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[ Pdf Blood Legacy (Blood Legacy, #1) Ë futuristic PDF ] by Vanessa Redmoon Ì There was some effort put in this but the story and the characters just fell flat For an independent chick the heroine was too swift in her change of mind to let the hero spank her, fuck her and drink from her Also the pull between vampyr and agonie wasnt explained thoroughly enough for me to understand and believe it I felt no chemistry between the characters, no real love story Sex left me pretty cold since i felt the spanking took the major role So for an erotic book this was a waste of time and sadly continues in installments Dont recommend buying it Even for free it s not worth the effort.
I loved this short story it was awesome So excited to read the second one Interesting Paranormal BDSM read A world where vampires rule, and humans are reduced to the roles of servants cattle pets.
Our 2 leading characters are Victor Bressov, a powerful Vampire elder, and his mortal pet, Raven Its a short novella, so mostly what we get is world building, which is well done, and the scene setting of Victor and Raven s beginnings of their relationship I liked it, but it was short, and over before I had a sense of completion.
short read paranoramal serial series book Cliffhanger ending.
Blood Legacy by Vanessa Redmoon introduces us into a wonderfully interesting, post apocalyptic world where the Vampyrs have seized control of the government and humans have been reduced to little than blood slaves The heroine, Raven, publicly works as an Administrative serving the vampires in their businesses and dutifully visiting the Donation Center weekly to give them a pint of her blood Secretly she works for the Resistance gathering information in the hopes that someday her efforts can help set humanity free It is both a dream and a nightmare come true when she is assigned to the staff of Victor Bresslov, a powerful Prince of one of the most prestigious Vampyr families Raven fears him and knows he could kill her very easily, but surprisingly she also finds herself very attracted to both him and the promise of violence.
This novella is quite tantalizing and I want to sink into this dystopian universe further The set up promises delights, which the book doesn t quite deliver though The cliff hanger ending indicates another installment is planned which hopefully will fulfill the promise of Blood Legacy There are some very hot sex scenes, but be warned they are full of blood and violence This book sets up what could be a great series, but is of an introduction than an entire story itself The fantasy world is quite detailed though and the characters are very engaging.
There were a few stumbling blocks in the story, which pulled me out of the action and caused a bit of head scratching Characters seem to make choices without sufficient motivation or at least without sufficient explanation, and their actions can be a bit incongruous There is a strong BDSM element to BLOOD LEGACY, but the actions and reactions of the characters don t really adhere to its normal practice A typical master uses very deliberate, sometimes cruel, actions to craft a particular response from the recipient Victor s actions seem random, and when the reader is led to expect one response from Raven, sometimes she has the opposite reaction Some of these flaws may simply be issues caused by the short length of the novella resulting in a lack of space for the author to fully explain the whys and hows of every situation.
Overall, I recommend giving Blood Legacy by Vanessa Redmoon a try It s a fairly short read and not expensive at.
99, but will leave you wanting sex, blood, and intrigue This series definitely has promiseCopy provided by the author publisher for an honest review.
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Cliffhanger ending that simply wasn t enough to tempt me to continue at this time.
This was very interesting and intriguing BDSM paranormal I was immediately pulled into the story and loved the plot It is a world where Vampires are the rulers and the humans are degraded to nothing but servants in various ways.
Raven is a human that is part of a terrorist group called the Resistance trying to infiltrate the Vampire hierarchy and tear it down She has worked her way up the system to where she now works for Victor Bressov What she doesn t expect is to be so mesmerized by him But what is even surprising, is what Victor explains to her as they get to know one another.
This is very short novella so we only get to see the beginnings of Victor and Raven s relationship and the background behind everything But the details and how well written it is make this book so captivating and really pulls you in.
It s so different from other books that I have read and has definitely piqued my interest.
I can t wait to see what happens in the next book VISIT WWW.
COM FOR MORE REVIEWS So I have to admit one thing about this novella At first, I was confused I just couldn t wrap my mind around it Vampires ruling and people being slaves, was almost too much Then you have the rebellion and donors and administrators I couldn t get the politics of it But as the story went on, my mind stopped focusing on that and it was much easier to get Not to mention her relationship with the prince gets involved.
much steamy By that time I was addicted But how does this girlfriend bitch come into play Is he using her What s an agonie look that up write that down And holy hell that sex was hot So much going on and by the end I felt like I had questions than I did answers And of course you know what that means TBC Gah Every time I get sucked in dang it But I m on the edge of my seat over here biting my nails wondering what is going to happen next Is this partnership thing going to work I hope so this is interesting This was an unexpected treat A fresh twist on vampires and some lovely BDSM scenes beside Exceptional use of sexual tension.
The Vampyrs Have Seized Control Of What S Left Of Earth We Humans Live Short And Worthless Lives Fulfilling One Of Three Roles, Serving Our Vampyr Betters Laborer, Administrative, Or Donor I Chose A Fourth Role A Spy For The ResistanceThat S How I Wound Up Working For Victor Bressov, Heir Apparent To One Of The Oldest, Most Powerful Vampyr Families As His Personal Administrative, I Can Feed The Resistance Valuable Information On The Vampyrs Plans But Victor Cold, Calculating, Cruel Has Other Roles In Mind For Me It S Not Just The Taste Of Human Blood That Drives Him It S Spilling It Through Pain, Through Pleasure, Though I M Having A Hard Time These Days Finding The Difference Between The TwoHe Says My Pain Can Give Us Both Unimaginable Power Power He Can Use To Control The Republic, Or That I Can Use To Save Humankind When He Ties Me To His Desk, Whip Trailing Along The Marble Floor, I Tell Myself I M Enduring This For The Resistance I M Doing It So One Day, Others Can Live Freer Than MeProblem Is, I Ve Never Felt So Free

I write the paranormal erotic serial BLOOD LEGACY for Velvet Pony Press If you like vampires, bleak metropolises, eerie prophecies, and steamy sex, this series is for you