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[Judy Allen] Ê Are You a Spider? [race PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Did You Know That When A Spider S Web Is Damaged, A Spider Will Often Eat The Remaining Silk Before Making A New One Young Children Will Make Many Amazing Discoveries About Spiders In The Captivating Backyard books Are You A Spider By Judy Allen With Illustrations By Tudor Humphries This book is a good picture book if you want to learnabout spiders It s simple enough for younger children to understand about spiders on a basic level It would make a good read aloud book and younger children would like the pictures The pictures were very detailed and colorful and I enjoyed them a lot.
My daughter really liked this book Simple but fun for little kids Overall, just a fun read with good illustrations We used this in our arthopods study but it really didn t have a lot of info Mainly I just used this backyard book for a fun read that happens to go along with our study Definitely readingin this series.

This is a great book for science and for teaching about spiders It talks about how spiders build their web and use it to catch food and it also includes a lot of interesting facts about spiders The great thing about this book is it is written in a language that is easy to understand and is pretty short in length but at the same time is very informational and kid friendly.
Great for my science library

Judy Allen is an award winning author whose novel Awaiting Developments was short listed for the Whitbread Children s Novel Award.Judy Allen, along with illustrator Tudor Humphries, created Kingfisher s award winning Backyard Books series and many other successful books, including the Reading Rainbow selections Tiger and Seal.