Trailer ï The Claiming of Sophia, the Sheltered Angel of Wisdom (Angels of the Light, #3) PDF by ï Bella Swann

Trailer ï The Claiming of Sophia, the Sheltered Angel of Wisdom (Angels of the Light, #3) PDF by ï Bella Swann This Is A Very Erotic Story Of The Claiming Of Sophia, The Sheltered But Arrogant Angel Of Wisdom Who Falls Into Sinful And Lustful Darkness As A Result Of Her Journeys Through The Realm Of The Mishra Sophia Encounters Several Masterful Creatures Who Take Control Of Her Sweet And Innocent Angel Body And Force Her To Submit To Waves Of Unending Sexual Pleasure Warning This Is A Work Of Fiction And Contains Explicit Material Meant For Those Over The Age Of

For an Angel, Sophia is pretty bossy and rude and definitely is forced to submit by the lowly Shepherd she first tries to order around She then naughtily decides to run away and encounters a tentacle monster who can t decide if he d rather eat her or play with her first Some sexual games ensure but luckily Sophia is tracked down and rescued by the Shepherd determined to keep her as his pet HEA.
Readers of Virginia Wade, Tori Westwood, Pandora Box, and Coyote Rose will find this story pretty hot.
A pretentious angle discovers the submissive side of existence.
The Angel of Wisdom turns out to be not so wise when she takes the form of a busty woman as dictated by the first man she meets in the Realm of Mishra, a very horny shepherd Forced to submit to his every desire, Sophia quickly learns the pleasures of the flesh and the thrill of submission However, our sexy angle is on a quest and soon escapes her lustful master, only to fall into the clutches of an equally horny tentacled monster.
Bella spins a sizzling hot tale of seduction and submission If you enjoy well written, non stop sex you re going to love this story

writes about sex in a way that will appeal to both male and female readers so she writes very explicit sex stories with BDSM and dubious consent There are often elements of paranormal encounters, humiliation, hucow, ABDL, medical play, dominant males, submissive females, dominant females, spanking, and a variety of creative, sexual kinks Her erotica is very definitely meant for those over the age of consent who are comfortable exploring the darker pleasures of sex in their readings.Please enjoy the explicit sexual fantasies within her books She hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them for you.I want to remind my readers that if you are ever unable to find one of my erotic books on your usual eBook reader store sites due to censorship on certain sites, please check out the Kobo, Lulu, and Smashwords websites as these retailers sell eBooks in a variety of different formats according to whatever eBook reader you have.Feel free to friend me as I love seeing what others are reading and are passionate about since I read and write reviews for many different genres.