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· The Warlords Concubine (The Warlords Concubine, #1) Ç Download by ✓ J.E. Keep Mirella has been an indentured servant for most of her 30 plus years She very often wonders what life would ve been like if she were the princess rather than the slave Kulav, a dark warlord conquers their kingdom and has plans for the dainty young princess Mirella sees the conquest as an opportunity to better herself However, as she earns Kulav s trust, her own nature is challenged as well The life of a slave has made her tough and she does whatever she has to do to earn the God King s trust and love She finds that she has also earned new allies and friends This was a very interesting story with lots of twist and turns to keep the reader focused It is also a very sexy and erotic love story I enjoyed it very much.
First I want to say that I was given a free copy in exchange for my honest review Although I have read ARCs in the past, this is the first one to which I can give a positive review I really enjoyed The Warlord s Concubine I was wary about what to expect but what I got was an incredibly pleasant surprise The book was engaing and well written The characters were clever and interesting as well as sexy The story was descriptive and entertaining without being too brutal It is action packed without being grisly I did not anticipate the outcome at all I hate when a book is predictable and this definitely was not that It is sexually graphic which spawned some interesting interludes with the hubbyso bonus The Warlord s Concubine Mirella Often Wonders What Her Life Would Ve Been Like Had She Been Born A Princess, Rather Than The Property Of OneWhen A Dark Warlord From The North Conquers Her Princess Kingdom, However, He Has Plans For The Dainty Young Future Queen It Makes The Question All The Poignant, Because Now, Is At Stake Than Just Her Rough Treatment, But Love And Lust As WellThe Warlord S Concubine Is The Tale Of Two Women And The Dark Warlord That Dictates Their FateAs An Indentured Servant And Handmaiden To The Princess For Much Of Her Life, The Middle Aged Mirella Sees The Conquest Of The Land As An Opportunity To Elevate Herself Though As She Earns The Trust Of Their Conquerors, She Finds Her Own Nature Challenged As Well A Life Of Callous Disregard Has Made Her Hard, But As She Battles The Princess Will For The First Time And Finds New Allies And Friends, Does She Have What It Takes To Win The Love And Favour Of The Brutal Warlord Will Love And Friendship Be Her Downfall Or Will Her Station In Life Yet Again Be Her Undoing Caution The Warlord S Concubine Is A Dark Fantasy Novel That Contains Explicit Scenes, And A Twisted Romance Between A Handmaiden And A God My review Mirella often wonders what her life would ve been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one All starts when the beautiful city of Ariste is very illuminated by the fire and war going in the city because of the invasion of the northern s consuming everything that meant something for the elegant princess Anabelle Flair While Anabelle was with her handmaiden Mirella in the height of the palace that took place in the slope of the Ariste Mountain, she asked Mirella where will they go, the only thoughts that crossed Mirella s were to reason and sorrunder to them or she could throw herself from the window only death awaiting her Then, two barbarians of the northern entered the courts of Ariste ready to take the both of them, and when the two of them thought everything was going to be lost, it came a tall, dark figure, bigger and taller than the other two he was very dark and smooth and while he was looking at them the princess started to talk and he decided that the princess was to be his new concubine, but even as he said this his eyes were locked on Mirella s eyes Mirella had never felt like this before, such a desire to be a concubine and even if the northerns feared their lord, she certainly didn t and she let him know it Later on, their desire and love started to grow Mirella, now his principal concubine, did everything he asked her She adored the God King and wanted to please him in everything he so desired He choosed her to be his new favorite and even choosed her to breed him an heir.
Mirella has never felt like this before it felt right and she couldn t feel happy than to give birth to a child of his When the story continues Mirella gets to know the God King s mother called the Seer of the Ka reem people of the northern place a woman of long white hair, without color in her skin nor eyes she was blind she had great powers When the seer came it was because in those following days a war was going to take place and the God King, called Kulav, had to go away But that wasn t the only reason it was because she wanted to be close to Mirella and now because Mirella has Kulav s blood in her she can be a witch of the coven Kulav s not very happy by this as he has seen how his mother has gone because of all the magic and power she has in her that she shouldn t, in which she has gone mad When the God King leaves for battle, the Seer has another vision and is that her son will have victory, but also death and by that all the women including Mirella started to chant to help their great God King win and so they did, other paying than others but at least Mirella s baby was going to be all right The Seer was the one that choosed Mirella for her son she knew Mirella would do anything for him and she did This is the story of how Mirella felt in love with a God King and how she served him, showing everyone that she was capable of what they thought.
My thoughts Thank you so much to the authors for giving me an ARC of this book It was a such a wonderful read I loved how the story had those changes I never thought of Let s be real, I never thought this story would have magic in it, nor many hot wonderful scenes of love in them I totally recommend this to anyone that wants to read an erotica book with wonderful descriptions of the places and people and romance sex in them 5 5 This book is a unique story An erotic historical romance with a touch of paranormal, and a great plot to tell the story, and enough sex to make it a steamy read This book has a heat level of 4 A touch of capture fantasy a little noncon and some ff but that is a very small portion of this book it is about the strength a devoted servant slave can bring their Master A great story with interesting characters The characters are fleshed out and a bit of world building to bring everything together.
The Dark God King invades the land concurs the castle kills most of the men and in order to keep what he has taken in battle he must marry the bratty princess but she refuses Mirella falls in love with her God King instantly and is willing to do anything to serve him even if she has to talk the princess into marrying him to save her people.
Mirella turns out to be a very strong and capable leader compaired to the princess but her bloodline just may be the thing that stops her from becoming anything but The Warlord s Concubine and will that be enough I won this book from the Erotic Enchants and BDSM group Holiday Party and this is my honest review.
I received this book from the authors in exchange for a review.
