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5 stars Very cute drawings and engaging text Would have liked it better if the little boy actually voiced enjoyment at some of his time with Osbert rather than feeling annoyed responsible the entire time, though Joe is tired of Santa misinterpreting his Christmas lists, so he decides to be Very Specific when he asks for a pet penguin He is not disappointed Osbert the penguin is black and white with a yellow beak, and exactly twelve inches tall He was moving and breathing and everything Unfortunately, Joe isn t completely prepared to please and care for a penguin, and Osbert s needs arethan he can or wants to handle They have a lot of fun together, regardless, but Joe realizes his limitations and communicates privately with Santa about the Osbert situation, If you feel like maybe I should have asked for a different present, and you want to swap, that would be OK Santa sends Joe some passes to the Antarctic exhibit at the zoo, and soon Osbert has a new home where Joe can visit him from time to time and where he can have all of the things he requires plus penguin friends Win win This is a cute and funny holiday story about being careful what you ask for and about being responsible, too.

By far one of my all time favorite children s Christmas books While I pack most Christmas books away after the holidays, this book stays out to enjoy all year long It provides great insight into the life of a little boy, Joe, who wants a real penguin for Christmas Santa has blundered Joe s requests in the past, so he wants to make sure Santa gets it right this year Joe learns the hard way that having a real penguin is quite the chore So next year, he ll settle for a helicopter instead A sweet little book of a little boy who asks for a live penguin for Christmas and after taking care of it for a few days realizes that this might not have been a good idea Luckily Santa comes through and remedies the situation A good story to read when a kid starts begging for a pet it sounds like a good idea but usually hasresponsibility than expected.
Our girls love stories about penguins and we found this one at our local library The story takes place during Christmastime, but what better time to read about the cold and snow than in the middle of a hot summer, eh Anyway, we really enjoyed this story It offers a lesson about being careful what you wish for, without being too heavy handed about it And the story and illustrations are very funny, so we had a lot of laughs while reading it together We will have to look for the next book, My Penguin Osbert in Love.
Joe is tired of the misunderstandings between him and Santa every year, so this year he makes sure to make his Christmas letter VERY specific When he gets exactly what he asks for, it doesn t quite pan out the way he envisioned Careful what you wish for, kid Joe is forced to see beyond the cute factor of a penguin and admit that humans and penguins come from completely different habitats with different things to interest them Still, Joe repeatedly notes that this IS what he asked for, so he makes the best of it in the most adorable way This was an adorable story about a little boy asking Santa for things for Christmas Not getting exactly what he asks for until he gets a real live penguin He soon learns that having exactly what he thought he wanted isn t all it s cracked up to be but he cares for Osbert because after all I did ask for him teaching children that they have to continue taking care of a pet once they get one in the end he finds a good home at the zoo with other penguins for Osbert and they both are happy Illustrations in this book are wonderful as well My Penguin Osbert is the Christmas gift a boy really wants this year After last year s mistake, he was really careful to ask for exactly what he wants What he wants is a penguin and Osbert is delivered But, caring for a penguin is harder and trickier than he thought Be careful want you ask for Used for World Traveler s Club Antarctica Storytime June, 2010 and Penguin Party Storytime July, 2010.
Fabulously Illustrated By H B Lewis, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel S Hilarious Romp Through The Land Of Be Careful What You Wish For Offers A Whole Year S Worth Of Holiday Fun MagicThis Year, I Was Very Specific In My Letter To Santa ClausEach Year At Christmas, Joe Writes A Letter To Santa But They Ve Had A Few Misunderstandings In The Past Last Year, For Example, Joe Wanted A Fire Engine Red Racecar With Retracting Headlights, And He Did Get One But It Was Only Three Inches Long So This Year Joe Is Really, Really Careful He Describes Exactly What He Wants And On Christmas Morning, Guess What S Waiting For Him Under The Tree Santa Has Brought Him A Living, Breathing, Black And White Penguin Named Osbert Will Anything In Joe S Life Ever Be The Same My Lesson Notes for 1st GradeQuestions What do we know about penguins Have you ever wished for a present that wasn t what you thought it d be Color bookmarks from Students can list the books they read over break on the back.
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