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Trailer ¼ Hers To Choose PDF by ↠´ Patricia A. Knight I received ARC from the author for an honest review We knew at the end of that Doral and Sophilia had endured some horrifying treatment at the hands of the Contradinas and Sophi was kidnapped by the Haarb and used as a sex slave for years so there was some reckoning and healing that needed to be done so this was a little less light hearted than Hers To Command Sophi and Eric s romance was slow to build as befitting Sophi s character as a rape survivor, there was an initial attraction but they became friends first This story was even action packed than 1 and Sophi and Eric had to deal directly with the fallout of the aristocracy s failure to protect Verdantia in the first place, causing the invasion and war so this was interesting since Book 1 dealt with getting the sigils back up to protect the planet and Fleur, Ari and Doral were a bit disconnected from the Verdantian survivors and their lack of resources and feelings toward the aristocracy.
Sexin was hot and creative, although I did miss it being a menage, but great for you all who shy away from menage a solid 4 stars from me and looking forward to which is Ram and Steffani s story hint, hint, shibari is involved It was nice to revisit Fleur, Ari and Doral view spoiler Since Krakoll and Allegra have not paid their dues, I m guessing we ll be seeing them in Book 3 hide spoiler Sophillia s life was turned upside down when her world was shattered She s sold off into sexual slavery The horrors she s experienced is traumatizing Rescued and recovering back on her homeworld, she s still plagued with nightmares.
In this second installment from the talented Ms Knight, an old enemy is back Actually a couple of old enemies returned What I find appealing about Ms Knight s stories is her gritty no holds bar in death and torture She doesn t go into excruciating details nor does she gloss over it The aftermath of those who suffered at the hands of an evil enemy is just right.
Ms Knight continues to add to this world It captivates me The sexual rituals are alluring This one is less about ritual and about erotic satiation Characters from the previous book make a lovely cameo appearance The focus is on Sophillia, Flight Leader and sexy Eric DeStroia Both main characters are admirable They are very relate able to readers While they are of the aristocratic class, they are down to earth They embody the philosophy of protecting They are also the perfect match for each other I liked Eric s ability to look past a woman s beauty to see her worth I liked Sohpillia s courageous journey from catatonic to warrior woman The two of them coming together isn t easy There are a few rough starts which after many bonding experiences through adversity, it smooths out.
This plot kept me up all night as I read through it in one sitting I enjoyed how at each point, Sophillia and Eric s plans were foiled They suffered a lot through loss of friends and sister brothers in arms Ms Knight s careful building of power is very good It makes the story follow a logical conclusion I eagerly look forward to the next book It seems there are a few hints to who will be showcased in the next novel I recommend this to sci fi fantasy lovers who enjoy sweet sexual healingI received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review I think I m in love with this series already.
I don t usually read a lot of science fiction inspired romance, but I m loving the style with the Verdantia Series.
I am in trouble now first it was Travis Luedke and his amazingly hot vampires, now it s Patricia A Knight and her amazingly hot planet Living outside of my comfort zone is becoming a bit of a habit and I am learning to love it Hers To Choose is the follow up to Hers To Command and was simply amazing My only concern was that I could only give it five stars Now, this has been a dilemma of mine regarding certain vampires from past books I have read, but I never thought that I could fall in love with a planet that requires sex to survive yes, the planet I love this planet.
But than the planet, I love the journey on its surface Sophi is requested to join her brother tearing her from the family that has helped to heal years of pain she experienced when she was being held captive But than that, she has been requested to attempt to get to know Eric The two of them are bound together by the forces of Verdantia and will help to make the planet stronger Eric is the Commander of the Queens guard and has been sent to bring Sophi back to Doral, her brother But her brother has one request, along the journey, she must attempt to get to know Eric and see if true compatibility is there If it is, Sophi is to consider him to marry to create a stronger force for the planet If it is not there, that will be the end of the discussion She will not be forced to marry him the way so many people on the planet have been forced to do in the past.
What Eric isn t ready to face on the journey back is the stubborn and strong willed Sophi She is now a Flight Leader and has her own team of warriors to work with, all skilled and trained, but will it be enough to get Sophi and Eric home Sophi is drawn to Eric He is so strikingly handsome but the years of being a prisoner have left her heart scarred and she is not sure she can truly find happiness with any man Eric knows that Sophi is beautiful and he is determined to show her exactly how he feels, but will there be enough time for them This journey, from the village where Sophi has lived for the past four years, is rough and not without problems Evil forces are trying to kidnap her so they can use her as a bargaining tool to gain their power back.
