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å Hers To Command ✓ Download by ✓ Patricia A. Knight Wow What an erotically nice surprise When I first started I was a little lost and confused However, as the story progressed it started to make sense and it was hard to put down It was like reading an erotic retelling of Star Wars and the main focus was to create sustainable energy through performing the Great Rite Which is basically having sex that creates energy But not just anyone can do this and be successful You have to have training and discipline So the planet depends on Ari, Doral and Fleur to spend a lot of time together having crazy hot, sweaty, panty melting sex Oh sweet mercy the sex in this book is off the chart HAWT I loved it I really enjoyed the characters also Ari, Fleur and Doral Fleur was a little annoying with her pouting and some of her weird off the wall comments Doral has a complicated and dark history and I really wanted to learn about that Ari just commands your attention when ever hes in a room Ari the alpha, Doral the assassin and Fleur the innocent and curious princess Such a fantastic read The one thing I feel that would have been really helpful is a glossary at the beginning I think it would have really helped me understand the story a lot better Overall, I loved it Yummy, filthy, sexy, panty flinging hot sex, interesting sci fi story and great characters Im filing this under the 2 finger, 1 handed read category.
Verdantia is an erotic delight What a planet Patricia Knight seamlessly weaves a whole new world, society, and culture through tantalizing, steamy scenes that make a woman yearn to experience a man or two with the endurance her heroes repeatedly demonstrate to the point of torture She puts Fleur through ecstatic heaven, and a little bit of hell judging from Fleur s demand for some serious payback on at least one occasion.
The beauty of this novel is that the Verdantian s salvation depends on this trio spending a lot of intimate time together This book has two strong minded, well endowed, and dangerous heroes, one relatively inexperienced but charming princess, and a well crafted plot that lifts this book from the normal fare of erotica into a sci fi fantastical feast for the senses.
Received advance review copy free in exchange for an honest review.
For Some, Existence Without Their Mate Might Seem Like The End Of Their Worldfor The Members Of Verdantia S Tetriarch, It Would BeConte Camliel Aristos DeTano, Ari, Has Long Spurned The Marriage Forced Upon Him His Contractual Bride, Princess Fleur Constante, The Beautiful Future Queen Though Young And Inexperienced, Is Willing To Risk Everything, Including Her Own Sanity, To Save Her PlanetThe Inhabitants Of The Sentient Planet, Verdantia, Are Poised On The Precipice Of Extinction Following A Brutal Invasion By An Off World, Nomadic Horde Verdantia S Capital, Sylvan Mintoth, Must Have Its Failing Energy Shield Restored, Or The Planet Is Doomed The Elders Know The Shield Can Draw Energy From Only One Thing A Very Arduous And Grueling Coupling Of Two Specific People Who Were Pre Chosen By The Planet Herself And Promised By Prearranged Marriage ContractVerdantia Draws Strength From The Duo, But The Sentient Planet Whispers To Ari That A Third Is Necessary Ari S Aide De Camp, Visconte Doral DeLorion, An Angelically Handsome, Skilled Assassin Who Silently Surrendered His Heart To Ari Long AgoThe Trio Struggles To Make This Surprising Partnership Harmonious, Pushing Through Pride, Scars Of Past Abuse, Fears Of Inexperience And Distrust To Save Verdantia, They Must Overcome Their Individual Weaknesses And Realize Their Full Potential Only The Tetriarch And Their Combined Synergy, Can Harness Verdantia S Immense Power To Shield Its Citizens From InvasionBe Part Of The Tetriarch Get Your Copy Today Force field grid powered by crystals which require sexual energy, where is this planet Is it possible to check to see if I have the required DNA I would hope that I do because I d be happy to go through the seven years of training to be subjected to high magic Ms Knight is a new to me author who I will be following closely She creates a sexually charged world with a science fiction fantasy background When my favourite genre of science fiction is mixed with steamy BDSM, I m completely enthralled.
The plot contains a bit of suspense and good conflict It s a familiar trope and easy to follow The characters Ari, Fleur and Doral are engaging and sexy Their chemistry together is flaming hot and so good to experience.
What really sold me on this book is the erotic sex with amazing edging I loved the BDSM elements with submission through obedience and orgasm control Ms Knight writes smoking hawt m nage sex Ari is so sexy with his commands His method of sexual torment as well as his control will make any submissive want to drop straight to their knees There are so many delightful scenes in this story There are also good interludes to move the plot forward It s a nice balance between sex and plot One of my favourite scenes is Fleur forcing Ari to have sex with her Ari resists and ends up with a week of constant blow jobs with no orgasm How does a man function with a hard on all the time It boggles the mind The devilish kinky tortures as well as suggestive suffering under the lashes of a demanding dominatrix keeps the reader s arousal humming This entire book is super charged erotic.
