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[Travis Luedke] Ó Blood Slave [journalism PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó So this review is hard for me to write Not because I am disappointed in this book but because there is not another book to follow it with that will do my admiration for these books justice Have I mentioned that I am a very impatient person I am mostly upset because I have to wait for another book by Travis Luekde Fact of the matter is that I absolutely loved this book.
This book can act as a stand alone in the series by Travis Luedke But it does make me long for another Let me just start by saying, new characters, new situations and new passion, I was blown away yet again.
Hope Esperanza de Salvador comes to America to create a new life for herself but found herself as a prostitute working for the cartel deep in the heart of New York Working to pay off debts well past paid, Hope is a girl with dreams Hope is a girl of great strength and powers.
Hope s greatest strength has always been her special abilities to be a great lie detector But her one obstacle soon becomes the one person she can t read, Enrique But along with that obstacle she finds that she needs him so much than she can possibly wish for In the process she fall in love with the one person she needs to keep her alive.
This book was a tangled web of mixed emotions all riding on that need for the bite And once again, Travis Luedke takes his characters to amazing places of ecstasy and love and entrances the reader into a dangerous world lurking in the darkness of night Just when you think everything is going to end up precisely the way it should, everything changes.
I loved Hope in this book, not only because of what she was working so hard to overcome, but what she was looking forward to a future And Enrique oh my another new vampire for me to love Travis Luedke writes amazing characters and amazing stories and unbelievable passion flawlessly After reading this book I was left in shock.
I did something I wasn t sure was possible when I started on this adventure I read three vampire books and I loved them Yes, I loved them Travis Luedke has changed my opinion of vampires and the mysterious books they live in Do I think I will jump directly into another If Travis Luedke writes it, I will do it without hesitation If by someone else, I cannot be so certain I have a need for vampires now and feel as addicted as a Blood Slave.
When do I get to read The Nightlife Paris This is a 3.
5 star book for me This is my favourite book from Mr Luedke My buddy, Mistik, nailed it with this one She thought I d like it the best and it can definitely be read as a standalone.
Esperanza Salvaci n is an illegal immigrant from Columbia I imagine Sofia Vergara speaking throughout this entire book, it helps me get through the dialog While this story is better with dialog than the other four in the series, it still is a bit comical It s like watching a Mexican soap opera on paper.
The plot of this story resembles Pretty Woman quite a bit, as Mistik mentioned in her review The difference is obviously the dark theme and vampires Rape, beatings and drug addiction feature heavily in this story While in Pretty Woman, Jason Alexander was a vile despicable thing, Lia, Jason s character in this book is not so vile Yes, she s just as jealous and insane, but she has reason to be so Her brand of sadistic revenge is actually quite amusing It s expected and quite well done Plus it appears she is a hot hot slut in bed Once a reader learns about her past, one can see why she s a bit crazy Enrique as the Master Vampire is much better than Michelle, the Master Vampire in the other four books Enrique is a gentleman for the most part He also has a sense of purpose He s someone I can respect.
Esperanza aka Hope is likable than any of the other characters She s snarky and quite the drama queen She makes me laugh at her ludicrous demands She s lived a hard life so one must give her a lot of leeway.
The world building in here is very light If this is the first book for a reader of The Nightlife series, it may be a bit too light For those who have read the others in the series, this one is a nice spin off The sex in this story is better I enjoyed it much than the others The double penetration rape with a strap on by an angry half breed Asian chick is hawt Her grudge fucking is probably the most amusing sex in the story Hope tends to piss people off and they grudge fuck her with a vengeance The worst is when her prior pimp s enforcer finds her again Did I ever feel pity for Hope No Did she ask for what she received No And yet, I didn t really feel anything for her even though this story was from her point of view Honestly, I thought for sure one of the people who had it in for her would rip her body apart starting at her cunt or ass and then tearing her inside out That never happened Colour me disappointed I can say the fisting was a nice touch A couple of eye rolling sex terms are Donkey punch and Shocker Talk about lowbrow frat boy sex acts Tucker Max, are you in this book too While this is a dark themed book, it is a romance with what I consider black humour comedy Like Heathers, it will grow on you Except unlike Heathers, it is a happily ever after, Pretty Woman style.