Mirella is a middle aged handmaiden to a beautiful and spoiled young princess in a rich realm She is not precisely ill treated, but is disregarded and despised because of her lowly status in spite of her intelligence and attractiveness She feels powerless and secretly resents the princess and the nobles in her court because she feels all that they have was not earned but inherited through no effort on their part She is wily enough to keep her resentment hidden.
A dark and handsome Warlord from the North conquers the kingdom and Mirella and the Princess are placed in his harem Mirella finds the virile and brutal Warlord irresistible and embraces her role as concubine She and others see him as a God The Warlord seeks Mirella s help in securing the Princess as his bride so as to bolster his claim to the kingdom he conquered because the Princess was promised to a neighboring kingdom s Prince and the Warlord will have to go to war again He also wants to impregnate as many female captives as he can and Mirella does all in her power to help him succeed Her slavish devotion and forthright manner make her the Warlord s favorite The book was well written and kept my interest throughout and I read it in an afternoon Mirella was a wily and cunning heroine who I didn t expect to become slavishly devoted to the brutal Warlord after resenting the Princess who she had to serve devotedly to survive It didn t seem in her character to worship him as a God She did love him and made him fall in love with her and the ending had a surprising HEA that I enjoyed.
Mirella often wonders what her life would ve been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one A servant, Mirella, of a princess whose city is taken by God King, Kulav, finds out when she becomes a concubine of Kulav Able to become his favorite that he dares to spill within her womb his seed beyond the normal getting her pregnant which she already was with his child, she becomes than she could ever thought she would be when she was just her princess s servant.
Erotic, with heated sex scenes between a god in flesh and a mortal, this made an interesting read If you enjoy erotic paranormal romance set in a high fantasy read, this novel is for you.
3 1 2 stars.
I received a free copy from the authors for my honest review, so here it is A princess and her handmaiden are captured and kept with the other concubines for the God King While the princess is stubborn and unyielding, the handmaiden is very attracted to the God King and will do anything to please him He wants her to help the princess to become his wife and he can become ruler While the handmaiden Mirella is falling for the God King, she become pregnant and and willingly turns her body, mind and soul over to him he comes to the concubine tent and most times he chooses Mirella because he wants her and wants to spend time with her This story is sexy, a dark fantasy, and well written story line This is a first for me by J.
E M Keep and I will be reading from them.

There s not always a lot of originality in fantasy based erotica So much of what you find for the Kindle or on Smashwords are very short pieces that just check off a few key words let s see, an ELF chick gets banged by a DRAGON dude, go , as if simply hitting a few tropes captures why people love epic fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.
They miss the point, obviously It s hard for any story to be epic, especially when most of it is sex, when it s only 3000 words long Epic stories need to be epic in both terms of scope and size.
So, if you ve read anything I ve posted before, you know I like to champion the books and writers who get it right, and The Warlord s Concubine by J.
E M Keep certainly does that Even among other works I love and enjoy, this book definitely manages to bring something new to the party and gives me a plot and character that i have not seen much of before.
Mirella is the handmaiden to a spoiled princess who is much younger than herself She has come from a hard life and has had to work and fight for everything she ever got, unlike her privileged mistress But when the barbarians sack their city, kill the king, and take the princess captive, it all turns around for Mirella.
The handmaiden is captivated by the mysterious dark leader of the invaders, and sees in him something worth worshiping But his position as new ruler of the city is tenuous and hinges on getting the princess to willingly marry him before his forces are crushed by the armies of the Empire.
There is a lot of sex in this book, and well written, but there is a lot of plot as well Mirella becomes devoted to her God King and schemes to aid in him winning over the princess, as well as helping him defeat his opponents, both inside and outside of the city.
I enjoyed the hell out of this book, and I thought Mirella was a fascinating character There was some interesting world building going on as well, but that is one area I wish the authors could have done with They through out some interesting ideas about witches and the roles women played in the invaders society, but it felt like they rushed over some of it to get to the good parts again.
Still, I heartily recommend this book if you are at all interested in reading erotic fantasy stories It s a great value, and if you purchase it right now, it s on sale for only.
99 You have nothing to lose at that price.
The Warlord s Concubine is a dark, seductive tale of an older handmaid named Mirella who is very good at surviving When a strong enemy barrels into the kingdom and takes over, her talents will be put to the test However, what starts as a plot to stay alive quickly escalates into a much deeper and personal ploy to not just win the approval but the heart of the new conqueror While finding out about magic and treason, we see who who she really is.
and how far she is willing to go for her love.
This might be a first for me to write about a book that I was completely enthralled with but HATED the main character Not in a development way but just that I felt Mirella wasn t a good person She was well defined and consistent, as well as someone you found yourself really understanding at points seeing as she is a middle aged servant who you can see being a heroine at first The second the shit hits the fan, however, she is plotting a way to save her own skin and damn anyone that get s in her way She is stone cold and brutal right along side smart and cunning That is a deadly combination Her character is actually brilliance in word form, a diverse character with a motive to turn a story on it s head Pretty much I loved the story but thought the character was a horrible human being, which really made it an intriguing read The fact is I spent the whole story not wanting to Mirella to get her way, but still drooling over every moment and what was going to happen next It is sexy, dark and will give you than one surprise in it s pages I finished reading in about a day and a half, and I am not a terribly fast reader so it was really easy to jump into and get lost in Great story telling mixed with fascinating adventures along the way make this book a must read for me

J.E M Keep love to combine fantasy, scifi, horror, romance and mystery into exciting and titillating novels.They are long term, loving partners in a very happy relationship and because of this, they love to torture their characters Dark romance touches all of their stories in one way or another, from elicit trysts to forbidden love.Some of their work contains dubious consent and erotic pa