What I like about the characters is that each of them are unique They are different pieces which combine to make the perfect kinky triad Their strengths are different which helps them become a stronger set They are also loving and loyal of each other Their protective and possessive traits come to the forefront when they dole out their vengeance Making sure their enemies pay in a horrific way makes me purr with satisfaction I like the way Ms Knight devious mind comes up with suitable nasty punishments This science fiction erotica is highly recommended to kinky m nage lovers who like their sex with an edgeI received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review War, intrigue, and m nage in a fantasy sci fi setting.
Doral, hands down is my favorite A tortured assassin who is the consummate killing machine, yes, I ll take me a helping of that It is a pleasure to watch his skill in action.
Ari, is the confident alpha male who doesn t yield until he does, and boy is that sexy.
Fleur, is the sweet innocent princess whose duty to her country and head for diplomacy is admirable Plus she has claws and a vicious streak when provoked For a story with such a serious premise, a world under attack and barely hanging on, there is a great deal of humor infused, which displaces some of the tension This planet, Verdantia has been facing genocide and each of the characters bears scars from the war There are points where it is dark and this helps it from dwelling there and proceeding so that it reads as of a heroic story than a tragedy The villains are good, no gender bias there with enough evil lurking in the games for planetary control it is good to see the load spread There are things about the language and names used that are going to cue thoughts or associations that for the most helped coalesce the characters and setting rather than distracting Like all science fiction, you have to accept the rules of the world set out If you accept, then the read is flawless My one issue electromagnetism and the form of warfare.
Favorite quote My Lady, our first time together will be in my rooms, in my bed, on my terms.
Okay, so this is erotic erotica, and for the genre it s probably fine, if that s your thing I am learning to be wary of it, discovering that I m not crazy about m nage Plus, there was sooo much sex it got redundant As for the plot, my view differs from many readers, but IMO, the magickal world building elements are pretty thin The power of a crystal in the hands of destiny s epic lovers the plot came straight out of Sedona, and reminded me of Jayne Castle s less raunchy crystal tuning romantica, like Midnight Crystal, or her Krentz title, Crystal Flame The notion of a sentient planet is handled better in Sharon Fisher s romantica, Ghost Planet, IMO.
I did like the three lovers The Rebel Warlord Aristocrat, the Feared and Lonely Assassin, and The Courageous Virginal Princess However, I really couldn t feel the love The author needed to build an emotional bond, but Ari laid his Fleur on the crystal slab the moment he met her I bonded with the assassin, Doral.
Decent writing and editing The cover s all wrong She should be a blond Ari s a redhead Doral s a blond They all should have very long hair.
Contents Numerous and lengthy sex scenes, M F, M M, and MMF, front and rear door Minimal swearing or profanity A little violence, a few murders I saw only one minor typo.
Didn t finish, but got almost 80% through.
Erotic sci fi romance is one of my favorite genres, and I ve wanted to read this book and the entire series for some time now, after reading the positive reviews and comments of some trusted friends I was not disappointed.
What struck me about this story is how well balanced it was, dark parts offset by humor or light moments, angst balanced by growth and healing before it got tedious, and erotic moments balanced by the solid world building of an intriguing story about the aftermath of war on a sentient planet All of it was blended very well and kept my interest even though I wasn t able due to life events to read as quickly as I d have liked.
The main characters were all admirable and I liked them not always the case in my experience The villains were horribly evil and their comeuppances were very satisfying The two male protagonists, Ari and Doral, were physically attractive, sexually experienced ie, really good at it P and larger than life in all the important areas P , our heroine, Fleur, beautiful beyond words, petite, and endearingly innocent was perfection itself What kept these characters from becoming complete stereotypes of the genre, was their offsetting characteristics Fleur was intelligent and practical, Doral emotionally vulnerable and devoted, and Ari was able to accept when he was in the wrong and see the humor of the situation.
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotic sci fi in general, and good characters, a strong story, and solid writing in particular.

This book was so much fun and such a wild ride, can I go again I must admit I was a little lost in the beginning, but I soon caught up and let me tell you, I did not want to put it down Right away you know that this planet is singular in many ways, and that the inhabitants are not conventional in their manner of creating and maintaining energy I like that the author gave you this to start with, but I think it was lost on me until the real story began, and I could put it into context I have to say I love fantasy, and although I don t read erotica often, I found it to be such a fun way to elevate the fantastical ness of this space adventure The characters are loveable, and the conflict feels personal, that is what I want from a good romance story, and that is what I got If you love fantasy, adventure, and romance you will enjoy this book the steamy erotic scenes help a lot too A copy of this awesome tale was provided in exchange for my honest review.
