í The Nightlife (The Nightlife, #3) ☆ Download by í Travis Luedke

í The Nightlife (The Nightlife, #3) ☆ Download by í Travis Luedke I originally became a fan of Travis with his first book in the series The Nightlife, New York and was enad with the characters The story immediately drew me in and I was hooked on the series That said, this story was a bit difficult for me to get into.
The novel opens with Aaron and Michelle fleeing from Vegas after what had happened to Anastasia in the last book Aaron desires another pet and in doing so causes a conflict with Michelle Michelle then explains to Aaron the tragic events of her past and what she had to endure to become who she is Once she recounts her story, the creepy investigator from book 1 resurfaces and his plan comes to a head forcing Michelle and Aaron to deal with his agenda I don t want to give anything away as I encourage anyone who loves a sensual suspense filled novel to find out for themselves what happens, but I can say I look forward to where Travis takes the story in the next installment.
Overall the story was good after the first 30 pages or so, but I was distracted by timeline issues, minor grammatical problems, and dialogue confusion throughout the novel Though I must say, Travis eloquent phrasing quickly drew me back into the story, so I can t say the few issues I found made me want to put it down Travis has an uncanny ability to articulate some of the most provocative scenes into a tastefully sensual experience for his readers Most of my friend s being female, I can see how they would react to his genre would be nothing less than ecstasy I would definitely recommend the series to anyone who enjoys a provocative, lustful, suspense that keeps you guessing until the very end.
Wow It is obvious to me that Luedke has become comfortable with his characters and the idea of revealing them to us in depth and detail I never thought of Michelle or Aaron as two dimensional, but in The Nightlife Paris they step out of the pages as flesh and blood, so real that you can almost smell them However, smelling them may not be such a good thing as this story is as gritty, bloody and fascinating as the rest of the series, but better I will not offer a synopsis of this installment as I feel like the reader needs to experience this one without knowing what is coming I will say that a large portion of this story is Michelle s history, which we know from book 1 is dark and cruel However, the depth of her suffering and lengths to which she had to go to survive was almost shocking in its stark depiction This segment of Michelle and Aaron s tale is dark and graphic, but with mesmerizing descriptions and a morbidly compelling storyline, I felt this was the best of The Nightlife Series by far.
I was provided an advance copy of this book without charge for an honest review My opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any payment, agreement or other compensation.
This book was reviewed for The Boyfriend Bookmark Click here for reviewI fell in love with The Nightlife New York, The Nightlife Las Vegas and Blood Slave, but as hyped up as I was to read this book nothing could have prepared me for the love I have for The Nightlife Paris If you haven t read these books, what are you waiting for They are amazing and The Nightlife New York and The Nightlife Las Vegas should be read before reading The Nightlife Paris.
Now that I have said that, after reading all of Travis Luedke s books I still felt so unprepared for feelings I had after reading The Nightlife Paris This book was full of raw emotional turmoil and intense action I was captured from the start and did not want to put it down In fact, I didn t put it down.
I couldn t get enough of Michelle and Aaron in the first two books I fell in love with these ultra sexy vampires in New York Then, I felt my heartstrings being tugged at with the emotional loss of Anastasia in Las Vegas I was full of anxiety waiting to find out what happened with that creepy investigator who already knew too much but I was not expecting what happened in Paris.
Aaron and Michelle flee from Vegas after the mayhem and their loss, to Paris Once in Paris, Aaron is desperate to acquire another pet Michelle struggled with this, knowing that there should not be another blood slave in the picture for them Michelle wants so badly to heal the hole that has been left between her and Aaron after the tragic events of Vegas While trying to make Aaron recognize that a new blood slave is not a good idea, she has to do what she has been avoiding She must share her past with Aaron in hopes that he will understand.
Travis Luedke takes these two characters on a historic journey through the German occupation of Paris during World War II and the life that Michelle led and how she became who she is I was not prepared for this Intense was probably the only word I could come up with that would do this journey any sort of justice It was a dark, brutal and twisted time in Paris and then you throw in vampires and all bets are off.
I don t want to give away too much of what happens after the journey through Paris during the war as I don t want to ruin it But that creepy investigator does the unthinkable and leaves both Michelle and Aaron in a place that they haven t been in since that fateful first night in New York, each of them alone.
I still cannot get enough of these characters I fell in love with these two all over again in The Nightlife Paris, but than that, I fell in love with the deeper connection the two of them shared By the end of the book, it was so much than Aaron and his master and it was deeply moving If you are looking for me to go on and on about the amazing vampire sex, I am not going to do that, it did seem a little toned down in this book compared to the previous two However, it was not lacking great steam by any means This book was raw and full of aggression and fear, but it did not lack that steam I have become accustomed to in The Nightlife Series.
This book took me to a new level in fictional appreciation I loved and adored this book so much I felt so much passion for the characters while reading this book The Nightlife Paris was well crafted and brilliantly written Travis Luedke has really done a superb job taking two characters on such an amazing journey through these books and I am anxiously awaiting the next stop in London.
