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5 STARS The penguin is so cute A nice story about friendship.
This book conveys the importance of friendship, through exploring the themes of sympathy, loneliness and teamwork It is ideal for reading aloud to children in Key Stage One and can be used as the starting point to a discussion about friendship.
From The Illustrator Of TheSmash Hit The Day The Crayons Quit Comes A Humorously Warm Tale Of Friendship Now Also An Animated TV Special What Is A Boy To Do When A Lost Penguin Shows Up At His Door Find Out Where It Comes From, Of Course, And Return It But The Journey To The South Pole Is Long And Difficult In The Boy S Rowboat There Are Storms To Brave And Deep, Dark NightsTo Pass The Time, The Boy Tells The Penguin Stories Finally, They Arrive Yet Instead Of Being Happy, Both Are Sad That S When The Boy Realizes The Penguin Hadn T Been Lost, It Had Merely Been LonelyA Poignant, Funny, And Child Friendly Story About Friendship Lost And Then Found Again Once there was a boy who found a penguin at his doorSo begins this sweet, heartwarming tale, the second of four to feature the aforementioned boy and his adventures Determining that his penguin visitor is lost, the boy sets out to return him to his home in the South Pole After a long voyage, one featuring plenty of stories and good fellowship, the two arrive at their destination But although he has reached his goal, the boy isn t happyLike its predecessor, How to Catch a Star , Lost and Found features an engaging young protagonist who longs for something in that earlier book, it was a star, here it is to make his penguin friend happy and finds it in an unexpected way Like Shaun Tan s marvelous The Lost Thing , Jeffers Lost and Found was made into a short animated film in 2008, and after reading the picture book, I d definitely like to track down and watch the movie This is one I d recommend to those looking for children s stories about friendship the loneliness its absence creates, and the unexpected ways one finds and creates it as well as to anyone who read and enjoyed the earlier story about this boy character and his life.
This is a lovely book about friendship One day, a little boy finds a penguin on his doorstep Presuming the penguin is lost, he decides to help the penguin return to the south pole They set off in a rowing boat and the boy tells the penguin lots of stories on the way Once arrived at the south pole, the boy sets off for home alone, but both he and the penguin are sad Eventually the boy realises that the penguin hadn t been lost, but had simply wanted a friend and they are reunited The text in this book is quite sparse, but every word is chosen with care it sabout what isn t said, than what is Much of the meaning can be discerned through the gorgeous illustrations and by reading between the lines It s a testament to Oliver Jeffers skills as both storyteller and illustrator that it is possible to tell how a penguin with only minimal features is feeling It s a great book for children to develop their visual literacy, and even though its aimed at younger children, and is suitable as a read aloud book for Reception Yr 1 , it also works really well with older children as a talking point to discuss the interplay between language and image It also provides a way to talk about emotions, particularly loneliness, which, especially for young children, can be difficult to articulate and discuss.
I just can t resist a book with a penguin in it And thank goodness I didn t resist this one It is super.
It is a simple story about a boy and a penguin but the feelings it arouses are many there is pathos aplenty, a fear of being alone, wonderment, disappointment, determination and above all happiness and friendship.
The boy in the story, unnamed, finds a penguin on his doorstep and wonders where he comes from The penguin, meanwhile, stands there looking all very sad The boy thinks the penguin must be lost so he visits the Lost and Found Office but meets with no joy He even tries asking the birds if they know anything about the penguin, but, perhaps not surprisingly, they ignore his question The boy also asks his pet toy duck when he gets in the bath that night but the duck, too, doesn t respond and simply floats away.
When he goest to bed the boy frets because he wants to help the penguin but he doesn t know how to do so The next morning he is determined and he finds out that penguins are from the South Pole He wonders how to get there and return the penguin to his surroundings In an effort to do so he goes down to the harbour and asks a big ship to take them to the South Pole but the ship is about to depart and does not hear the boy over the sound of the ship s horn.
So the boy decides that he and the penguin will row to the South Pole He takes his rowing boat out of the cupboard, tests it for size and strength and packs everything that the pair will need for the journey Then together they push the rowing boat out to sea and one of the most gorgeous and touching illustrations in the book is of the two of them doing so.
They row south and to keep the penguin s spirits up the boy tells stories all the time They battle on through good and bad weather and eventually reach the South Pole where there is a sign Welcome to the South Pole The boy is delighted but the penguin, who had been happy throughout the journey suddenly becomes sad again as the boy helps him out of the boat.
Once the penguin is on terra firma, complete with the boy s umbrella, the boy rows away but he looks back and notices that the penguin looks sadder than ever He feels strange to be on his own and thehe thinks about it thehe realises that he is making a big mistake and that the penguin is not lost, he is simply lonely.
The boy makes a decision and turns round and rows back towards the South Pole but when he gets there the penguin is nowhere in sight, even as he looks around the landscape with his telescope Eventually he has to give up and starts rowing home, sad but unable to communicate his feelings to anyone for there is only the sound of the wind and the waves.
Then suddenly he espies something in the distance and as he gets closer he realises that it is the penguin who is rowing away in his umbrella He is so thrilled that when he reaches the penguin the pair embrace and realise that they are friends forever.
A great little story, beautifully illustrated.
A solid, simple, visually awesome and extremely well written read aloud book This is my second Jeffers book the other is in Spanish too and he really has a distinctive voice, one which is perfectly suited for kids and adults For example, when the boy is trying to find out about where the penguin is from, he goes and asks the bird in the trees for help and they don t answer Some birds are like that, the text says It is one I can easily imagine reading over and over it has great pacing too and I expect I will always delight in getting to the beautiful illustration on the final page Also, my husband said this it is his favorite of all the children s books we own after he read it aloud to me last night before bed I am holding off on giving it 5 stars because I reserve that for books that I have strong emotions about, but I still strongly recommend this book I m glad I own it This is the sweetest book I would say this is a perfect book with many good lessons about friendship for young children I also think this is a great books for anyone teens, young adults and older It has lovely illustrations A true delight.
The premise is that a boy opens his door to find a penguin He works to find out whether the penguin is lost, and to where should he be returned Ultimately boy and penguin travel to the South pole Boy leaves penguin on ice floe only to realize that the penguin was not lost, he was just lonely Boy and penguin are reunited, leaving them and the reader happily ever after.

The penguin is so adorable and the illustrations which at first didn t appeal to me all that much, except for the penguin grew on me I especially liked the wild sea picture with the huge wave and the lightning, and the whimsical one when first seeing the South Pole The story is a cute one about friendship, and the reader listener will learn a little bit about real penguins too, even though the story itself is a fantasy I love how concerned the boy is for the penguin s welfare and does the research he does in order to help the penguin.
I got a kick out of the author bio on the inside back cover, complete with the author as a little boy, making a funny face The paragraph about how this story came to be is amusing and told in a way that had me smiling.
3 stars Someone will come and get you when you need them most.

Oliver Jeffers work takes many forms His distinctive paintings have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, and HarperCollins UK and Penguin USA publish his award winning picture books, now translated into over 30 languages.In 2007, Jeffers was the official illustrator for World Book Day, and in 2008 Lost and Found became Oliver s first book to made into animation by London based Studio AKA.