I received ARC from the author for an honest review This was my 9th 5 star read for 2013 I m rereading because I rushed through the first read and it s just as good the second time.
I love menage reads but it s a rare menage where all three characters are equal and each has their own relationship with the other two and all three are powerful as a triad This book had it all humor, great writing, yummy sexin mf, mm, mfm, mmf, characters I cared about, excellent world building the scene with Council Chair Tetaria commenting on Doral s manly attributes was quite amusing.
Ari had spent 15 years running from an arranged marriage to Fleur and finally returns to perform the Great Rite with her, a magical rite that could help resecure their planet from invaders and finds her to be much than he imagined As their relationship grows, the new couple receive a another curve ball, Ari s second in command, Doral might very well be their third in the second Tetriarch in 450 years.
I really liked the way Ari and Fleur view spoiler worked separately to avenge Lady Contradina s abuse of Doral hide spoiler This was an ARC copy given by the author for a honest review 5 starsIn all honesty, this book was great Fleur, Ari and Doral are a awesome trio I loved this story and have added it to my faves list I started this book unsure what to expect but with an open mind and was surprised at just how quickly the story and characters sucked me in I m so glad I didn t have plans today and could read this straight through because I don t think I could have stopped reading This is my first experience with this author but I plan to read The story is very well written and the characters are very engaging I hope the next book in the series comes out soon because I can t wait to buy it Fleur is the Princess of a planet that s been invaded She s in a tough position but she doesn t balk from her responsibilities and duties even ones that put her at risk As things start out she s rather out of her depth and inexperienced but she learns quick and has an inner strength She has a few moments don t we all but she didn t come across as weak or weepy I really liked Fleur, and as the story went on Ari was forced when he was a very young man 15 years before to sign a contact to marry Fleur She was very young 5 or 6 yo I think and he left the planet before she came of age to escape the contact Ari came back to the planet after the invasion to help with the fight Ari s a good and honorable man and couldn t stay away when there was such need.
Ari gets summoned to the Capital to perform a Great Rite with Fleur He s not thrilled because he s still unwilling to be pushed in to a marriage he doesn t want However, the planet is down to one defensively shielded area around the Capital city and that shield is almost dead Ari and Fleur have to perform the rite or all is lost He goes and helps Fleur perform the rite but finds himself attracted to her and starts considering going through with the marriage contract.
As things begin between Ari and Fleur and it s interesting to see them spar with each other The attraction is strong between them so things do progress and it was sweet to see their emotions for each other grow Just when they ve decided to proceed with the wedding they find out that they are 2 of the 3 needed for a tetriarch a very powerful trio that could save the planet if they can make it work The 3rd ends up being Doral, Ari s second in command Doral works for Ari and has loved him secretly for a while He has a tortured past where he was forced to endure horrible things and made in to a killer a spy assassin Doral suffers greatly with what he feels he s become a monster When he finds out he s supposed to be part of the tetriarch he is willing but nervous When he meets Fleur he s attracted to her but is afraid to hurt her He is so worried of doing something wrong and doesn t want to overstep his bounds Doral is like a gentle gianthe was made in to a killer and that s how most people see him but in all actuality he s sweet and sensitive Now it s just buried under his past and only peaks out I loved DoralI think he is my favorite of the three although Fleur is pretty awesome tooand Ari is great.
Ari, Fleur and Doral learn to be together and bond while trying to secure the planet s defenses I really liked seeing how they act towards each other once they started settling in together They re became very much a trio of equals Fleur doesn t get all the power because she s royalty Ari isn t the top male leaving Doral as the lower rank male even though according to technical rank Ari is higher They all order each other around or get on each other s cases depending on what s going on and the situation which I just loved I think it s one of the even in power menage relationships I ve seen.
And while the issue of getting their relationship working and building the planet s defenses back up is keeping things hopping, there s still going on with the invasion and the people working against them even from supposed allies There s a good amount of intrigue that kept things interesting and I was pretty impressed that the author kept things going without making things confusing or hard to follow I don t want to give too much away but I will say that I m very happy with the way things worked out It was a great ending and I was so happy for Fleur, Ari and Doral I was totally rooting for them It was an awesome story that left me with an excitedly happy vibe at the end This is totally worth buying and I m already planning to buy the next in the series when it s out I d highly recommend this story 2 thumbs way up D11 28 15 This was a reread and I still love the story Ari, Doral and Fleur are a great trio and the story s very enjoyable.