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[Polly Dunbar] ↠´ Penguin [womens-fiction PDF] Read Online ✓ I know I said that I ll be reading serious stuff.
But these Penguin books I can t get enough of them This book is an instant classic The kids in my class loved it, and I loved it, too The drawings are charming and full of personality, and the text is simple but effective, packing a rhythmic punch Penguin is the story of an outgoing boy who is given a reticent Penguin as a present The Penguin may be a man of few words, but he proves to be a loyal friend and not the least timid The story works nicely as either a fantasy the Penguin is a real animal or as a realistic portrait of Ben s imagination the Penguin is just a doll , and on the latter level it is a heartwarming depiction of the bond between children and their toys Some of the reviews and the plot synopsis, as well paint Ben as being a bad or a bossy kid, and one of the reviews even suggests that he should receive his comeuppance in the end I don t see it that way at all Ben s a good kid, a realistic kid, who just wants this new person in his life to be his friend and to acknowledge said friendship by, say, laughing at his funny faces There s nothing rotten about that The story isabout a personality clash between an oddball bird and a gregarious little boy The boy is willing to accept a stranger s idiosyncrasies, and vice versa I loved it, and my kids wanted me to read it to them again and again, which as is rarely the case I actually did.
A 30 second read And good 30 seconds For a quick relief from solving equations or writing codes or whatever are the jobs you really like to do but have become bored after doing them sometime.
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Having been given a set of Penguin book ends for Christmas and having always been an avid Penguin book collector, when I saw a book called Penguin I just had to have it.
And speaking of presents, Ben received a well wrapped present and, undoing it he discovered a Penguin inside He greeted the Penguin, Hello Penguin But the Penguin did not speak.
Ben tried again, What shall we play , he said holding up the Penguin When there was no reply he resorted to Can t you talk The Penguin still said nothing.
Ben then tickled the Penguin, he did not laugh Ben pulled his funniest face, the Penguin did not laugh Ben put on a happy hat and sang a silly song and did a dizzy dance, the Penguin was still poker faced and said nothing.
Ben stood on his head, prodded Penguin, blew a raspberry, made fun of Penguin and even imitated Penguin But the Penguin still said nothing.
Ben studiously ignored Penguin and Penguin in return ignored Ben So Ben fired Penguin into outer space but then he came back to earth without a word.
Amazingly a passing lion came along and Ben tried to feed Penguin to it but the lion did not want to eat Penguin Ben got very upset but Penguin still said nothing In desperation Ben shouted at the top of his voice, Say something And while Penguin said nothing the lion felt that Ben was too noisy and ate him While the lion was licking his lips in contentment, Penguin went up to the lion and bit him very hard on the nose Ow said the lion, spitting Ben out as Ben screamed Wow Penguin then spoke but his words come out as pictures but it seems that he was re living and enjoying everything that Ben had previously said And Ben and Penguin ended up hugging each other, very much in love Charming One of my favorites of 2007 Penguin is just brilliant This is one of my go to choices for Storytime sessions Penguin is not too long, not too wordy, and has just the right blend of text and picture The illustrations are clean and unfussy, and allow children to spot what s happening right away The text lends itself perfectly to being acted out with the story The twist at the end never fails to give the kids that lovely ohhhhh moment when they work out that Penguin just expresses himself a bit differently Heartwarming message, I cannot enthuse enough about this story.
For his birthday Ben got Penguin Hello, Penguin said Ben Penguin said nothing Ben was determined to get Penguin to speak, so he tickled and danced and stood on his head Penguin said nothing Ben put Penguin on a rocket and shot him to outer space, but Penguin came back to earth as silent as before Finally, Ben tried to feed Penguin to a passing blue lion Unfortunately, the lion decided to eat Ben because he was being so noisy But Penguin came to Ben s rescue And then Penguin spoke to Ben, a long monologue of images And Ben was happy.
The text of this charming book is simple and punctuated by the frequent refrain, Penguin said nothing The blue lion seems to come out of nowhere, but I tend to think that this story has been created by Ben as he plays with his toys and that the lion is another toy The mixed media illustrations place the characters against blank white pages, bringing the focus onto the interaction between Ben and Penguin Ben is a lively little toddler, his round tummy sticking out slightly from his bright green pajamas, and Dunbar is able to show the full range of his toddler behaviors, from making faces to yelling until he s red in the face Full Review at Picture Book a Day A Quirky New Tale From A Rising Talent In Which A Bossy Little Boy Receives A Surprising ComeuppanceWhen Ben Rips Open His Present, He Finds A Penguin Inside Hello, Penguin He Says What Shall We Play But Penguin Says Nothing Even When Ben Tickles Its Belly, Sings A Funny Song, Does A Dizzy Dance, Stands On His Head, Sticks Out His Tongue, And Resorts To Increasingly Rude And Drastic Measures, Penguin Makes No Response What Will It Take For Penguin To Say Something Or For Ben To Understand What Penguin Has To Say Fresh, Spare Illustrations Bring Whimsy To This Wonderful Tale, In Which A Silent Penguin Turns Marvelously Eloquent And A Little Boy Finally Gets His Heart S Desire This is a very strange story about a little boy who receives a Penguin for a pet and is very frustrated when the Penguin does not respond to him in any way, despite his very creative efforts The ending is quite sweet and interesting and while I liked the story, I thought that a similar story, Princess Penelope s Parrot, had asatisfying and appropriate ending or perhaps I just like it when naughty children get their comeuppance view spoiler After all, Ben did try to feed his Penguin to the lion, so why should the Penguin save him and love him after all that hide spoiler This is a hilarious story about a little boy who is frustrated with is mute Penguin Well, he thinks his Penguin is mute until something extraordinary happens The antics that Ben, the little boy, goes through to get his pet Penguin to speak will make adults smile and little ones chuckle as they recognize themselves Imagine all of the I would do this statements this book will get from any child or group of children you read it to The writing and the illustrations are spare, but pack a wallop Polly Dunbar used vibrantly colored mixed media to create the illustrations The lion in the story yes, there s a lion is made with a material that almost beckons you to touch I can t wait to read this book during a story time Definitely good for children 5 years and up Also, good for children who need help in matching facial expressions to emotions.

Polly Dunbar is the author illustrator of many children s books, including DOG BLUE, PENGUIN, and six stories featuring Tilly and Friends She is also the illustrator of David Almond s MY DAD S A BIRDMAN Polly Dunbar lives in Brighton, England.