On a side note, great job with the third and first person transitions in the book Travis It was well written and seamless In fact, I only really noticed it the second time I read it Also, I have to mention the editing in this book I have read several books recently and begged for them to end because of the poor editing, this was so not one of those books The attention to detail in the editing process in this book was phenomenal.
Travis Luedke I don t know how you do this with each book, but please don t stop I cannot get enough of the characters, the drama and action and of course the steamy scenes I highly recommend The Nightlife Paris I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review WOW The development of the characters from first book to the 3rd is just amazing I feel as if I know them personally and feel for each of them.
For the 3rd book in this great Nightlife Series starts with Michelle and Aaron making their way over to Paris after an upsetting end in Vegas Aaron is dealing with the loss of his beloved Bloodslave and recent wife Anastasia Aaron has the longing to take another pet but Michelle will not let him This is when Michelle decides to share her terrible past with Aaron As soon as Aaron relives Michelle s past Michael Jamison stalker decides he has a plan of his own since he found out about them being vampires When he puts his plan into plan thinks don t go according to plan Michelle disappears on Aaron Their connection leads Aaron back to Michelle when all hell breaks loose I don t want to give away to much of the story but lets just say the bond between Aaron and Michelle is disrupted temporally Enters Urvashi the Angel to save Aaron Little does Aaron know he is bonded with Urvashi after drinking her blood However he is not her slave Even the blood of an angel can t keep Michelle from his mind The twist and turns of this book will keep you reading it the whole way through I started and could not stop I was screaming at one point, crying, at another It was an emotional roller coaster of a book You get the full story on Michelle See true love conquer all And then of course in true Nightlife fashion leaves you with a cliff hanger I can t wait for the 4th installment in the Nightlife Series LONDON to see how Aaron, Michelle, and Urvashi deal with the evil Michael Jamison I have to say a HUGE thank you to Travis Luedke for giving me an advanced copy of the book to read This has turned out to be an amazing series and am so proud of how well it is doing Way to go Travis This is the third book in The Nightlife series, a wonderful series that I have to say is becoming one of my favorites It has everything I like an interesting plot, paranormal creatures, real non sparkly vampires, hot and sexy scenes and leaves me panting for Vampire master Michelle and her fledgling Aaron Pilan, leaving behind the slaughter in Las Vegas taking a nightly transatlantic flight to the city of Light and Love, Paris In Las Vegas, Aaron made the costly mistake of taking a bloodslave, Anastasia, married her during a crazy night Her death has separated them, Aaron s dark predatory side feels the need to have another bloodslave, because he misses Anastasia.
Michelle tries to show the nightlife of Paris and everything seems to flow quiet wonderfully, until she opens her mind, heart and soul, showing him through her memories, her bloody, dark, gritty tale of survival under the German occupation of Paris during the Second World War.
All the revelations cause the final confrontation between them, plus the Investigator that knows too much and followed them from Las Vegas has his own plans and attacks them when they are the most vulnerable The lnvestigator is not the only one that follows them around and wants something from them, no of course not, in Paris resides a mystical, beautiful and very jealous creature that if it had put its eyes on you then you re lost What is this creature, what are the Investigator s plans, what happens with Aaron and Michelle, and much you can discover behind the breathtaking Eiffel Tour cover of The Nightlife Paris.
The Nightlife continues in London Expected publication date August 2013 WARNING 18 Sexual content Savagery Blood Gore War content Note I had the privilege of receiving an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book int he erotic, vampire Nightlife series.
Having lost his wife in Vegas, Aaron is heartbroken Michelle attempts to assuage his pain by visiting her home homeland, but there s a fundamental problem with that Paris is where Michelle was made a vampire She s got a lot of badass memories from her time as a sexual slave to her sadistic master, and later as a Nazi hunter in WWII So, not all the best things to cheer up a guy.
Half of the book is Michelle recounting her history a tale filled with pain and sorrow Aaron becomes angry that Michelle won t let him take another bloodslave He wants someone to be close with, besides Michelle He loves her, but he wants Hearing her tale of woe, Aaron becomes convinced that creating a harem of bloodslaves would make sense he could tend to all of them, and modern medicine could keep them alive for months or years This way he could have relationships and kinship with others They argue and Michelle leaves only to be captured by Mike Jamison This dude has followed them across the world int he hope of becoming a vampire He quite literally steals Michelle s blood while she sleeps and injests it Roiling with blood fever, he s at Michelle s mercy when she awakes to learn of his treachery.
Their encounter leaves Michelle and Jamison nearly dead Aaron is enraged he couldn t save his master lover He s agonized when her psychic link disappears and almost goes feral with grief He is rescued by Urvashi, a fallen angel who now controls him So, one master to another, but he still longs for Michelle He cries out for her while asleep, and when joining with Urvashi, much to the angel s chagrin Then, when he goes to clear out the room he shared with Michelle he learns a life changing secret and now he has to convince Urvashi to take on another vampire Again, there is no shortage of sex in this book The pace is brisk, with interesting turns I felt a little vexed with the long tale of Michelle s years in Paris around WWII, but it was still interesting And, sets the scene for lots of tension in the next book M F encounters only.