This book kept me on the edge of my seat and the passion between Sophi and Eric was so undeniable and so hot that I could not put the book down But then there were the battles and the evil forces and creatures ugh I am not sure I could have survived much drama Hers To Choose was captivating and full of passion, action and drama.
I actually went back and read it twice before I could sit down to write a review Yes, it was that good I wanted to capture in my mind every nuance of this story I did not want to part with Eric or Sophi I am now anxiously awaiting the third book in the Verdantia series, Hers to Cherish I just want of this planet and the people that live on it I received a complimentary copy of Hers To Choose in exchange for an honest review I was given this book by the author for review.
Hers To Choose is the second book of the Verdantia series It is a great mixture of sci fi adventure, erotica, non stop action and humor Sophi is one of my favorite heroines She is brave, compassionate and has endured hardships from being kidnapped by the Haarb She has become a Flight Leader and is very capable of taking care of herself Eric is wonderful He is kind and gentle, and at times frustrated with trying to protect Sophi There are happy moments and other times sad and violent moments I found Hers To Choose an exciting book and can t wait for the next book in the series Highly recommended.

4 1 2 Stars Hers To Choose is a wonderful follow up of Hers to Command and an absolute pleasure to read I loved Sophi, loved her strength and vulnerability, loved her ability to survive and re build herself without becoming hard or brittle, but it is Eric who totally enad me What a beautiful, beautiful man Ms Knight created Nobel but down to earth, arrogant yet humble in all the right areas For me, he brought Aragorn to mind, and as I have been in love with Aragorn for most of my life, please, Ms Knight, accept this comparison as a highest of compliments The book have a feel of and reads like a fantasy then a sci fi, the passion between the characters is scorching, but at the same time there is a playfulness in it that is absolutely charming and on many occasions had me laughing out loud The loss of the half star is due to the secondary characters, particularly the villagers I found them sliding a bit too much in to medieval subservient stereotypes I am unashamedly hooked Ms Knight pretty please Hers To Choose by Patricia KnightThe planet Verdantia is sentient and can communicate with specific highly evolved beings while they are performing certain complex sexual rites designed to channel the planet s energy into diamonte stones These stones are then used for everything from heating to operating appliances Modern technology does not work on Verdantia due to the high energy currents running throughout the planet The planet is currently ruled by a Tetriach, three people, who together perform the rituals necessary to maintain all the security barriers around the planet thus protecting the planet from invasion Prior to the Tetriarch s rule, Verdantia was invaded and many of her people kidnapped and sold into slavery It took many years to locate most of the planet s people Doral DeLorion, one of the members of the Tetriach, managed to rescue his sister, Sophi, from an invading Haarb pirate ship after a search lasting three years When at last she was found, she had been tortured so brutally she was no longer able to function normally in society Doral took her to live with the Oshtash, a people who did not depend upon the ancient rites for any of their needs.
Now, he needs her to return home and marry within one of the genetically appropriate families so their world can be repopulated and the many rites continued There are only a few bloodlines that can communicate with Verdantia, so Sophi has been assigned a husband, Eric DeStroia.
DeStroia was Commander of the Queen s Guard and was sent to retrieve Sophi from the Oshtash While he, too, was being forced to marry, he vowed to do whatever necessary for his country and for the Tetriarch Patricia Knight has, once again, created a beautiful, passionate science fiction story that transports the reader into another world This world becomes completely believable as passion ignites a room s lighting system, and planetary invaders use hostages as egg depositories The plights of Sophi and of Eric, through Knight s writing, become real and viable The needs of varying cultures on Planet Verdantia become than just something relevant in science fiction Knight writes in a way that brings to light flaws with unilateral thinking in any society her world building skills become profound with each tale The couple s relationship is not based merely upon passion There are mature discussions, and interactions, though often with a variety of tertiary characters Knight s scenes of love making are passionate and beautifully descriptive.
Hers To Choose is so captivating readers may be surprised to discover how quickly the time flies while reading it Knight manages to enthrall and entertain readers with an exciting adventure that doesn t end until the pages can no longer be turned.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed within this review are mine.
Hers To Choose continues the story of Verdantia s recovery from a genocidal war Sophi is a well bred young woman of the aristocracy who has experienced untold horrors during a two year captivity under the evil Haarb Eric is Commander of the Queen s Royal Guard, with enormous amounts of military skill, chivalry, and well it s an erotic sci fi romance, he s just all around enormous Like the first book, this one makes it clear how exquisitely beautiful she is and how he is beyond handsome and larger than life Also like the first one I liked both Sophi and Eric and enjoyed reading their story which was told largely while the two of them are on there way from danger to safety and back again It was a very exciting story and contained even of the magic created by Verdantia s sentience, through sex between the right people.
