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[ Pdf The Nightlife (The Nightlife, #2) ô russian-literature PDF ] by Travis Luedke ✓ I am writing this review a little bit backwards when I finished reading this book, I sent a message to Travis Luedke and told him that I don t do vampire books I think his response was not only a gentle little pat on the back to himself, but a profound thought for me He simply said he was happy he could pull me from my comfort zone I thought about that for hours.
When I finished reading The Nightlife New York, I was sure that there was not going to be another book that could make glad I was reading about vampires It was a stretch for me to actually want to read not only one, but three books about vampires It was defiantly very out of my comfort zone Through the entire first book I kept telling myself the same thing I told all of you through the review, I don t do vampire books After falling in love with The Nightlife New York, I really thought the books were going to be just ok after that, but I will always try to find something positive to say about a book Reality hit me hard upside the head when I started reading The Nightlife Las Vegas Not only was I willing to admit I liked these vampire books, I was almost willing to admit that I loved them.
When I started reading this, I wasn t sure how a storyline in Las Vegas could compete with all of the activity of the New York book, but Travis Luedke, Michelle and Aaron did not let me down in the least In fact, I fell in love all over again and had a very hard time putting the second book down The events of this book had me from the start You already knew the main characters after reading New York, so a lot of background on their story was not needed, and because of that the action picked up the pace of this book at the very beginning You are introduced to Michelle and Travis s pet, Anastasia in this book I have to say, I thought it was a little too perfect that she was so ready to be a part of their strange world of the night, but she was fabulous and it actually broke my heart in the end reading their sad goodbyes to their sweet pet But I am not about to ruin the story for anyone.
This book captured me into a wild ride like only Las Vegas could do Michelle and Aaron must have a bad habit of letting drama find them because there was that times 10 in this book The action was amazing and couldn t have been written any better for these characters.
Now I am going to admit, reading the erotic scenes in this book was like going back to a few other books I have read, but so much hotter They weren t creepy as I would have thought they would have been, but beautiful The connection with these characters is just amazing not to mention the sex holy hot tamale I am in love.
Travis Luedke did start to lose me a bit when the vampires starting taking drugs I thought they were hot enough without adding that to the mix, but what happens in Vegas I hope stays there It wasn t enough to make me want to put the book down it just became a much clearer picture of how dangerous these vampires really are I wasn t sure if it was possible for me to like a vampire book than New York, well Travis Luedke knocked himself off the top spot in my world, when New York was replaced by Vegas So back to what I was saying about being out of my comfort zone it s true I was so uncomfortable even opening these books, but I am glad I took the chance and read these vampire books that I am was so adamant reading They say never judge a book by its cover, well I think for me, it is never judge a book by its characters They were part of the story but they did not run the story There is a line that was drawn for me between it being just a vampire book and being a book I wanted to read I really enjoyed The Nightlife Las Vegas and have a new appreciation for being pulled out of character and out of my comfort zone.
Summary 4.
5 starsThe Nightlife Las Vegas by Travis Luedke poses the age old question of what happens when vampires cut loose in Sin City Mix Fright Night , Showgirls , and Scarface , and you have the answer Aaron and Michelle explore every vice available, and break many of the rules by which they lived in New York The result is an off the hook adventure worthy of its setting If you thought their adventures in New York were wild, you ain t seen nothing yet The Nightlife Las Vegas sells for 4 for the ebook version, and is worth twice the price Fasten your seat belts for even sex, adventure, and blood.
Fantasy WorldLas Vegas comes to life in all its neon glory from the gaming tables to VIP parties and strip clubs It s not only believable, it s gloriously fun.
Tingle FactorOMFG Just when you think it can t get any hotter, the author finds whole new levels to explore The Nightlife Las Vegas includes menage, exhibition, and gang bang scenes It s explicit without being vulgar.
RomanceMost of the tender feelings this time are reserved for their new pet, Anastasia Her addition to their relationship is well done in a polyamorous, love can multiply way DramaThe Nightlife Las Vegas introduces new villains who target the main characters with nefarious intentions Their plots keep readers anxious while the vampires party on secure in their superiority.
HeroAaron has truly come into his own as a vampire, and is a full partner to Michelle now When he meets Anastasia he can t help himself, and makes her his blood slave He loves her in a wholly different way than Michelle, but still loves them both Aaron remains likeable despite his feral tendencies, and doesn t stray into the creepy or caddish.
