Download Epub Format ☆ Three Cheers for Tacky PDF by Þ Helen Lester

Download Epub Format ☆ Three Cheers for Tacky PDF by Þ Helen Lester This book is full of character Tacky is a fun colorful penguin Definitely love his personality She does what she likes and does it well Tacky stands out and is teased at school This penguin saves the team and wins My late aunt gifted this book to me when I was a very young child.
I still love and adore it to this day it made the cut as I trimmed my bookshelf.
All of the Tacky books are wonderful, but there s something about this entry that makes it my favorite It s probably because it was my first introduction to Tacky the Penguin, but I also simply adore the illustration and text that read, Tacky looked, well tacky God bless you, Tacky.
If my patronus from Harry Potter was a children s book character, it would be Tacky the Penguin.
Without question this is my favorite childrens book It is so much fun Tacky is the odd ball, he tries very hard to fit in with his fellow penguins but he just can t seem to do it Nothing Tacky does matches up to the rest of his group When an iceberg wide cheer competition is held his friends let him join their group, but will Tacky be able to get the cheer right or will his unluckiness ruin their chances of winning the top spot Tacky is a very unexpected bird, who can do very unexpected things read and find out what he is capable of.
This book tell a story about a penguin named Tackey that was different from the other penguins and never seemed to get anything right A big competition against all of the schools of penguins took place Tackey worked so hard with his team to try to get it right When the time came, he messed up, but everyone loved it They ended up winning This book was great and so was the message Just because someone is different, doesn t make them any less value than others It was him being different that made them win This would be a good book to read when you see someone is being left out or treated differently Could really help all of the students to get along.
Here s a little penguin to keep your children entertained Tacky scores the laughs Ages 4 8 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

Our family enjoys Tacky and laughs along with his antics I appreciate the message of including others who look different or do things differently than you do In Three Cheers for Tacky, it would have been easier for his friends to say, Uh, not this time, Tacky, but they didn t They patiently worked with him and in typical Tacky fashion, things didn t go quite as expected, but were better for Tacky being involved.
What I got out of this book is that it shows a way in which some people are the same but it encourages everyone to be their self in their own unique way I love the illustration throughout the whole book and as well as the ending where it shows positive encouragement to there peer The ages I would read this book to is 2 to 5 year old s.
One of my favorite childhood picture books, I still find it hilarious as an adult Wonderful story about an odd penguin whose eccentricities help save the day, showing that it can be great to be different.
Might be better suited for elementary crowed given its length.
Part of Lester s Tacky the Penguin series.
Summary Three Cheers for Tacky is about penguins There is a Polar Cheering competition in which a group of penguins enter In this group is a penguin named Tacky Tacky is different than all of the other penguins He can t seem to do anything right and the other penguins are worried that Tacky will mess up their chances of winning the competition However during the competition when Tacky messes up the spectators seem to enjoy it, and Tacky manages to get his team to win.
I liked Three Cheers for Tacky because it seemed like a fun lighthearted book The story was sweet, and the pictures cutie and funny.
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Helen Lester is the author of many children s books Her background with children includes being a mother of two and a former elementary school teacher of ten years While at home with her children, Helen realized the importance of quality children s literature Helen started her writing career as a struggling author facing many rejections by publishing companies Her first book was finally publis