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[ Pdf I Am Small ✓ gabon PDF ] by Emma Dodd Á The sweetest thing to read to someone you love.

"I maybe small but I can see.

The biggest thing to you, is me.
" I think parents and caregivers who come to our book babies and infant lapsit programs will really like this one.
I don't know if I would bring it to our toddler group or preschool storytime, since it is on the small side, and our groups can get rather large.

The illustrations are wonderful, but I'm VERY disappointed with the publisher for not including endpapers.
The book starts right under the dust jacket, so part of the book is obscured.
Our library copies of this title aren't taped in the normal fashion, so we can sort of flip back the jacket and see some of what's underneath.
It is not the same, however, as seeing the full page spreads throughout the rest of the book.
I'm curious as to why the publisher or editor decided to do this.
Oh my goodness! So sweet.
Love the illustrations.

Used in Penguin storytime on 12/4/18

I like the repetition of the text; the illustrations are clean and simple and convey the different meanings without cluttery detail.
Points off though for the sappy ending.
I would have loved it to end on the secondtolast line: "These things are big and long and deep, and strong and high and far and steep.
and I am small.
/ But you are BIG and you are KIND / When I'm with you I do not mind.
" The picture that goes with is the penguin chick tucked in between the parent's legs: really nice match, it shows a very positive aspect of being small to balance all the other pages, where being small is a disadvantage.

Instead we continue to two more pages: "I may be small but I can see / the biggest thing to you / is me.
" Not only does this, uninterestingly, echo every single other Iloveyousomuch book out there, but it introduces a tricky mental concept for toddlers: how can the little chick be big when the little chick is really small? Yes, we can talk about how "big" means "important" with our little ones.
but the other word meanings in the book are pretty straightforward and more or less accessible through the great illustrations.
LOVE Emma Dodd's illustrations!

PS re the cover: my library's outsourced book processors taped the flap along the edge of the front and back covers, so that the book flaps could be lifted up and away from the illustrations on the endpapers.
A wonderful book that has a serious design flaw.
The book has no front or back end pages so the words and illustrations on the first and last pages are half covered by the book flaps.
And since the author's name is not imprinted on the board cover, my library taped the paper cover to the book.
What first caught me about this book was its multidimensional/material illustrations as our main penguin swims, glides, and waddles through the big, big world.
The takehome message that those who love you see you as big and important although you may be small will fill any child with a confidence that can only come from feeling safe and protected, as well as simultaneously independent and autonomous.
This is a great book to share with any young loved one! What a wonderful book that reminds me how it feels to be small and reminds our little ones that even through they are small they mean the world to us.

** Talking Points: Do you usually feel small or big? Powerless or powerful? Why? Name 10 people who love you.
Name 10 people you love most and who you try to make a difference in their lives.

** Essential Oil Pairing Tip: When you are small you love to feel nurtured and protected.
For that reason I'd roll on doTERRA's Brave essential oil blendit's a blend especially made for children.
And I'd diffuse 2 drops each of Frankincense & Myrrh To me the Frankincense is the most protective oil and the Myrrh is the oils that helps us feel nourished and cared for the most.
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However, he's everything to his parents.

Nice drawings.
I like the use of mixed media with the shiny paper.
It's fun for the child to look for the little penguin, among all the large and vast.
Also tells the child that he means A LOT to the parents.
Very good message for children to hear, and hopefully, feel at home.
I think this book is a bit simple, however it can be great for a beginning level of reading.
The book has many adjectives in it and emphasize them very much.
I also think that this book can be great for coral reading because a lot of the lines can be anticipated.
The entire book describes the life of a small penguin and all the obstacles they face, however at the end the small penguin realizes that they are the world to their parent.

Emma Dodd Author/Illustrator

Emma was brought up in Guildford, Surrey, in a family of artists and from as far back as she can remember she has wanted to be an illustrator.
Emma studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martin's School of Art and has worked extensively in advertising, editorial and book illustration.
She was nominated for the Booktrust Early Years Award in 2006 for her