Her Mother Named Her Esperanza Salvaci N Hope For Salvation But When A Girl Works As An Escort For Colombian Cartel In The Ghettos Of Spanish Harlem, There Wasn T Much Hope, Or SalvationHope S Telepathic Ability Keeps Her A Step Ahead Of Ruin, But Her Unusual Gift Attracts The Attention Of A Psychotic Vampire Bitch Trapped In A Manhattan Penthouse With The Psycho, She Thought She Was Dead MeatHer Survival Lies In The Hands Of Vampire Master Enrique He Seems To Respect Her, Perhaps Even Care As A Measure Of Protection, He Makes Her His Personal Bloodslave Helplessly Addicted To His Bite, Enrique Rules Her Every Moment As Always, Hope Must Adapt To SurviveSwept Into The Decadent Nightlife Of Manhattan S Elite, She Falls In Love With Enrique And Prays Someday He May Grow To Love Her, Too But Is It Simply A Relationship Of Convenience Is She Nothing Than A Concubine Desperate To Satisfy His Nightly Demands For Blood And Sex And Forever In The Background Is The Fear That One Day The Cartel Boss She Abandoned Will Hunt Her Down To Collect On Old Debts OHHH MY LORDDDD % %% % never have i read ANYTHING like this book in all my life, jesus christ that was a mind fuck of the best kind I dont know if i should cry , scream , laugh , or melt I wish the ending and the lovey dovey stuff that finally happened went on for a little longer but my gaahd that was a great book I dont care who you are this book will get under your skin and you ll never forget it wow 5 stars MUST read Whoa I read any type of paranormal books any kind and none of been like this I enjoyed so many different part the cartel, the crazy vampire Lia, HOPE, Hopes ability, Enrique, and the OMG hotness and dirtiness of this book It wasn t a vampire love story well it was but, not the normal kind It had me blushing and looking around making sure no one was reading it behind my back It was different but, great just the same I will be checking out of this authors work soon I was given this book from author for an honest review.
Lovers of Paranormal R2R It s official I am hooked on THE NIGHTLIFE series As an escort for the Colombian cartel, Hope was forced into a life of servitude at an early age Having accepted her life as a sex worker, Hope embraces her destiny and excels as a glorified hooker with a little help from her telepathic abilities All is well until a seemingly perfect night of sin turns her life upside down, transferring her enslavement from a notorious Cartel boss to a Vampire Master named Enrique Survival used to mean staying in line and following the law of the Cartel, but now, her survival is reliant on something very different and that something scares her on many levels As Hope is ripped from her life as she once knew it, she quickly adapts to the ways of the paranormal world while struggling to understand the feelings she has for her new master are these feelings real or are they a result of her bond to her master as his personal Blood Slave As her quest for understanding unfolds, it becomes abundantly clear that her life is in danger and deciphering friend from foe will take a lot than the telepathic abilities she has relied on her entire life BLOOD SLAVE, the third book in THE NIGHTLIFE series is consistent with the theme of book one where over indulgence, illegal activity and vampires lurk in darkness when night falls on the city The ensemble of wickedly sexy and disobedient characters are an interesting assortment that you will love and love to hate even the villains have endearing moments Blood Slave is another winning read if deceit, sex and paranormal tales appeal to you Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review.
Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group read all my reviews on After composing myself from an ugly snot nosed cry, I am beyond giddy with love for this book If anyone has read both or either of my reviews for The Nightlife Series namely The Nightlife New York 1 and The Nightlife Las Vegas 2, you will probably be surprised at my completely different take and rating for Blood Slave I also mentioned in my first review that I d gone into 1 with some trepidation as I m used to reading paranormal books by female writers only.
At the risk of being reprimanded by the author, I m nevertheless going to take a chance and say this after reading Blood Slave, I feel that Mr Luedke went down a completely different path, albeit the same story background, and reached way, way down deep in his soul and became one with his female side Is this the moment where I should duck This, as far as I m concerned, is a compliment The way Mr Luedke has written this book, the horror and the genuine down to the bone emotion he has poured into every page and its characters, is nothing short of amazing Blood Slave was a pleasure to read Maybe I should elaborate on becoming one with his female side Simple, really Not many male authors keeping in mind that many of my favourite authors are male are capable of writing not only a female character in first person POV, but making her believable in every sense of the word from her head to her toes, her speech, her mannerisms and her character I ve mentioned numerous times that I m not really a fan of first person POV as I much prefer third, but, my goodness, Blood Slave was perfect Mr Luedke s storytelling was perfect Every character and every detail, as far as I m concerned, was perfect I sincerely believe that had it not been written this way, it would probably not have had as much of an impact on me as it has I m sure you can tell.
