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↠´ Incubus Hunter Í Download by è Kenya Wright Whispers Swirl Throughout The Underworld Of Carmen, The Fanged Elf With The Violet Eyes They Say She Hunts Incubus Demons, Not For Money, But To Clear A Debt With A Powerful Wizard But Time Is Winding Down Carmen Has Five Days To Clear The Balance Or She Loses Her Daughter Desperation Forces Her To Go After Blaze He S Worth Two Million Dollars Dead Or Alive The Hunt Begins She Spots Him And Sets A Seductive Trap It S Just Business As Usual Until She Ends Up Capturing So Much With it s premise of an elf woman hunting down incubi in order to pay for her daughter s ransom, this story had a lot of promise Even though I was bombarded and almost stoned to death by the dreaded NOT SEXY c k and p y words, Carmen and Blaze s mutual attraction was steamy While I thought that some of the magical elements were stupid i.
e Blaze making leather clothing appear and reappear particularly the pink bikini , other magical elements helped the story along, albeit much like a Band Aid trying to hold the cut skin of the story together Even with the stuff that I detested about this book too much sex without a lot of story, the m f m action, which should of had a disclaimer I still would have begrudgingly given it another star if some character development was present On several occasions, right when I was about to stop reading and delete the damn thing, there was something about the story that spurred me along Maybe it was the banter between the H h Maybe I was actually interested in their world In either case, the book was totally bogged down by the sex Just because the story involved incubi doesn t mean that practically every other page had to have a sex scene By the time the totally unexpected, unbelievable threesome happened towards the end which is a cliffhanger I was done I won t be reading the rest of this series Deleted from my Kindle.
FUN VERY SEXY ELF s INCUBUS s WIZARDs VAMPIREs This book was so HOT I mean I was using my kindle as a fan That ceiling scene OH MY Then them flying through the clouds and over the water bought a bit of jealousy to my attention Yes I got jealous of Carmen Dammit I wanted that lol Although I ll admit im deathly afraid of hieghts I was willing to get over my Fear Of Flying In that very moment The love story was good I was happy UNTIL that little turn of events UGH Kenya couldn t we just forget about that character I mean just pretend he was dead Ok maybe that s mean but I m on Team Blaze Carmen Oh pretty please can they be together I m just wondering when will I getof Blaze Incubus Hunter WOW So wow that I got to the last page on my Kindle, and flipped forward and thought Nooo It CAN T be over when I got to the end I flipped back a page, checking to see if I somehow had skipped a whole chapter or something And no, the book was over Man Talk about disappointed I have never really been into erotica, but something about Kenya s writing made this book engaging and interesting, rather than cheesy or over the top There was the guy that should be the bad guy who really wasn t and a daughter to save and tons of great steamy scenes and a fictional world and characters that were so real, I never would have guessed that they weren t.
I have been waiting patiently for Kenya to finish her second full length book, which was what brought me to Incubus Hunter I am in love with Kenya s writing style and ability to create very real characters and situations, despite the fact that her books are about completely fictitious characters And Incubus Hunter did not disappoint It was written with the same style, same character and world development, the plot moved at just the right pace She writes in a style that makes you forget that you re reading You just kind of lose yourself Kenya s writing is also extremely imaginative, and Incubus Hunter was no different The abilities she gave to her characters, the devices they use to hunt each other or take advantage of their prey It s all just amazingly original, like nothing I have ever read.
Kenya is an indie author to watch for, that s for certain I highly suggest you check out at least one of her books, especially if you re into fantasy fiction but still check it out if you just like fiction but not fantasy Her stories are paving originality into the fantasy market that is currently oversaturated with vampires She brings something totally new and wonderful to the table and writes the stories she always wanted to read And they end up being stories that I LOVE to read Thank you Kenya for creating such a fun, engaging, steamy but not cheesy erotic fantasy I only complain because I wish there were I got this book free from one of the book groups I thought it sounded good and thought why not give it a try But I have to say I had a good time reading this book I really liked Carmen and Blaze Their sensuality was great There were some laugh out loud moments as well as a couple of times I was brought to tears I would really like to see this become a series to follow the relationships and to see how it turns out with the other characters in the book.
Great job Kenya I fell in love with Carmen and Blaze from the onset Carmen is a strong female lead and with just the right amount of sassy attitude As a demon hunter she has to keep her wits about her and uses her sexy charm as a tool of the trade.
When she is assigned to hunt Blaze an incubus of a higher status than she d ever caught before, it seems she has bitten offthan she can chew I fell in love with Blaze because it was obvious from almost the onset that he d fallen for Carmen and even though he ispowerful than she is, he allows her to take advantage of him There s just something about an alpha male who makes himself vulnerable to a woman that is damn sexy.
Talking about sexy, this book is too darn hot The love scenes were off the scale with some really creative scenes.
The downside to this book is that it ends on a cliff hanger, and I m not a big fan of cliff hangers especially if the next book in the series is not available yet Hint to author to write the next one My VerdictHot Hot Hot My Recommendation You ve got to read it It s free at the moment, so why not.
A powerful wizard is holding Carmen s daughter until she can catch enough incubi to clear her husband s debt She decides to go after Blaze because he s worth 2 million, but things don t exactly go according to plan I was definitely impressed with the writing, and I think I ll settle on the tree scene as my favoriteor maybe the ceiling scene HOT, HOT, HOT I am going to re read some scenes again for foreplay LOL Bullet Review I don t typically read erotica Part of that is the way I was raised Sex is bad Unless you are married, of course, then WOWZER , part of it is because I have SO many other books and genres I like, I haven t dedicated time to find good erotica to read Oh and part of it is because terrible erotica, like LKH s sad excuse for erotica basically all the recent Anita Blake books , make me want to run screaming into the sun.
But this was free and it was by a Goodreads friend of mine So I gave it a chance and I was impressed It was fun and most definitely sexy, the latter being something that could very easily go wrong The writing was pretty good, though there were a couple of lines that I chuckled over for their cheesiness The sex was most definitely the focus, but the story wasn t cheesy and stupid And I particularly love how Blaze is introduced as kinda an Alpha douche, and yet he comes around into being a rather sexy male lead.
Oh, and LKH Take THAT THIS is how you write sexy threesomes.
Carmen, a dark elf, and Incubus Hunter duh desperately needs to catch Blaze he s worth millions to the wizard that s currently holding her daughter captive until she can pay off her vampire husband s debts But wouldn t you know it, she smells so darn good and he s so great in the sack that she promptly forgets her daughter Blaze, on the other hand, couldn t care less that she s married She s HIS, you see Wow, I m really having BDB Demonica flashbacks here Simply put, this book is a mishmash of unoriginality and pseudo plagiarizm The insta lust sacrifice was wholly unbeliveable I m glad this was a freebie, because this serial is clearly not a standalone, and it s been over two years since Incubus Hunter 1 was released I can only surmise the author has abandoned the story.
Not recommended 1.

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