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[Anita Philmar] ñ Fairy Fun [eunuch PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ This story is short and sweet, and ends like a fairy tale But with an erotic twist It was an easy, fun read and if ya like it spicy, hot this one s for you Reads really fast, has some fun differences in the fairy blend and what princess isn t dying to have free will, while the prince is dying to find someone as kinky as him Fun stuff And thanks for the opportunity to read it, PRN UF Fanatics R2R This read was not good it was different I ll admit it I like different it was a quick read and truly I liked the air sex the fairy had That s about it tho This book was received as a read to Review R2R As always, thanks to the hard working folks who make this all possible for us.
This is a short story written for adults and two fairies who are trying to find their way in the world, while still staying true to what they are, and who they are With the eminent issues of needing to find a marriage partner and loosing their wings, not every thing is easy as it seemsor is it Pros Creative short story The characters are well done, and even with the the brief time we are with them the reader is left feeling like there is a realistic character Cons Um, none I honestly really liked the story It was cute, and well paced.
I would read from this writer.
I received this as an R2R At first I was bit hesitant, since I normally stay away from anything with fairies, but the blurb drew me in I found the book very interesting, humorous and underneath it all very real, since most of us at one time or another are afraid of taking that next step in our lives.
I thought the characters were developed properly and their story was told thoroughly taking into consideration the length of the book The dialog was humorous, I loved the banter between the characters, and the love scenes were enjoyable and added to the relationship and insecurities of the main characters And the world, was developed enough that I got the sense of what the author had imagined.
All in all, a great, quick read I would recommend this book to any of my friends Thanks again for the opportunity given to me my the folks of R2R

Fairy Fun is a reading snack there is no major storyline to follow, it s quick and easy This book has a lot of raunchy sex scenes with a fun twist to it Dedrick is a super hot fairy that enjoys a lot of sex He is in two minds about finding a mate he enjoys his freedom and the one night stands but at the same time he needs to settle down he then meets Chloe who alters his perception of being in a relationship.
Chloe is a fun loving fairy that loves her freedom and flying She doesn t want to get married and lose her wings but her parents are pushing her to choose a mate Chloe and Dedrick have a little fun for an evening and she leaves it at that however Dedrick has different plans for her, he wants to keep her by his side and convince her that marriage to him won t be so bad These two characters have a short and sweet courtship and all is well in the world I enjoyed Anita Philmar s writing style but feel that this particular book could have had a stronger storyline.
Sweet Mother of Dirt, I d give it 3.
5stars This quick breezy sexy story introduces us to Dedrick, a fairy prince who is about to lose his ability to fly He either has to marry or turn into a wood gnome And wouldn t you know it he seems to have mis placed his female attracing charms As he is drowning his troubles at the Chocolate Bar he meets the lovely Princess Chloe who seems to have some similar problems One problem Chloe does not have is shyness as she intrigues Dedrick to air sex Hmm.
maybe this is the solution to all of their troubles.
Since it was such a short story you couldn t really get invested in the characters or I couldn t , but the story was innovative, fun and a perfect palate cleanser between other books It was cute and smile inducing This was a free read for me in exchange for a review.
This is my first R2R that is of Adult content and at first I was really excited about this because I mainly read adult books but I have to say this one for me was a bit of a let down.
My main problem was that I had an issue with this short little story s flowery use of the english language If I had to read one moist heat, kernel, stiff rod or any rod , cream and last but not least soft petals to refer to nipples, cocks and pussy I might have just pulled out my hair and set this book on fire I don t understand the need when writing a very short book about fairies getting it on to not just say it Don t fluff it, we know they re f ing Aside from the language issues I had with the book it was actually a cute little story, just short But it was an interesting take on fairies who would have thought they d become wood gnomes that look like lumberjacks R2R.
A fun, quick, quirky novel Fun idea of air sex Losing your wings in this novel is kind of like moving into a new stage of life for us Becoming legal at that age America 21yo When i first heard of Wood Gnome I thought of some pudgey little creature, not lumberjack build Anyways this was a quick, fun and sexy read.
Dedrick Forester, Prince Of Endole, Is Fast Approaching The End Of His Fairy Cycle, Which Means Losing His Ability To Fly, Transforming Into A Wood Gnome, And Having To Choose A Mate Until Then He Just Wants To Have Funand Lots Of SexKing Rosewood Of Ever Is Determined To See His Daughter Wed, But Chloe Loves The Freedom Of Fairy Flight Too Much To Settle Down As A Frumpy Old Wood Gnome She Escapes And Spreads Her Wings To Reach New Heightslike Air Sex With A StrangerCombine Her Passion With Dedrick S And Sparks Light Up The Sky Both Discover Pleasure Beyond Their Wildest Fantasies But Neither Is Prepared For The Emotional Connection Now Dedrick Must Convince Chloe That Losing Her Wings Doesn T Mean There Aren T Other Ways To Fly

Author of erotic mysteries and romanceAnita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit A writer by day, and a dreamer by night, she wants her readers to see the world in a new way With the influence of her children s sci fi programs, she likes to develop a place where anything can happen She bring erotic moments to life in a great read.