É Glasswings Ù Download by É Elisa Kleven

É Glasswings Ù Download by É Elisa Kleven Grade 1 3Brief Synopsis This book is about a butterfly that gets lost in a city, far from the blooming gardens and her family With the help of her new friends, Claire is able to drink the nectar and pollinate lots of flowers She s able to create a garden in the city which helps her family find her again WOW factor I love that the author informed readers that Glasswing butterflies are real These butterflies are so cool because they are nearly transparent They are very fragile but they can travel long distances The author also urges students to think critically about all the information presented in the book Use in classrooms Teachers can definitely use this book in classroom to inform children about Glasswing species Students will learn about the importance of butterflies and the different ways butterflies help plants and flowers Students also get to make predictions throughout the book which is a great language arts exercise Why I love this book There are many reasons to recommend this book because it s so informative for students I really like that the author made the topic of butterflies engaging to students by meshing non fiction elements with fiction Lastly, the illustrations in this book are so beautiful They really keep readers engaged.
What a beautifully illustrated book to introduce glass winged butterflies to children A great addition to a unit on butterflies.
Claire, A Glasswing Butterfly Whose Transparent Wings Reflect Her Lush Home, Finds Herself Lost In The City After Being Separated From Her Family She Doesn T Know How They Will Ever See Her, But She Finds New City Friends, A Pigeon, An Ant, And A Ladybug, Who Search For The Flowers Claire Needs To Live They Come Upon A Tiny Urban Garden, And As Claire Drinks From The Flowers Nectar, She Pollinates Flowers Soon The Garden And Claire S Clear Wings Fill With Color, Allowing Her Family To Recognize Her At Last Together They Create An Oasis For All To Enjoy Facts About Glasswing Butterflies And Pollination Complete This Beautiful And Educational Picture Book Kleven S Latest Offering Is As Colorful And Delicate As A Butterfly S Wings A Treasure That Can Be Cherished For Years PJ story time 7 10 19 Pretty one note.
Gorgeous illustrations.
Looking at the jeweled illustrations of Elisa Kleven, author and illustrator of this beautiful book, reminds me of peering through a kaleidescope No matter which way you turn, or on which area you focus, new patterns of gorgeous colors reveal themselves to you.
This story tells what happens when Claire, a Glasswing butterfly one with transparent wings , gets carried away from her family one day on a strong burst of wind At first she is scared and lonely, but then she meets some new friends a ladybug, a pigeon, and an ant who guide her to an empty lot with flowers so she can eat Day after day, Claire fluttered among the flowers, sipping their nectar, carrying their sticky yellow pollen from plant to plant, helping new flowers to grow Kleven also describes the ways in which Claire s friends help the new little ecosystem thrive But still, Claire misses her family Then one day, a group of Glasswings circles overhead, drawn by the big patch of color in Claire s new garden It is Claire s family, and they have been looking for her They swoop down, taking on the colors of the flowers behind them, and much joy ensues at the reunion.
Evaluation This story provides a lovely way to impart information about how biological communities work, and in particular the role played by Glasswing butterflies But the real value of this book is in the stunning mixed media illustrations They teem with color and texture and detail, and will provide children with hours of delight trying to identify all the hidden delights in each picture.
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As an educator and a reader, Glasswings A Butterfly s Story by Elisa Kleven appealed to me in a number of ways The beautiful illustrations highlight the story of Claire, a glasswing butterfly who finds herself separated from her family She makes the best of her situation and everything turns out ok for Claire in the end.
The story of Claire s journey is filled with wonderful tidbits of information on not just glasswing butterflies, but the role that butterflies and other animals and insects like pigeons, ants and ladybugs play in nature So even though Claire has been whisked away from her family and home, she begins to create a new home around her, through new friends and a small abandoned city lot with a few flowers in it It s a nice story of making the most of a situation, maintaining hope and forming new friendships all with an educational background of environment.
Glasswings A Butterfly s Story by Elisa Kleven works perfectly with the curriculum in my area Primary and grade one learn about habitats and life cycles, and many of the classes even hatch moths or butterflies This story will fit in perfectly, and I can t wait to read it out loud to them

It was a cute story about a little known butterfly species with a note to educate the readerbefore starting It was interesting and cute with several messages that could be taken from the telling.
I read this book to my daughter s preschool class when they were learning about butterflies and insects, and the kids really enjoyed it, although they were very concerned when Claire, the glasswing butterfly, got separated from her family It s a nice story that highlights how butterflies and other insects birds benefit gardens pollinating the flowers, eating insect pests, and spreading seeds The part of the story where Claire s extended family finds her in the city was rather improbable, but it did reassure and calm the worried children.
When reading to an individual child and not a group, I d suggest taking a lottime to look at the beautiful illustrations and talk about what is going on in the background, such as the community members working on the garden.