Son, the devil is in the details It s the little things that count You get them right and everything else falls into place.
Well, isn t that the damn truth I m not sure the characters in this series got that memo Decidedly darker and somewhat disturbing, THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS takes the series for a turn towards the dark side and I loved every minute of it As a lover of the series, I have been pleased with all installments, but THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS is definitely my favorite to date.
THE NIGHTLIFE PARIS begins with Michelle and Aaron fleeing the debacle that was Las Vegas and all the chaos they left in their wake Shortly after their arrival in Paris, Michelle decides it is time to share the story of her life with Aaron and how she became the Vampire Master she is today Make no mistake about it, her tale is dark and somewhat sad, but it sheds a necessary light on why she is the way she is which I believe is important for not only Aaron, but also the reader Although a large portion of the story is about Michelle s journey, several new storylines unfold setting the stage for another promising installment that is sure to follow New characters are introduced that will certainly bring another level of pandemonium to the series I can t wait to see what author Travis Luedke has in store for us You know, sometimes you pick up a book by an author you read frequently and know what you are going to get, a good story that may or may not sound like the same basic story you have read before, but with different characters Then other times, you find an author like Travis Luedke who rolls the dice and takes a chance with each new book there is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT vibe and so far, it has been working for him So, if paranormal romance packed with action and chaos tickles your fancy, then you really must read THE NIGHTLIFE SERIES The series is best when read in order, which is how I recommend you read them, but the books could be read as standalones and still be enjoyed Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review.
Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group I skipped The Nightlife New York, though I really am going to have to go back and read it, and really liked The Nightlife Las Vegas, and I loved Blood Slave, so I was thinking going into this I was going to like it a lot But, it has historical content, and that usually doesn t do it for me, so I was slightly skeptical Well, make me a believer, why don t you So, I really enjoy Michelle She s a Vampire, she s a slut, a whore, and she doesn t apologize to anyone for it She does apologize for being a murderer, but that s ok, it seems worth apologizing for I enjoy how she lives life with a gusto, and tries to minimize the damage she causes, but when it goes bad, she isn t afraid to get her claws dirty.
Then, there is Aaron, who has grown on me originally, I wasn t all in on Aaron, though I did enjoy him with Anastasia in Vegas, but he s not bad He s not as interesting to me as Michelle, but he s getting there.
The plot follows our hero and heroines journey of discovery of each other, and an investigator who is intent on stealing immortality for himself We get Michelle s pulse pounding backstory, which I must say had me fanning myself for air, because um, can t someone chain me up in a dungeon and anyway, it was hot, and tragic, and sexy and nasty all at once, and I loved every second of it.
This book was outstanding I m putting the author on my autobuy list provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review Travis has created a vampiric renaissance unequalled since Salem s Lot His two main characters, Michelle the master and Aaron her predatory mate are brilliantly written with gallons of gore and development in the lust department as the pair leave a swathe of blood drained bodies wherever they stay The sexually casual way the vampires use their prey with descriptions that leave the reader breathless with anticipation are nothing short of genius Improvisation is the name of the game as Travis creates a masterful technique of modern words and language including French which was easy to follow I might add and embraces the genre injecting it with fresh blood to give rebirth to a drained subject.
And with the clever use of a lengthy flashback to the romantic era of a war torn Paris to explain the vampire s heritage this reader was left in no doubt this book surpassed all expectations with it s fluent dips into sexual fantasies to please all tastes not demure The story never drops in pace as we are dragged breathless through one catastrophe after another as the vampires are hunted by an unseen foe until they are separated by circumstances beyond their control, then we really feel how much these creatures can love and yearn what once was This is a FIVE STAR GOREFEST EROTICA MASTERPIECE.
Vampire Master Michelle, And Her Slave, Aaron Pilan, Flee To Paris, Leaving Behind The Slaughter In Las Vegas Aaron Made The Costly Mistake Of Taking A Bloodslave, And Then Married Her The Tragedy Of His Wife S Death Has Driven A Rift Between Them And Michelle Is Desperate To Heal The BreachStruggling With His Predatory Alter Ego, Aaron Is Fractious, Rebelling Against His Master He Desires Another Bloodslave, And That Michelle Cannot Allow She Opens Her Heart And Soul To Aaron And He Relives, Through Her Memories, Her Dark, Gritty Tale Of Survival In The Savagery Of WWII Paris Under The German Occupation Michelle S Staggering Revelations Are Deeply Disturbing The Confrontation Of Master Versus Slave Comes Full Circle As The Couple Faces Death And SeparationAnd They Are Not Alone In Paris An Investigator Has Followed Them From Vegas Seeking The Unique Gifts Of Michelle S Blood He S Watching And Waiting For The Opportunity To Make His Move Against ThemFind Out What Happens In The Third Novel Of The Nightlife Series

Luedke is a NY Times USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES Find Travis catching a third degree sunburn with his wife and children in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassery.Most famous for his Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives vicariously through his writings He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.Feel free to stalk Travis Social Media Hub