and funny text A truly wonderful NOT bedtime book which would probably be enjoyed by toddlers though they probably wouldn t get all the humor through 2nd grade or so yeah, some of them may say they don t need bedtime books any, but they d probably still think it s funny.
Hmm, this would be perfect for pajama day or a pj storytimeI might have to plan one of those for my library.
Interest Level K 3 Reading Level 2.
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Is it bedtime and you don t want to go to sleep No problem Just read Penguin Tiny Shrimp Don t Do Bedtime and you are sure to stay awake all night or will you Penguin Tiny Shrimp are not ready to go to bed and they made sure this book is all about some action Will there be brushing teeth and bath time in this book Nope Will there be soft beds, cozy covers, or super squishy pillows in this book Nope again Will there be sleepy sheep or wishing stars Nope, nope and nope What there will be in this book is fireworks, running through the Serengeti, swinging in the rain forest, flying in a hot air balloon, and so muchaction Will there be yawning and falling asleep in this book Well, I guess you will just have to read it to find out This book is the best bedtime and even daytime book ever Penguin Tiny Shrimp are so funny Penguin is great in his staring role and Tiny Shrimp definitely gets the award for best supporting actor Kids will love this book and trust me, despite all of the action you will yawn when you read this book, no matter what time of day or night you read it This book is a must have for every home and school library Follow me Facebook Laurie s Library Place laurieslibrary Laurie Purser Blazer Tales kidlitexchange partnerPenguin and Tiny Shrimp Don t Do Bedtimeor do they We really enjoyed this fun book that is definitely not a bedtime book Seriously It will not cause your kids to fall asleep on squishy pillows Or make them yawn, or cause their eyelids to get heavy Well, at least that s what Penguin and Tiny Shrimp keep saying Penguin and Tiny Shrimp don t want to go to bed They re not even tired I don t know about you but I ve never ever heard that one before So instead of things that might put you to sleep, this book is full of fireworks, and shark infested waters, and even a Uni Hippo But then, everyone starts getting a little bit sleepy This was such a fun read for us I mean, I don t think I ve ever read a book starring a shrimp, so this certainly was a super original take on a typical bedtime book Written with kid approved silliness by Cate Berry, and full of light hearted illustrations from Charles Santoso, this book is a bedtime treat.
Penguin Tiny Shrimp Don t Do Bedtime is an all around fun book Cate generously sent us this un bedtime story book Penguin Shrimp are your typical characters who don t want to sleep, the books takes us to many fun places, including the ocean with shark infested waters a ride on a hot air ballon, the book even includes some songs, all so penguin and Shrimp don t go to bed But will all the fireworks and excitement finally get them tired Please get this book to find out Cate s book is silly, engaging and Charle s illustrations are the perfect match Using this book for bedtime is a no brainer, and will be enjoyed by every parent and kid who knows the different ways they have procrastinated going to bed I can also see this being a fun book to use in an elementary writing class Each layout has a unique story to be told, I feel it can spark some wonderful creative writing stories Penguin And Tiny Shrimp Will Charm, Amuse, But Never Put You To Sleep In This Meta Bedtime Tale In The Vein Of Goodnight AlreadyPenguin And Tiny Shrimp DO NOT Have A Bedtime Story To Share With YouThere Are No Soft Beds Or Cozy Covers Here There Are Fireworks And Shark Infested Waters This Book Will Never Make You Sleepy Not At All Not Even A Little