Heroine 1Michelle is slightly less of a bitch this time, and makes a few mistakes in judgment The results are highly entertaining Her hot tub escapades will leave your mouth hanging open in astonishment.
Heroine 2Anastasia is a beautiful, hot mess with destructive tendencies It seems perfectly logical she would fall under the spell of not one, but two vampires thus endangering her life Anastasia has been broken through much previous abuse, and finally finds happiness in being the vampires pet For access to all links in this review, please visit Vampires, Aaron Pilan And His Master Michelle, Live By One Rule No Bloodslaves EVER Aaron Breaks That Rule When He Meets Anastasia All Anastasia Wants Is To Be Loved And Cherished, But The Predatory Men She S Attracted To Bring Her Only Pain And Abuse Escaping One Train Wreck Relationship For Another, She Finds Happiness With Aaron And Michelle As A Bloodslave, A PetWhen Aaron Uses His Telepathy To Win Thousands At The Gambling Tables, He Attracts The Deadly Attention Of The Colombian Cartel And Aaron And Michelle Are Disappeared Addicted To The Bite Of Her Vampire Lovers, Ana Is Desperate To Find Them But, Las Vegas Isn T Ready For Vampires Mixing Heroin, Sex And Vengeance Ana Is Trapped In The Spiraling ChaosFind Out What Happens In The Second Novel Of The Nightlife Series Drama, action and lots of pleasure, that s what THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS is all about THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS picks up where the first book in the series, THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK leaves off in a continuation of the story of Vampire Master, Michelle and her loyal, but disobedient side kick and vampire servant, Aaron Who ever said all things in moderation didn t know what they were talking about, but we re talking about Vegas baby and for Michelle and Aaron s sake, I really hope what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas or else the rest of their long lives are doomed Remembering how poorly she was treated by her Vampire Master, Michelle lets a lot of things slide with Aaron in an effort to not control him, but her hesitance to pull the choke chain lands them in a heap of trouble when a third lover named Anastasia is added to mix, as a human bloodslave Once things begin to spiral out of control, their weak human pet just adds another hassle they do not need in their crazy effed up lives I wasn t a fan of Anastasia s story line I thought she was weak and a bit whiney, but Michelle is a dominant female, so, I suppose having 2 kick ass, strong willed heroines wouldn t have been as interesting and the damsel in distress is appealing to many.
This installment of THE NIGHTLIFE series has a totally different vibe when compared to books 1 and 3 yes, I skipped around, but you will definitely want to read THE NIGHTLIFE NEW YORK before reading this second book Though I was disappointed with the path Michelle s character followed, I still loved this dynamic duo as a whole Staying true to the author s description, THE NIGHTLIFE LAS VEGAS is reminiscent of The Hangover and True Blood and definitely never boring.
If paranormal reads of the vampire variety get you going, then you definitely have to read THE NIGHTLIFE series I can guarantee you will not be bored Copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review.
Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group This is the second book in the erotic, vampire Nightlife series.
Michelle and Aaron are vampires in Las Vegas They had previously been in NYC, but a botched kidnapping ransom attempt two dirty cops made on Michelle left both cops dead and our two vamps on the road for quieter nightlife.
Aaron s been winning a ton of money playing poker his telepathy has earned him High Roller status, and a serious enemy gangster Demarco This dude doesn t like to lose, and he REALLY wants to get a piece of Michelle steal her away from Aaron by any means necessary He enlists security chief Kramer in his quest to kidnap and enslave Michelle.
Aaron and Michelle are oblivious to the gangster s plan They work the nightlife, taking small bites of multiple victims a night so that they don t get anyone addicted to their venom Until Aaron meets Anastasia This lost soul just wants to be loved And, Aaron wants to love her He is still only a month out from his transition and can t get past his need for companionship He takes Ana as a bloodslave, against Michelle s wishes and orders Surprisingly, Aaron, Michelle and Ana make a secure threesome In fact, Ana s quite the helper lining up victims for Aaron and Michelle s nightly feeds Then, Kramer and Demarco attack Their attempt to kill Aaron isn t as successful as they d like Nor is their effort to enslave Michelle by addicting her to heroin Yeah Way trouble than they expected.
