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[ Read Online Corrupted Hearts Ñ finance PDF ] by J.E. Keep Ñ After All, Even Demons Deserve A Chance At LoveWith Her Angelic Wings And His Demonic Horns They Were Never Meant To Come Together But His Red Eyes Trap Her And Her Seductive Wings Lure Him Their Hot Demon Blood Clashes What Starts As One Night Of Carnal Pleasure Turns Into An Adventure Of Epic PortionsShades Of Dungeons And Dragons Twisted In Wicked WaysWithin Days Of Meeting Lilah And Glaurakos Fall Across The Path Of An Evil Sorceress Who Traps Them In A Strange And Dangerous Other World The Threats In The New World Are Perilous, Yet Their Lust For Each Other Is Far Frightening Will Their Bond Be Strong Enough To Make It Out Alive Against All Odds Of The Damned, Can Love Grow Between Two Half Demons This Fantasy Novel Is A Twisted Romance At Its Core Inspired By Dungeons And Dragons Forgotten Realms, By Best Selling Paranormal Romance Authors JE M Keep I liked this book it had action adventure and love all carefully mixed to create a great book lilah and glauakes find themselves chained and marching toward an action blink as slaves because they were captured by human while getting rest caught unaware when glauakes desires to escape he sees lilah whom at first glance he thinks is an angel she is far from an angel he make a deal that she gives him what he wants her body and he will help her escape will they escape will their many trials get them caught and will they stay together or part ways to find out I suggest you get this book and find out Corrupted Hearts by J.
E M KeepGlaurakos is a fae demon half elf half demon He has been captured and caged by slave traders Lilah is a beautiful, winged woman and has been caught by the same slavers To escape they must work together, but can they trust each other Can two such different creatures find common ground The instant attraction to each other is unmistakeable The pair decide to travel together and end up spending almost as much time having sex as they spend traveling.
They end up trapped in another world and have many adventures There is action, adventure and a strange sort of romance This book is definitely not for younger audiences The sex scenes are numerous and are raunchy at times In fact, there are sex scenes than there is plot, which is unfortunate The sex scenes should enhance the story, not completely overpower it The biggest problem I had with this book was the editing proof reading errors The author constantly switches from past to present tense, sometimes even in the same sentence I counted over 100 instances of this happening throughout the book Also there are times when the wording makes no sense For example, one page states though she quickly flusters at it and moves towards the basin Huh Maybe the author meant that she became flustered but I am not really sure However, even though this book has it s share of problems, it has potential I would add a star if the editing were better In it s current form, I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.
What a world I really enjoyed this Having never read the works of this author I was unsure what to expect I loved it though and I really like this plot So unique and yet the angel and demon come together And do they ever Sexy, steamy, romantic and full of wild adventure I love this The spark was instant for them and it was for me too I feel like i say this a lot, but I was blown away here I was not expecting such a passion filled adventurous journey That is exactly what we get here and I loved it I was pulled in and wasn t let go from page one I love a book that I read straight through So amazing and I believe all would love this book too I will definitely be reading of this authors works I can t wait for amazing stories like this WOW Lisa I received as an ARC courtesy of the authorSadly, this book did not connect with me at all The beginning was so odd to me, probably because I had my mind set on how the story would start, so I was disappointed, but chose to go with the flow and so I then became curious Their captivity wasn t so odd to me so much as what happened afterward My aversion and confusion from this story came from the underdeveloped and unbelievable relationship, and my naivet in expecting the story to turn out or begin the way I thought the story would be about based off the synopsis that I had read.
The initial sex scene was tasteless to me I ve never been a fan of the sex for favors concept unless it fits into the basis of the story dark romances like sex slavery, bdsm, master slave relationship, etc , but never literally sex for a favor.
Their relationship and just their whole interaction seemed extremely creepy to me I m thinking she s an angel or half angel and then I find out she s not but something else I had my doubts about her being an angel when she was so willing and even hinting to trading sex for favors As the story progressed I got the feeling that this was a rendition of Bonnie and Clyde, its them against the world.
There is a lot of sex and I do mean A LOT Sometimes that can be a good thing but in the case of this book it hurt it than it helped it.
I received this book from Xpresso Reads in return for a fair and honest review.
The story starts with our male demon in a cage and the female walking along behind it, also a captive He speaks to her for the first time to try and arrange an escape plan She agrees although she doesn t believe that he will come back for her He does and the story starts.
I wanted to like this story than I actually did I love Fantasy, Dark Romance and Erotica but I guess I m weird in that I also like a story to go along with all the sex If all the sex was removed from this story, I think it would only take a slow reader about half an hour to finish it I found it quite difficult to read in that the tenses change, sometimes even partway through a sentence, from present to past and back again This was quite jarring and went against the flow of the story for me Also, I got really annoyed with reading that he smirked or sneered and that she cooed To be honest, although this is supposed to be similar to DD etc, I got bored Our female gets strangled during sex twice but doesn t think to mention it, she basically allows him to walk all over her like a doormat and then she ll thank him for doing so Characters appear and seem to have some significance but then disappear without any explanation.
If you want to read about sort of consensual sex with a bit of DD thrown in for good measure, then you ll probably like this book Lots of others seem to but it just didn t do anything for me personally.
As occasionally happens in the blogging world, I was provided an advanced copy of Corrupted Hearts for review that had yet to make it thorough the full editing process Usually I am able to overlook minor errors, as I have great respect for both authors and their editors, and like to give them the benefit of the doubt Unfortunately, in this particular circumstance, I received a copy that was still in the early stages of editing and a bit rougher around the edges than usual While I requested an updated version, I but wasn t able to obtain one prior to my scheduled review Due to these extenuating circumstances I will be deferring a star rating at this timeHere is what I can tell you about Corrupted Hearts The world is unique, the characters are engaging, and the concept is entertaining Combining magic, muscle and than their fair share of mayhem, Lilah and Glaurakos embark on an entertaining adventure that is full of twists and turns As the sparks begin to fly between this unusual pair the eroticism quickly reaches supernatural temperatures My full and OFFICIAL REVIEW will be posted on Carly s Book Reviews at a later date and time.
Lilah and Glaurakos had a very unique meeting They both have been captured by humans Glaurakos has a plan to get out and help them but Lilah has to trust him.
How are a Demon and an Angel supposed to make it work It can t but they can not deny how they feel So soon after they meet they get pulled into a trap by an evil sorceress This trap sends them to another world and a whole new st of dangers Now it s their lives and hearts on the line.
So this was an awesome book I never read to many angel books because they always seem to unable to take care of themselves Not only are both these characters strong their chemistry is amazing I loved reading this book and you will to I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was so wildly wonderful An angel in disguise and a demon are captured and are forced to find a way out As the demon does, the angel fears he will leave her behind, but he doesn t He comes back for her They are both headed in the same direction and go from there into a great steamyadventure filled In the end, we may find the demon may not be what we thought he was after all What a fabulous story by J.
E Keep again Love love love them all.
I really liked this book It s a steamy tale of adventure and attraction between two very different beings I was hooked from the first couple of pages and read through the entire thing in one sitting.
The sex scenes were delicious and really well written I could picture exactly what was happening An obviously big plus when reading erotic stories I ll definitely be looking up from these authors

J.E M Keep love to combine fantasy, scifi, horror, romance and mystery into exciting and titillating novels.They are long term, loving partners in a very happy relationship and because of this, they love to torture their characters Dark romance touches all of their stories in one way or another, from elicit trysts to forbidden love.Some of their work contains dubious consent and erotic