Where to begin This is Esperanza s story, or Hope as she prefers to be called Both mean the same thing She s young, gorgeous, a prostitute and has suffered at the hands of those who should have loved her, and those who have used and abused her Who in their right minds sells their 14 year old daughter to a cartel member Her father did Disgusting, sad and heart wrenching She has a gift though, can read what people are thinking, or are about to do Didn t make her any special in Faustino s eyes her owner the low life her father sold her to She was not only used for her talents where the mind is concerned, but of course her body Hope had had aspirations to study and have a career when she was younger, much as we all do, but no such thing was meant to go her way.
A date she s expecting, which turns out to be an Asian female by the name of Lia, inadvertently changes her life a life that s at times good for the situation she finds herself in, but inevitably one still lumped with the bad After hours of sexual work , Lia becomes privy to the fact that Hope knows precisely what she s been thinking Not in the least pleased, murderous actually, Lia takes Hope back to her master Something Hope found weird, because who calls anyone a master When she meets Enrique, she doesn t trust him or his motives, as he s the first person who s mind she can t read Why should she trust him, though Her situation isn t really any different, because when all is said and done she s now his slave As time passes, he s the one with whom she forges a strong attachment Plus, let s not forget that she s gone from the cartel to vampires Is one situation any better than the other Enrique, despite making her a Blood Slave through no fault of his own but Lia s, has the utmost patience and care for Hope He becomes quite enamoured with her, and she with him Hope eventually realises that what she feels for Enrique must be love Not something, although he cares for her and treats her with as much respect as possible in their situation, she believes he will ever reciprocate.
Also, residing constantly at the back of Hope s mind is Faustino the shark Should he or any of his henchmen find her death or torture prior to death would be the outcome Any way she looks at it, the universe and everyone within it except for Enrique seem to be against her When Enrique goes on a business trip to Panama a business arrangement with none other than her previous boss, she s left in Lia s care The same Lia who d wanted to kill her, but has now done an about turn, or so it appears Now, for clarification purposes, once a blood slave, the need to be bitten is tantamount to breathing either that or go crazy with want Much like a drug, which of course is dealt with here as well, one is hooked it s needed and should it not be available, one feels like dying from craving it.
Prior to leaving, Enrique made sure she d have syringes with the much needed venom to keep her at bay until such time as he returns However, she feels torn apart and misses him so much, it s akin to torture where her body and mind are concerned, and she dispatches with them quickly Now what She then finds other means which rapidly run out, too The only one she can turn to is Lia She desperately needs to be bitten, in turn offering Lia anything at all Mistake Lia s not one to sit back when opportunity comes knocking, and Hope s desperation works beautifully with her upcoming plan A malicious plan that changes Hope s life Where Hope was previously able to read Lia like an open book, Lia in the meantime had put said plan into place when she d gone to Spain Regardless, Hope had guessed that Lia would pretty much change once Enrique wasn t around the cat would play when the mouse was away, and what takes place hereafter is horrendous I literally wanted to climb into this book and save Hope It brought me to tears How much pain can one person endure Hope has throughout her unforgiving and miserable life endured all kinds horrors so unbearable I m shocked she survived them over and over and over again Lia, bitch that she is, means to take Hope down The following line is so true The enemy of my enemy is also my friend Before this review gets any longer, and I blurt out the whole story, I ll conclude by saying that I adore Hope Just adore her I wanted to bring her home and look after her It s how much she affected me Not only did she rise above all the hardships she d been dealt with, she was loyal and she was just beautiful both on the outside and inside Strong of convictions despite her profession , and unbelievably strong of body, mind, soul and love Oh gosh, what a book, what a story And, Enrique Exactly the person she desperately needed to come in to her life, even though it took him a while with a bit of female persuasion in the form of keeping the distance thing going with reason, though and many tribulations to admit to Hope what exactly she meant to him A fantastic character and man Those of you who have read my reviews know that I m never shy when I need to admit that a book has grabbed me, completely turned me upside down, consumed me and spat me out Mr Luedke, you sir, made me cry bucket loads Is it any wonder this book has made its way into my 2013 favourite books shelf No, it s not I must mention that although it s part of The Nightlife Series, it can be read as a stand alone Please, read it I highly recommend it You won t be able to stop yourself from loving it It s a keeper.
Fast paced, no holds barred, gripping, gut wrenching, soul ripping and most definitely tear inducing Perfection Perfection Perfection The 3rd book to make it on to my 2013 Favourite books.

I read this after The Nightlife New York and it is different but a familiar world I didn t like it as well as the world of Aaron and Michelleit was far grittier of a story and a bit depressing, because Hope is a prostitute who doesn t have much personal power and barters her body for survival.
