Ü The Beetle Book à Download by ó Steve Jenkins

Ü The Beetle Book à Download by ó Steve Jenkins I saw the cover on our to order list of books and knew immediately that I wanted to take a look at the book, the illustrations inside live up to the cover Jenkins bright and precise illustrations of beetles are dazzling and immediately will grab any reader s attention, the information inside the books is fun and full of interesting facts about beetles and I think would great in getting a child interested in beetles or for a child already interested in nature something new to read about Once again the illustrations are gorgeous and really love the one describing the body of a beetle and its parts.
Another fabulous nature book from Steve Jenkins packed with amazing illustrations and great information.
Beetles Squeak And Beetles GlowBeetles Stink, Beetles Sprint, Beetles Walk On WaterWith Legs, Antennae, Horns, Beautiful Shells, Knobs, And Other Oddities What S Notto Like About Beetles The Beetle World Is Vast One Out Of Every Four Living Things On Earth Is A BeetleThere Are Over , Different Species Named So Far And Scientists Suspect There Maybe As Many As A MillionFrom The Goliath Beetle That Weighs One Fourth Of A Pound To The Nine Inch Longtitan Beetle, Award Winning Author Illustrator Steve Jenkins Presents A Fascinating Arrayof These Intriguing Insects And The Many Amazing Adaptations They Have Made Tosurvive Non fiction in the elementary school classroom Guy readers Bug enthusiasts Love this one from Steve Jenkins, a name classroom teachers will want to know As with BONES, the illustrations within the book are so rich.
and the silhouettes are the actual size and shape of the beetles discussed in the book.
Expanded view diagrams of a typical beetle would work well with a projection system when talking about beetles A must have for younger readers Packed with information.
Some things about this book bothered me at first look, but a full reading brought me back around 1 In my experience kids prefer fact books with photographs or photorealism So the paper cutouts are extremely beautiful, but I wonder whether children would be constantly wondering what a real beetle looks like However, because of the subject matter the torn and cut paper almost feels photorealistic My concerns diminished the longer I looked at the book 2 The standardized format of each page, the presentation of information, made me worry about getting bored with so many beetles But on closer reading, each of the double page spreads readslike a chapter than just a discrete treatment of different kinds of beetles For example, there is a whole spread dedicated to beetles that hunt and scavenge and another for how beetles grow and develop from egg to adult Each of these topical sub sections gave Jenkins a chance to feature new beetles on each spread a monumental amount of work The informational design was phenomenal although I would have liked to see some variety in sizes of print to guide readers to the topic text, with smaller text for each of the featured beetles I loved that there was an actual size scale on each spread whoa check out the Fijian long horn beetle on page 20 Yes, the pages are actually numbered in this picture book we ll be seeing a lotof these features in picturebooks as the market shifts toward informational text along with CCSS I can see using this book in an inquiry study on insects to help specific students get depth for the beetle But honestly, it s a beautiful book Nancy said it would make a good coffee table book Jenkins appears to be the graphic designer, or at least no other credit is given.
Beautiful book full of luscious collage illustrations and very solid natural history information This would have been an absolute favorite for me when I was a child.
Everything you ve ever wanted to know about beetles This book is chock full of information, illuminated by Jenkins clever, schematic and beautiful paper cutout illustrations I personally suffered some information overload leafing through this, and I would have appreciated a chapter index at the front, but my son couldn t get enough of digging into this book And there is a detailed index of the beetles covered at the end The book is organized thematically, with one page spread looking at beetle sizes, another at their body parts, colors, senses, camouflage, defenses, growing, etc Definitely a book to borrow again

The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company copyright 20121 Awards No awards.
2 Appropriate grade level 2nd 4th grade3 Summary This informational text talks about the many kinds of beetles and their many differences The book explains the biology of beetles, where beetles live, and describes many unique kinds of beetles 4 Review I think this book includes a lot of interesting information about beetles The illustrations are very well done and exciting I think this book would invite children into learning about a subject that they normally would shy away from 5 2 3 possible in class uses Have students illustrate their own beetle Have students create a profile of different kinds of beetles in small groups I must admit that this was a difficult read because the illustrations are so detailed and realistic that I felt squeamishthat being said, I recommend this book to those that enjoy studying insects The information is comprehensive, intriguing, and presented in such a way that the reader can pick and choose which information they want to read For example, if you just want to know the names of beetles, you can read that but if you want to know when a particular beetle is most active, where it is located, specifics about their hair and eyes, etc then you can read that too.
So many beetles Reading this gives you a wealth of beetle facts Did you know that there is a forest fire beetle with special heat sensing spots on its body It can detect a fire fromthan 20 miles away Then it flies to the fire so it can lay its eggs in charred wood, which is now free of predators And that s just ONE of the MANY beetles you learn about in this book.
I really liked the beetle silhouettes on many of the pages, which show you the actual size of the various beetles Jenkins also made sure to mention how much he enlarged many of the beetles in the torn and cut paper collage illustrations There are a few beetles that look like they have been enlarged for the illustration, but are shown actual size I m not sure I ever want to see in real life a beetle that is as large as my hand Here are a fewbeetle facts I learned while reading this book Line up every kind of plant and animal on earth and one of every four will be a beetle The metallic wood boring beetle lays its eggs in dry wood The adult beetles may not emerge until thirty years later Without dung beetles, the world s grasslands would soon be buried in animal droppings The body of the rove beetle contains a toxin that ispotent than cobra venom, protecting it from larger predators.

Steve was born in 1952 in Hickory, North Carolina His father, who would become a physics professor and astronomer and recently his co author on a book about the Solar System , was in the military and, later, working on science degrees at several different universities We moved often Steve lived in North Carolina, Panama, Virginia, Kansas, and Colorado Wherever he lived, he kept a menagerie of