Except for one horrific flash back, we don t really find out exactly what Sophi endured under the Haarb However, given the examples of their cruelty shown in this book, it must have been horrific indeed The problems I had with this story and they are relatively minor was my inability to suspend disbelief in several areas It made little sense that Sophi survived her captivity unscathed physically, given the Haarb penchant for grotesque body modifications Another part that made no sense to me was when Fleur the Verdantian queen who starred in the first book decided to leave the safety of the capital so she could come along too you ll have to read the story to find out what she came along for P.
Sophi is supposedly the only other remaining magistra besides Fleur female able to conduct Verdantian magic , which makes both women absolutely essential to the survival of the planet So the queen who never exhibited such childish disregard for her safety in the first book blithely decides to come along into certain danger This bit annoyed me, and, frankly, didn t add much of anything to the story Other than those quibbles, the story was exciting, hot, and not at all easy to put down I recommend it to those who enjoy erotic sci fi romance.
This was an ARC copy given by the author for a honest review 5 starsI m so pleased that I received an ARC copy of Hers To Choose from the author I loved the first book in the series and her second book did not disappoint This was a great book I love Sophi and Eric both separately and as a couple.
Sophi is the sister of Doral one of the trio from the first book She was taken captive by the invaders, the Haarb but was saved and brought home She having issues dealing with regular society so she went to live with the desert people and come back to herself It takes a few years but she manages to become a warrior and leader among her new people She isn t happy to see Eric and his men coming to take her to her brother.
Eric is a good man He always wanted to marry for love but with the the needs of the planet out weighing his wants he agrees to go get Sophi When he meets her he promises that he wont take her against her will but asks her to give him a chance She agrees to get to know him on their trip back to her brother.
I really enjoyed seeing Sophi and Eric s relationship grow, they compliment each other well Sophi is unsure but brave enough to admit her attraction and make an effort to explore it and not run Eric is all man but sweet as well He does really well in his treatment of Sophie He doesn t look down on her and her female warriors and gives her the respect she deserves And she does deserve it because from the beginning trouble haunts their path and Sophie and her group of female warriors are quite helpful to Eric and his soldiers when the Haarb attack There is a lot of action to deal with as their relationship grows but there s a good balance between the action and relationship story line that kept me in to the story and constantly wanting to know what was happening next I really can t remember a boring moment The story had me laughing sometimes and reaching for a tissue other times I loved how Eric was able to get back to Sophi after the ambush What happened brought about an interesting change to Eric that saved the day when things looked the worst in the final battle of the book I ll be interested to see how this plays out in future books This book gives us so much to look forward to with the series I loved the characters, both ones from the first book and new ones One of the characters introduced in this book is Ram, who will be the hero for the 3rd book in the series I liked what I saw of Ram so I m really looking forward to his story There s also an enemy from the past that didn t get a solid resolution in this book I suspect she ll be showing back up.
s the pity This book was great I loved the characters and enjoyed the whole story The end conflict had a definite wow factor that leads in to a sweet and satisfying ending I can t wait for the next book in the series I d recommend this book 2 thumbs way up D11 29 15 This was a reread of the story I still think it s a great story and love the MCs.
To Preserve Their Civilization, A Disillusioned Warrior And A Violated Innocent Need To Put Aside The Trauma Of Their Past To Confront A Present EvilMentally Scarred From Her Years As Prisoner To The Off World Invaders, Lady Sophillia Glorianna DeLorion, Doubts She Can Be A Fit Sexual Partner For Any Maneven One Whose Passionate Green Eyes Make Her Remember What It Is To DesireCommander Of The Queen S Royal Guard, Eric DeStroia Had Grown Up Watching The Corrosive, Soul Killing Effects Of Arranged, Aristocratic Marriage And Vowed To Remain Alone But Under His Hardened Military Exterior, Eric Has A Kind Heart When The Second Tetriarch Suggests He Marry A Noble Woman Rescued From The Enemy, Eric Reconsiders, Consoling Himself With Visions Of Sheltering A Wounded Dove Under His Mighty Arm Instead, He Discovers A Fierce Falcon That Refuses To Stoop To His LureIn The Aftermath Of Their Resounding Defeat, A Survivor From The Enemy Camp Plotted A Return To Verdantia To Exact Retribution His First Objective Is The Recapture Of Lady Sophillia DeLorion She Had Been Unreachable Until She Went To The Oshtesh Now, Only Eric DeStroia Stands In His Way