Esperanza Hope is from Columbia, and is an illegal in NYC, and she is a prostitute, having been forced into prostitution since age 14 Her life is quite terrible, she does anything and anyone for the right price, and she is controlled and threatened by a latin man who works for a cartel Her one gift that has saved her time after time is her telepathic ability, which her pimp uses One day she is agrees to have sex with another woman, an Asian domme who is vietnamese the novel doesn t make asian females look very good and the MC, Hope, makes quite a few racist remarks about Lia and she is violated and almost killed Lia is a crazy vampire who has chosen to feast on her MILD story setup spoilers ahead Fortunately for Hope, this crazy psychotic vampire Lia, is beholden to her vampire master, Enrique, and Enrique can prevent Lia from killing Hope or harming her, he chooses to save Hope when she is near death He saves her with his venomous Vampire bite, which begins an addictive relationship whereby Hope must get a bite from Enrique or Lia, also a Vampire every day, and she has orgasmic pleasure during the bite Since Hope is dependent on Enrique, she is called his Blood Slave She offers him anything sexually that he wants because she wants his venom all the time She falls hard for him, and he takes care of her, moving her into his luxurious penthouse apartment in Manhattan, and causing quite a bit of jealousy to Lia, but they co exist in a menage relationship for the most part peacefully Hope loves Enrique with a passion that is palpable and he is very caring seemingly towards herAt first the plot vaguely after the initial violent scene resembles Pretty Woman as she was a prostitute who is now in blissful love and living in luxury but with a big difference she is in an uneasy Menage relationship with Enrique and Lia Hope gets taken on luxurious shopping trips and what not Hope s life however is still not safe, because the cartel is after her view spoiler It turns out Enrique is actually in some kind of business with the cartel and has to travel to Panama and when that happens Lia decides to have some fun with Hope Since Lia can t hurt Hope, she sets up situations so that Hope is violated by other peopleand then Lia sells Hope back to her former pimp, who brutalizes and rapes her repeatedly He beats her up and all the while, she is craving and sick from withdrawal, not getting any survival bites from Lia while Enrique is gone This goes on for 4 5 days and Hope knows she will not survive until Enrique gets back It seems quite dire and ominous hide spoiler I really liked the writing style as in, I loved it It read and flowed well But everything else just didn t sit well with me I should have realised this wasn t for me when the first sex scene was f fBut that was okay, I read it, wasn t too bad But after that it was scene after scene of back breaking, raw and painful sex My girly bits were going ouch I mean I don t think any woman could recover from some the sh t that happened in this book But she kept on asking for Ouch, just ouch Let me just start off by saying that Blood Slave is not recommended for those who have issues of violence and hard core sexual activities It s pure and utterly raw but at the same time nail biting and amazingly hypnotic I can t actually get around to putting into words how Blood Slave made me squirm, gasp and chant Good Lord over and over again It s nothing like you d expect It s both a combination of sexy and sweet, so you d think a woman wrote it, but it s tough and rough, so you know there s no doubt a man actually wrote the book.
I guess, had a woman written Blood Slave, it would have been of a timid read and not at hectic as it turns out But make no mistake, Travis Luedke does not disappoint.
This was my first Romance related read that I d read which was written by a man and I m happy to say that in this instance, there are no stone s left unturned when it comes to heat and passion It s sensual and vibrant and I adored it In Blood Slave we follow the tale of Hope aka Esperanza She s lived a life most of us didn t even know existed but boy does it feel like the real deal when you reading her inner thoughts you can t help but feel like she s one of the strongest woman you will ever come to know Hope s ability to hear inner thoughts, have always kept her in the loop of what s happening around her until she meet s Enrique aka, the staggeringly hot vampire Enrique s perfected the ability to keep his thought s to himself and this leave s Hope in the dark about how or what he feels for her and the buildup in their relationship Dear Lord it s guaranteed to keep you panting and on the edge of your seatWhat do you mean I had to assure your loyalty I had to bind you to me There was no other way What do you mean bind How am I bound I can t read your mind You have to tellme what you ve done to me Why do I want to be with you all the time Why do I need you to bite meI have yet to read a book similar to Blood Slave it s unique and thoroughly enjoyable I would jump hoops at the chance to read a followup of Hope Enrique s relationship hint hint lol.
Take a look at the cover once it s divine right Now this is one of those times where you can safely judge a book by it s cover Conclusion Blood Slave is raw, brutal and shocking but even so It s addictive and a really brilliant read 5 Stars read MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ON MY BLOG

Luedke is a NY Times USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES Find Travis catching a third degree sunburn with his wife and children in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassery.Most famous for his Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives vicariously through his writings He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.Feel free to stalk Travis Social Media Hub