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Û Handle with Care ¹ Download by Ø Loree Griffin Burns Some Farms Grow Vegetables Or Grains, And Some Raise Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Or Pigs But Have You Ever Heard Of A Butterfly Farm How Do You Raise A Butterfly On A Farm In Costa Rica, Workers Care For These Delicate, Winged Creatures As They Change From Eggs To Caterpillars To Pupae Like Any Other Crop, The Butterflies Will Eventually Leave The Farm But Where Will They Go And Just How Do You Ship A Butterfly Very Carefully To Discover How It Works, Follow These Butterflies On A Remarkable Journey This review is based on a digital ARC provided by Netgalley This incredible book, filled with brilliantly crisp photographs, will excite the imagination of children everywhere, as they learn about the four part life cycle of the blue morpho butterfly Told in easy to understand language, with accompanying photos, each part of the life cycle of the butterfly is outlined and explained The really unique thing about this book is that it shows children exactly how the butterflies they see at their local butterfly house might have started out life in a totally different country how they grew and changed and then finally made their way across the world Rather than just laying out the facts about the life cycle of the butterfly, this book lets children delve into the workings of a butterfly farm While learning about the hard work and meticulous care that goes into raising butterflies, children discover how each stage of a butterfly s life is gently coaxed along and protected This enables children to learn the stages of life in ameaningful way than simple diagrams and text, leaving them with deeper understanding, and hopefully, an interest in learningThe back of the book includes not only a glossary, but a helpful page discussing different ways that the life cycle of butterflies and other insects might be described Further notes and reading materials are provided, along with suggestions for findingmaterials online This is a wonderful resource that would find a home in any nonfiction collection.
This is a science informational book about the life cycle of a butterfly We follow the journey of the butterflies in the Costa Rican rainforest as they develop through all their stages and eventually go to the butterfly garden in the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts I think this book is perfect for the lower grades such as 1st 2nd because their curriculum largely focuses on life cycles and the life cycles of a butterfly It includes a lot of science vocabulary that may need to be additionally researched and defined for the students, but otherwise it is an age appropriate written text The pictures would provide valuable material to build lesson plans out of and to demonstrate the life cycle in real time to the students.
When I started this book, I expected a beautiful book about the life cycle of butterflies, but then discovered this was so muchIn Costa Rica there is a farm that raises butterflies The book begins by showing what a container received in the mail that is full of butterfly pupae looks like The life cycle of butterflies is explained as is the pupa stage in particular Then we head to Costa Rica and the farm itself and here is where the book turns into an amazing tour of sustainable butterfly farming Readers get to see inside the greenhouses where the butterflies live and lay their eggs The roles of the farmers are shown in detail as is the beauty of the natural world around the farm Food for the butterflies, their transformation from egg to caterpillar to pupa, and the harvesting process are all detailed out for the reader This book takes a familiar yet captivating transformation and turns it into a trip to Costa Rica and back again.
Burns text is very engaging She describes the processes in detail but also throws in words that show how she too is excited by what is happening Cabinets are described as crawling with caterpillars and the pupae are sturdy and tightly sealed ingenious packages ready to travel Her own delight at what is being described is evident and makes for very pleasurable reading.
The photography by Harasimowicz is simply beautiful All of her work is not only clear and crisp but also demonstrates the various steps in the process She uses different perspectives and different levels of distance to create a dynamic feel throughout the book A wonderful and lovely surprise of a butterfly nonfiction book, this one is a superb pick for butterfly fans and library collections Appropriate for ages 7 10.
Wow Loved everything about this nonfiction title The text is well paced and provides an appropriate amount for information on the topic The photographs are stunning and add to the appeal of the book And seriously, who could possibly resist picking this one up just because of the cover Add this title to your non fiction MUSH BUY list ARC provided by NetGalley Others have raved about this book and finally I got it from the library What a clear story about butterflies and their journey from the egg And this book addsbecause it is also the story of a group in Costa Rica who are raising butterfly pupae for museums all over the world so that everyone can learn about butterflies The explanations are told in a story with added information on each page The photographs serve as illustrations showing the stages from egg to butterfly and those at the business doing different jobs at the farm There is a glossary and additional information in the back matter.
A wonderful book for classes learning about the life cycle of butterflies or children interested in insects The text is accessible for intermediate students reading independently, but could also be understood by primary age children with support from an adult The photographs are a feast for the eyes Great informational text This is awesome for teaching sequence and the life cycle of butterflies I liked the inclusion of photos to show the process.
I read this book as an informational text and viewed it as an e book I have to admit, at first I was unsure how this book would be any different than every other book I ve read about the life cycle of a butterfly However, this book is different in that it describes how butterflies are grown from egg to pupae in a greenhouse of sorts, where they are then shipped around the World to different museums and classrooms, so students, teachers or other curious minds can watch them grow into butterflies The photographs in this book are also excellent even in the form of an e book and are very intriguing for readers There is also a glossary and extra informational pages in the back I would recommend this book for grades 3 5, and possibly even younger if done as a read aloud, because it does a great job of describing the life cycle of a butterfly in a way that is a little different than other books they may have read This would be a great book to introduce the topic of life cycles, especially if you will be watching butterflies hatch in your classroom, because it describes their journey before they got to your class This would also be a great text to provide for students if they are creating some sort of product about the life cycle of a butterfly like a poster, brochure or research paper In the ELA realm, life cycles are also a great way to have students sequence a story Integrating science and reading instruction is extremely easy with Handle with Care An Unusual Butterfly Journey.
A wonderful close up look at a butterfly farm in Costa Rica, beautifully illustrated with color photographs.

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