Let s just say that when Aaron and Michelle leave Las Vegas, it s with broken hearts, and a bloody trail of dead gangsters Oh, and a shadow Yep It seems Kramer had hired a PI to find out what happened to Demarco Mike Jamison is hot on their trail with his own agenda.
It s a steamy sexy adventure Not a lot goes well in Sin City even the sex is sometimes a punishment than a pleasure Expect plenty of full frontal and menage F M F and F F M.
The Nightlife Las Vegas is the second installment in Travis Luedke s Nightlife series, give us another twist of all the madness that can occur in the city where everything you want to happen may become true Aaron and his master seductress vampire, Michelle, leave behind their problems in New York and try their luck in Las Vegas.
Do you consider cheating to use mind reading to win at poker and other games in a casino Aaron knows it s not okey to do it, but as it s his new natural and unique vampire talent, he does it anyway and he makes an influencing man lose a very significant quantity of money.
This man wants his money back, and he also wants Michelle as a means to make money, not because she s one of the most beautiful woman he ever saw, but out of a form of vengeance towards Aaron.
During a night Aaron meets Anastasia Ana , a lovely and lonely girl that desires to be loved and cherished He is instantly attracted to Ana, and breaks Michelle s most strict rule of no bloodslaves She enters in a train wreck relationship, where she finds happiness with Aaron and Michelle as a bloodslave, a pet.
Vampires as a norm are dangerous, can you imagine what can happen to a vamp on drugs You may think you can imagine it, but you ll never get as close as how it s described in this book The only thing you can pray is that hopefully What happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas because if in New York we had crazy marathons of never ending sex between Michelle and Aaron, now you can sum to the mix Ana, a bunch of mafia guys, a new meaning to drink blood or alcohol and eat drugs and someone hidden seeing it all happen.
It has everything you would hope for danger, monsters, believable characters, mystery, action, gore, fights, romance and erotic scenes, real vampires, jokes and a whole lot surprises.
The Nightlife series continues from the Strip to the city of Love and Lights with The Nightlife ParisWARNING 18 Language Sexual content BDSM Drugs Savagery Blood Gore Death.
Rating 4.
0 stars With the problems in New York Aaron and Michelle decide to move along to Las Vegas Aaron is making a killing in the casino with his telepathy and Michelle is still working as a high paid escort They are living the good life, up until Aaron breaks one of Michelle s only rules He makes someone a blood slave Anastasia has got gypsy blood and has a little bit of psychic abilities This calls out to Aaron and he immediately knows he wants this women in his life forever She has a past and seeks out mean who hurt her What she finds in Aaron is a predator that will hurt her, but also take care of her Aaron drinks from her for than two minutes and makes her his blood slave I thought that Michelle would have been upset with Aaron but she mainly just felt sorry for him Blood slaves never last very long and she did not Aaron to feel that pain Now that it is done though, she welcomes Anastasia into their lives as a favorite pet That is what they call her, their pet The sex is pretty well written though it is very aggressive Anastasia like the pain and is ashamed at liking it She was abused by her step father earlier in life and now she is pretty much a hot mess alcoholic We get to see what she goes through with her addiction to Aaron s venom This is one of the few stories were both the male and female leads are having sex with other people and it wasn t an issue They both knew that it was only sex with humans and it could not compare to sex with each other I think one of the sexiest scenes was when Michelle was high and joined the jello wrestling tournament completely naked and had sex with the male wrestler on during the fight while biting him Nobody could believe what they were seeing There is a strong undertone of abuse and addiction in this book, but it seemed to fit into this world pretty well.

Move over Dracula I don t think we re in Transylvania any Toto Travis Luedke s updated version of vampires will set your incisors on edge Blood, sex, drama and This book has it all.
I bought this book right after reading the first in Luedke s Nightlife series, Nightlife New York The story picks up as Aaron and Michelle have a left a big mess in New York, only to find themselves in a bigger mess in Las Vegas The plotting is much stronger in NL Las Vegas, as is Luedke s writing I m impressed The story is carnal and graphic than the last, and I think it s sure to please any fan of vamp fiction Nightlife Las Vegas is a no holes barred, easy to read romp that mixes fantasy, suspense, horror and erotica, and it does it well I look forward to the next book in the series.
Anastasia TT noooooooo

Luedke is a NY Times USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES Find Travis catching a third degree sunburn with his wife and children in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassery.Most famous for his Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives vicariously through his writings He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.Feel free to stalk Travis Social Media Hub