× Djinn and Tonic (Otherkind Kink: Djinn #1) Õ Download by ¾ Stella Inox

× Djinn and Tonic (Otherkind Kink: Djinn #1) Õ Download by ¾ Stella Inox Received copy by author in exchange of an honest review Review The servant becomes the master.
Alicia, has twelve wishes to make and a sexy Djinn waiting to please her She makes her wishes and karma strikes back at her in form of her ex boyfriends They agreed to make her pay but she finds herself in the middle of a pleasure pain situation All goes back to normal but Alicia wakes up to find herself in the arms of the smiling Djinn A smile that promised all the pleasure she had ever wished The story is short and very amusing It s centered on Alicia s wishes and the retribution from her ex boyfriends And how she made a mess by wishing an additional thing, finds out that she belongs to him The Djinn knows how to play rough and dirty.
Warning Contains Explicit Material And A Very Kinky Djinn Not Suitable For Anyone Below YearsThree Gin And Tonics Quickly Become One Djinn Too ManyWho Would Have Thought That A Male With A Form Composed Of Mist Would Have A Touch Worth Risking An Eternity Of Slavery For Nasaan Proves That He S Equal To The Task Of Pleasing A Demanding Mistress And Then Shows Her What Happens When The Servant Becomes The MasterAlicia, A Narcissistic Something Hot Blond Goddess, Is Minding Her Own Business, Trashing Her Ex Boyfriends Worldly Goods When She Unexpectedly Encounters An Extremely Sexy And Devilish Djinn What S Any Red Blooded Girl To Do When Handed Wishes Especially One Without A Conscience Or Morals Why She S Going To Get Everything She Deserves For Lovers Of Hot Alpha Male Characters, Myth, Legend, Magic And Folklore, This Is An Adult Fairy Tale With A Twist A Start Of The Djinn Series, This Supernatural Story Is Not For The Faint Hearted If You Re A Fan Of Paranormal Erotic Romance Than This Story Is For You Excerpt His Hands Rose To Stroke Her Face And She Flinched Back His Hands Were Graceful With Long Fingers That Displayed Blank Tinted Neatly Cut Nails On Each Digit He Simply Waited, Hands Still Extended Until She Relaxed And Leaned Forward Into His TouchThe Djinn Was Gentle As He Ran His Fingers Over The Planes Of Her Visage And She Could Feel A Sweep Of Power In His Wake Her Skin Tightened And She Gasped At The Wash Of Wellbeing That Followed His CaressHe Dug His Nails Lightly Into Her Scalp And Drew The Length Of Her Hair Through His Hands, Tugging Her Head Backwards And Then Moved On, Drawing Strokes Down And Across Her ShouldersHis Touch Was So Fine That She Moaned Deep In Her Throat As Her Eyes Drifted Shut He Traced Out The Length Of Her Arms And Then Moved To Her ChestA Fresh Novel Novella From The Newest Monster Erotica Style AuthorWarning Contains Explicit Material And Adult Themes Not Suitable For Anyone Below Years

Stella Inox grew up in family that travelled extensively Visiting so many different countries exposed her at a young age, to many different local rumors and legends Stella has always been interested in mythology, fairy tales and the paranormal.Granted, when she first started reading the materials that interested her, she wasn t fantasizing about making love to the subject matter but that changed